Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1867 - Battle at Ancient Rock City

Chapter 1867 – Battle at Ancient Rock City

On Shi Feng’s command, Aqua Rose gathered the army of 100,000 elite and expert players in Silverwing Town, boldly advancing on Ancient Rock City.

A total of 100,000 Zero Wing members atop majestic Thunder Wolves exited Silverwing Town. Some of these Thunder Wolves had even been promoted to Bronze Rank, and not only were they much larger than their ordinary counterparts, but faint arcs of blue electricity also danced along their bodies. In comparison, ordinary Thunder Wolves only gave off electricity from their paws.

There were over 5,000 of these Bronze ranked Thunder Wolves, which were also players’ companions in battle, wielding Skills that could assist their masters.

Seeing these Thunder Wolves greatly shocked the players in Silverwing Town.

“Amazing! Why do these Mounts feel even stronger than ordinary players?”

“Crap! My Guild has only just built its Stable and is preparing to nurture a Guild Mount, yet so many of Zero Wing’s members have already nurtured their Guild Mounts to Bronze rank?”

“Although I have heard that Zero Wing’s members are well-equipped, isn’t this a little much? Those are 100,000 players we are talking about, yet every single one is wearing at least one or two pieces of Level 50 Secret-Silver Equipment These players can rank among the top of my Guild’s elite members!”

“Look at the experts wearing the core member emblem! Their weakest piece of equipment is Level 50 Secret-Silver rank! They even have several pieces of Level 50 Fine-Gold Equipment! Although my Guild has a lot of experts, those experts have only managed to collect four or five pieces of Level 50 Secret-Silver Equipment so far! Zero Wing is cheating!”

The players in Silverwing Town, in particular, knew that Zero Wing could nearly rival first-rate Guilds and had a very large number of experts. However, when they saw Zero Wing’s organized and powerful army, they reevaluated their opinions of the Guild. No first-rate Guild could hope to amass such an army. As they watched Zero Wing’s players march by, many of the Guild experts in the town even considered leaving their Guilds to join Zero Wing.

They had worked arduously in their respective Guilds, raiding Dungeons and questing every day, but they had only gotten their hands on a few pieces of Level 50 Secret-Silver Equipment. In contrast, even Zero Wing’s elite members possessed one or two pieces of Level 50 Secret-Silver Equipment, with the more powerful elite members wearing five or six pieces…

However, the most enviable part about Zero Wing’s members had to be the Thunder Wolf!

Previously, when the various large Guilds had yet to acquire a Stable of their own, they hadn’t understood how valuable the Thunder Wolf was. However, now that some large Guilds had their own Stable and had begun to nurture their own Guild Mounts, they finally understood.

The majority of the large Guilds that acquired a Stable were fortunate if they acquired a 3-star Mount. However, a 3-star Mount had less than a 30% chance of becoming. As for a 4-star Mount, encountering one was simply too difficult. Moreover, even if they managed to find one, they wouldn’t be able to capture it. Meanwhile, as the Thunder Wolf was a 5-star Mount, it had the potential of becoming a Mysterious-Iron Mount in the future. There was even a small chance that it could grow into a Secret-Silver Mount if nurtured properly.

As Zero Wing’s army depart for Ancient Rock City, many players curiously followed.

Not many players had witnessed a battle of tens of thousands of players, let alone a siege war of this scale. They would definitely regret missing out on this rare opportunity.

Because of this, many players from neighboring kingdoms, who had learned about the upcoming battle and were confident of their strength, decided to trail after Zero Wing’s army.

In the face of Zero Wing’s army, the various Ores and monsters on the path to Ancient Rock City were little more than momentary distractions. Even when Level 65 Grand Lords appeared, the fierce attacks of several dozen Miniature Ballistas easily shot them down. When the Dark Players, who had intended to take advantage of the situation and assault Zero Wing’s members, saw this, their mouths twitched. They then abandoned any thought of ambushing Zero Wing’s army.

Such power could easily annihilate an army of 10,000 players. Not even expert players would escape 200 Miniature Ballistas. After all, while a Tier 2 expert might be able to dodge one Miniature Ballista’s attack, dodging 200 simultaneous AOEs would be utterly impossible. Even a Tier 3 expert would most likely fall in the face of such a large-scale attack.

As Zero Wing’s army arrived at the foot of Ancient Rock City, the tension among the spectating players reached its peak. Some spectating players had even started to tremble.

The scene before them was simply too spectacular.

Zero Wing’s 100,000 mounted players had stopped a short distance away from Ancient Rock City, and the 200 Miniature Ballistas the army had brought were sparsely lined up in two neat rows, surrounding Ancient Rock City’s small hill.

