Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1871 - Nightmare on the Battlefield

Chapter 1871 – Nightmare on the Battlefield

When over 600 PvP experts were suddenly vaporized, the Dark Players charging towards Zero Wing’s team slid to a halt and stared at the empty lava pits before them.

“Damn it! What are those things?!”

After losing nearly half of their allies, the other Dark Players panicked.

They had seen war weapons in action before, but the Hell Tanks’ speed and power were beyond their understanding of such weapons.

The Tier 2 experts on this battlefield even had a high chance of avoiding Defense Turrets’ attacks from over 500 yards away, especially the speed-type classes.

Yet, despite the nearly 800 yards between them and their quarry, the Hell Tanks’ balls of light had rained down on their heads by the time they had realized that they were under attack. The power of the Hell Cannons’ attacks was simply horrific, easily rivaling the power of Tier 3 large-scale destruction Spells. Even a Tier 2 MT would have to activate a Lifesaving Skill to survive such an attack.

These Dark Players felt as if they stood within six Magic Towers’ attack range…

The Dark Players that had chosen to remain in the Dark Witch’s Tower to watch the battle had lost the laughter in their eyes. Now, their gazes only contained fear as they watched the six Hell Tanks.

Veiled Spirit, who stood in the watchtower, couldn’t help but frown at the scene.

The speed and power of the Hell Tanks’ attacks were horrific; expert players were no more than ants before the monstrous vehicles. Those war weapons were basically mobile Magic Towers.

“How does Zero Wing have such powerful war weapons?”

“We’re doomed. We don’t have any war weapons! How are we supposed to deal with those things?”

“What’s there to be afraid of? We may not have war weapons, but the Dark Witch’s Tower does. Moreover, the town has a defensive magic array. If Zero Wing’s war weapons get near the town, the town’s NPCs will bombard them with the Defense Turrets. Besides, with how powerful those attacks were, those war weapons definitely have long Cooldowns. Once our people get close to the weapons, not only will we kill Zero Wing’s members, but we’ll also use the war weapons for target practice.”

Although the might of the Hell Tanks’ cannons had shocked many people, some more experienced experts retained their cool and analyzed the vehicles’ weaknesses, developing a plan to combat the war weapons.

Very quickly, the other Dark Players also came to realize the Hell Tanks’ weaknesses. Instead of retreating, they resumed their charge in an attempt to reach the Hell Tanks.

Although they had never used a war weapon themselves, they knew that all war weapons shared a single flaw; they were vulnerable at short range. Like the Miniature Ballistas bombarding Ancient Rock City, once hostile players drew near, the war weapons could be destroyed with a few attacks, regardless of how much destructive power they possessed.

The remaining 1,000-plus Dark Players dashed towards the Hell Tanks in a frenzy, intent on destroying the war weapons before the Hell Tanks’ Cooldowns ended.

“Guild Leader, they’ve resumed their charge. Should we form a defensive line?”

Seeing the Dark Players draw closer, Zero Wing’s elite members grew restless again. The Hell Tanks’ power gave them some hope of victory, and as long as they protected these massive weapons, they could defeat these Dark Players.

But despite the Dark Players closing the distance to 200 yards, Shi Feng hadn’t given the command to defend the war weapons. If they allowed these Dark Players to engage the Hell Tanks in melee combat, they’d be doomed.

“No. Let them come.” Shi Feng waved a hand, singling for his companions to hold their positions.

Following their Guild Leader’s orders, Zero Wing’s elite members had no choice but to stand their ground, watching as the Dark Players approached.

200 yards…

150 yards…

100 yards…

“Brothers, we’re almost at the war weapons! Once we destroy them, victory will be ours! Ranged players, attack with everything you’ve got once you’re in range!”

The Dark Players couldn’t help their excitement as they reduced the distance between them and the Hell Tanks to 50 yards.

At this time, Shi Feng raised his longsword into the air. He then pointed it at the approaching Dark Players and shouted, “All Hell Tanks, move out! Leave none of them alive!”

The engineers, itching for action, eagerly stepped on the tanks’ accelerator. The engines roared to life once more, and the six Hell Tanks jerked forward, speeding towards the Dark Players in a V-formation.

“What are they trying to do?”

The advancing Dark Players were stunned as the Hell Tanks raced towards them.

However, before the Dark Players could react, each Hell Tank released 14 Flame Spears. Meanwhile, each Flame Spear carried power at the peak of Tier 2.

A total of 84 Flame Spears flew at the Dark Players simultaneously as if 84 Miniature Ballistas had launched their payload at the same time, but unlike the ballistas’ Exploding Arrows, the Flame Spears weren’t AOEs.

Xiu… Xiu… Xiu…

When the Flame Spears made contact, light flashed among the Dark Player army. Many of the melee players leading the charge, who had failed to defend themselves in time, transformed into steaks of light and vanished on the spot.

Although some players had activated Lifesaving Skills or dodged the attacks in time, surviving the first volley, the Flame Spears had claimed over 50 Dark Players’ lives. However, the surviving melee players slid to a halt once more, too afraid to approach the Hell Tanks after watching that wave of attacks.

“Ranged players, hurry and attack!”

Some melee players shouted, snapping out of their daze.

The Dark ranked players then launched Spells and arrows, aiming for the approaching Hell Tanks.

Just as the Spells and arrows were about to slam into the Hell Tanks, the six war weapons activated their Magic Shields. A magic barrier, able to absorb up to 3,000,000 damage and possessing Tier 3 defensive capabilities, surrounded each Hell Tank.

The Hell Tanks pushed through the rain of Spells and arrows, receiving no damage whatsoever.

“How is this possible?”

Seeing the unscathed Hell Tanks stunned the Dark Players. They had never thought that these war weapons had defensive magic arrays as well.

As the Dark Players tried to think of a way to deal with the enemy weapons, the Hell Tanks reached the melee players that led the army. Without slowing in the slightest, the Hell Tanks bulldozed through the Dark Players in their way.

The Tier 2 MTs at the forefront were immediately thrown over 20 yards back, their HPs decreasing by nearly half. Unfortunately for them, the Tier 1 melee players died instantly.

The six Hell Tanks charged forward like a herd of stampeding bulls. Not only did they break up the crowd of Dark Players, but they also killed over a hundred players as they sped through…

“Run! Run quickly! Don’t let these things get near you!”

After watching the Hell Tanks slaughter their allies, the fighting Dark Players realized one thing; this battle wasn’t a battle at all. It was a one-sided massacre.

“It’s too late to escape now.” Shi Feng could not help but shake his head and chuckle as he watched the fleeing Dark Players.

Compared to their ranged offensive capabilities, tanks shone brightest in close-range combat. An Intermediate Tank had even higher Strength than a Tier 3 Berserker, and not even a Tier 3 Assassin could outrun it. It was truly a weapon of slaughter on a battlefield.

After just a short moment, the Hell Tanks killed every one of the 2,000-plus Dark Players that had participated in the battle. Now, ownerless weapons and equipment littered the field.