Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1870 - Hell Tank's Might

Chapter 1870 – Hell Tank’s Might

A large number of Dark Players had gathered in the Dark Witch’s Tower’s watchtower, gazing down at Zero Wing’s members as they fell into formation in the distance.

“What? They actually plan to attack the Dark Witch’s Tower?”

“They’re insane! Hundreds of NPCs guard the town, not to mention the Defense Turrets and Arrow Towers! Repelling a 1,000-man team isn’t even a warm-up!”

The Dark Players could not help but laugh, ridiculing Zero Wing as they watched Shi Feng and his companions prepare for the assault.

Although the Dark Witch’s Tower was a very small town, it had robust defenses. Not only did the town have defensive structures, but it also had a defensive magic array. Furthermore, thousands of Dark Players occupied the town. Even an army of tens of thousands of elite players would fall swiftly if it tried to attack the town, let alone a 1,000-man force.

Even a superpower would have to pay a hefty price to destroy the Dark Witch’s Tower. This was why most superpowers simply ignored this Dark Player hub.

“Huh? Look at their Guild Emblems. They seem to be Zero Wing’s members,” a Tier 2 Ranger stated, surprised, after using Eagle Eyes. “Isn’t Zero Wing attacking Ancient Rock City? Why has it come all the way here to attack the Dark Witch’s Tower?”

“They must’ve gotten the wrong memo from their superiors,” a Level 56 Assassin said, laughing. “But since they’re here, we can have some fun Blackwater has offered a generous bounty for Zero Wing’s heads. Normally, Zero Wing’s members are very challenging prey, but this is a golden opportunity. We have over 3,000 players in the Dark Witch’s Tower. Wiping out this 1,000-man team will be a piece of cake. We can’t let the town’s NPCs get to them first.”

The various Dark Players present in the Dark Witch’s Tower didn’t take these Zero Wing members seriously in the least. Rather, all they saw as they looked at their enemies were walking sacks of cash.

Meanwhile, Dust Edge and Veiled Spirit’s group had left the Dark Witch’s Tower’s walls and quietly observed Zero Wing’s team, astonishment flashing in their eyes.

All of these Zero Wing members were merely elites. Aside from the hundred or so players that wore Black Cloaks, every member of the force was a Tier 1 player. Moreover, they could tell that the hundred-plus cloaked players weren’t actually combatants, so they were even weaker than Zero Wing’s elite members…

“Big Sis Spirit, is Zero Wing attempting suicide? It’s actually attacking the Dark Witch’s Tower with such a team? With such standards, we won’t even need to get involved. The town’s usual players are more than enough to eliminate this force,” a Level 57, Tier 2 Berserker said, clicking his tongue as he observed Zero Wing’s team.

They had come all the way to the Dark Witch’s Tower precisely because they had heard that Zero Wing might attack the town, but this 1,000-man team was simply disappointing. It would have a painful time just trying to reach the town’s gates, let alone destroying the Dark Witch’s Tower.

Veiled Spirit pondered the situation in silence. She couldn’t figure out what Zero Wing was trying to do.

“This is indeed disappointing. I had wanted to give Zero Wing a taste of an Evil God’s Apostle’s might, but this team isn’t worth the effort. Just let the Dark Players handle them,” Dust Edge said, shaking his head.

“Since that is the case, there’s no longer a need for us to stay. The battle in Ancient Rock City is growing increasingly intense. If we hurry, we should be able to claim some scraps.” Veiled Spirit agreed with Dust Edge’s estimation. They couldn’t afford to casually reveal either Shadow Claw or Dust Edge’s trump cards. Using them against a 1,000-man expert team from Zero Wing might be worth it, but it would be a waste to use them on a 1,000-man elite team.

As Veiled Spirit and the others prepared to leave, the town’s Dark Players were about to make their move. Over 2,000 Dark Players charged out of the town, not even bothering to organize themselves into any formation as they rushed towards Zero Wing’s members.

Dark players like them had already participated and grown familiar with large-scale combat. They might have taken the battle seriously if this Zero Wing force had quite a few experts, but all of these players were elites or weaker. Players of such standards weren’t worth a serious effort.

As the 2,000-plus Dark Players approached, Zero Wing’s elite members began to grow nervous.

“Guild Leader, they’re less than 1,000 yards away,” a Level 55, Tier 1 Ranger anxiously reported to Shi Feng.

The Dark Players charging toward them were veterans of outdoor PvP, and every one of these Dark Players radiated a dense bloodlust. Over 40 Tier 2 experts ran among these Dark Players. On the other hand, they rarely participated in PvP, usually focusing on raiding Team Dungeons. Defeating elite players like them would be a piece of cake for these Dark Players.

“Good. Engineering team, begin the assembly,” Shi Feng ordered, nodding. “In a moment, the engineering team will be responsible for the offensive. The rest of you just need to focus on defending our position.”

Hearing Shi Feng’s command, the cloaked engineers removed their Black Cloaks and retrieved the Hell Tanks components from their bags. When Zero Wing’s elite players saw the 100 Level 40-plus Lifestyle players, they were stunned.

They had hoped that these cloaked players were exceptionally strong. They had never expected these comrades to be Lifestyle players…

On top of that, these Lifestyle players were going to fight!

When the distant Dark Players saw the Level 40-plus Lifestyle players, they were just as stunned. However, their expressions quickly soured, becoming serious.

The 100 engineers swiftly assembled six colossal tanks, and despite the thousand yards separating them, the Dark Players could hear the engines[l] roar as the tanks’ immense power sept over them.

“Good! Eight hundred yards ahead! Fire at will!” Shi Feng issued the command once the six Hell Tanks were ready for battle.

Under Shi Feng’s command, the engineers’ eyes glowed with excitement as they operated their Hell Tanks. They then aimed the Hell Cannons at the Dark Players and fired.

Suddenly, a crimson, twofold magic array appeared before each Hell Tank’s gun barrel.


Immediately, the six Hell Cannons released balls of crimson light.

These crimson light balls reached the Dark Players almost instantly. By the time the Dark Players reacted, the light balls had descended on the disorderly crowd.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

The moment the crimson light balls struck, six towering pillars of fire rose up amidst the Dark Player army, each encompassing a radius of 35 yards.

The towering flame pillars were clearly visible from several thousand yards away.

As the flame pillars faded, they revealed six lava pits on the battlefield, glowing with a red light. Every player that had been caught in the AOEs had transformed into streaks of white light before disappearing.

With a single round of attacks, over 600 Dark Players had been removed from the battlefield…