However, Ancient Rock City wouldn’t just lie down before this force, with its troop’s disposition even stronger than Zero Wing’s.

At a glance, one could easily spot over 300,000 Evil Beasts and Evil Demons waiting outside the city walls, ready for battle. Even the weakest among these monsters was a Level 60 Special Elite, and five, 50-meter-tall, Level 80 Mythic Evil Beasts stood at the forefront To current players, this army was invincible.

Upon seeing this army of monsters, the players observing the battlefield from several thousand yards away with Magic Mirrors could not help but shudder.

Wiping out a Guild Town would be child’s play for this frightening army. If Beast Emperor wanted to, he could easily drag them into this fight.

“Zero Wing, do you think that just because I exhausted a large portion of my forces at Crimson Flame Fortress, you will have an opportunity to strike?” Beast Emperor sneered at the distant Zero Wing army from atop the city walls. “Unfortunately, 100,000 players aren’t even enough to serve as a warm-up!”

Previously, to assist Blackwater, he had exhausted a lot of his forces. During the battle to acquire the Crimson Flame Fortress, he had lost a total of six Mythic Evil Beasts and Mythic Evil Demons. The number of Grand Lords and Great Lords he lost was also massive.

Even so, he still had seven Mythic monsters under his control, five of which were Evil Beasts, and two were Evil Demons. For this upcoming battle, he intended to use the five Mythic Evil Beasts as the main force, while reserving the two Mythic Evil Demons as a trump card. Although his current army was far from ideal, it was more than enough to stop Zero Wing’s army.

In reality, he wished that he could avoid pitting his army against Zero Wing’s, utilizing his defender’s advantage to whittle the enemy forces down. However, as he was responsible for summoning the Evil God’s Branch Temple in Ancient Rock City, he was responsible for protecting Ancient Rock City. He could not allow any damage to come to the city. If the city were damaged, not only would he have to spend his own money to repair it, but he would also lose Evil God’s Temple Contribution Points.

“Boss, Blackwater’s members are in position. Blackwater has dispatched 3,000 experts and 20,000 elites. In addition, Nine Dragons Emperor has dispatched a 1,000-man expert legion. Roughly 7,000 Dark Players are also participating in this battle. Once we crush Zero Wing’s formation, these players will eliminate Zero Wing’s members,” Wind Hunter reported.

“A bunch of scavengers! But so be it In any case, we just need the corpses. It doesn’t matter who dies in the end!” Beast Emperor said, sneering.

“Boss, I also received a report stating that a 1,000-man team from Zero Wing has left Silverwing Town and is heading toward the Dark Witch’s Tower. I’m not sure what that team is trying to do, but the members are all considerably well- equipped,” Wind Hunter said.

“The Dark Witch’s Tower? Isn’t that a teleportation point for the Dark Players? Why is Zero Wing sending people there?” Beast Emperor was confused. “Could they be trying to attack the Dark Witch’s Tower while they attack Ancient Rock City?”

“That shouldn’t be the case. That’s the Dark Witch’s Tower we’re talking about. Not only is it guarded by several hundred Dark NPCs, but there are also three to four thousand Dark Players there on a regular basis,” Wind Hunter said in surprise.

Even if it’s true, it doesn’t matter. Zero Wing is doomed regardless of what it does!” Beast Emperor said, narrowing his eyes. “I recall that Dust Edge is questing in that area. Tell him to head to the tower just in case. Think of it as a chance to collect materials to strengthen the Evil Dragons.”

“Send Dust? Isn’t that overkill?” Wind Hunter gaped.

Dust Edge was the strongest Evil God’s Apostle under Beast Emperor’s command right now. He had acquired one of the Evil God’s Temple’s Nine Great Legacies. Currently, he was only a step away from becoming an Evil God’s Envoy like Beast Emperor. He was the Beast Emperor’s greatest trump card.

“It doesn’t matter. Now that we’ve acquired the Crimson Flame Fortress, we’ll have plenty of resources coming our way. There’s no longer a need to keep him a secret,” Beast Emperor said, waving his hand. He then had Wind Hunter notify Dust Edge of his orders.

After Beast Emperor issued his commands, three massive, golden magic arrays appeared above Zero Wing’s army.

These three magic arrays were none other than the result of the Divine Beast’s Descent Magic Arrays, which Shi Feng had used the Guild’s accumulated resources to produce. Moreover, all three of these magic arrays were powered by Elemental Sources.

In the next moment, three golden Dragons descended from the sky with deafening roars that echoed throughout Ancient Rock City’s area.

“Go! Destroy Ancient Rock City’s defensive magic array!” Aqua Rose, who stood on a hill a short distance away from the city, said as she pointed her staff at Ancient Rock City.

Immediately, all three Divine Magic Dragons charged toward Ancient Rock City.