Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1862 - Situation Changes

Chapter 1862 – Situation Changes

When the system alerted him of the notification, Shi Feng, who stood on one of the flight platforms, noticed that NPCs had already begun their work in the airport. He then called up the airport’s system interface and chose to open the airport to the public.

Immediately, the pitch-black barrier that enveloped the airport began to disintegrate. As it did, it revealed a colossal building, which was over a hundred meters tall and as large as a stadium that could accommodate 50,000 people. Six airships were suspended on their flight platforms, which were located on the airport’s top floor. In the blink of an eye, the airport had become the most iconic building throughout Silverwing Town.

“Crap! Is that an airship?!”

“How is this possible?! How does Silverwing Town have airships?! I thought only NPCs could have them!”

“What’s going on? Zero Wing has constructed an airport in Silverwing Town?”

The airport’s revelation shocked every player in Silverwing Town. It was difficult to ignore since the six airships were so eyecatching. The town’s players would see these massive vessels by simply lifting their heads, especially the Medium Airship. It was nearly the same size as a large passenger plane in the real world. It looked like a flying battleship…

As everyone discussed the airport, the sound of a system notification reached their ears.

Ore Empire Region System Announcement: Congratulations to Silverwing Town for being the first to construct an airport in the Ore Empire. Rewarding Silverwing Town 30,000 Popularity and one City Passage Order.

The system announcement repeated three times, confirming players’ suspicions.

“Are you kidding me? That’s really an airport! Zero Wing actually built one!”

“Now that Silverwing Town has an airport, doesn’t that mean we won’t have to run all the way to visit the town anymore; we just board an airship?”

“That’s exactly what it means. What other use would an airport have? I wonder which NPC city this airport is connected to?’ Silverwing Town’s independent players couldn’t help but cheer with joy.

They might not know an airport’s exact purpose, but they knew that it would make travel to Silverwing Town far easier and more convenient Instead of running from their home countries to the Ore Empire, they could simply board an airship to Silverwing Town. They were incredibly excited just thinking about it.

Meanwhile, when they heard the system announcement, the players grinding in the Ore Empire read it with glowing, excited expressions.

They had long since learned to loathe running from place to place, especially when venturing into a dangerous, neutral map like the Ore Empire. Now, however, they could just hitch a ride on an airship. This new convenience would allow them to travel between the Ore Empire and their home countries frequently, saving on repair fees, particularly because the repair fees in the Ore Empire were unusually high.

Meanwhile, a large number of Dark Players fought Zero Wing’s members on a gravel hill not far from Silverwing Town. However, due to the unexpected system announcement, the battling Dark Players froze in shock.

“Big Sis Aqua, our Guild Leader is simply too awesome! He actually got his hands on an airport as well! Operating in the Ore Empire will be much easier, now. With the airport, players that had avoided the Ore Empire due to the troublesome travel can take an airship straight to Silverwing Town. As more players visit, these Dark Players will have a harder time near Silverwing Town. Moreover, with so many independent players, it’ll be impossible for Blackwater to continue suppressing Silverwing Town,” Turtledove exclaimed as she watched the Dark Players slide to a halt.

Since so many Dark Players had gone overboard, even Zero Wing’s main force members, such as herself, had been forced to take action.

Not only were there so many of these Dark Players, but there were also a few extremely powerful experts among them.

They moved stealthily, as well, making them incredibly challenging to defeat.

This had given their team a huge headache.

However, with Silverwing Town’s new airport, their problems could be easily solved.

It wouldn’t be long before the news of the airport reached the neighboring countries.

The Dark Players’ momentum continued to increase because normal players had such difficulty visiting the Ore Empire. In contrast, since the Ore Empire was allied with the dark forces, Dark Players could teleport to the Ore Capital City directly. However, now that Silverwing Town had an airport, normal players could travel into the Ore Empire with relative ease.

To Dark Players, this was definitely not good news. This would turn the tables on them in the Ore Empire.

Not only would this allow normal players to earn Glory Points by killing Dark Players in the Ore Empire, but they could also acquire the Dark Players’ weapons and equipment, killing two birds with one stone. Once the airport gained popularity and independent players flooded into the empire, Dark Players would have an even worse time in the Ore Empire than they did in human kingdoms and empires.

“Indeed. But we can’t let down our guard. Blackwater and Beast Emperor are our main enemies. Based on the latest reports, Blackwater has dispatched its capable Vice Guild Leader, Xuanwu Chisha, to lead the fight in the empire. Xuanwu Chisha’s actions thus far have been minor tricks to wear us down. If Xuanwu Chisha takes this seriously, we’ll definitely be in trouble.” Aqua Rose nodded in agreement with Turtledove’s estimation when she saw the Dark Players’ panicked expressions, but she also offered her teammates a warning.

Neither Blackwater nor Beast Emperor had taken any direct action yet. The two forces had been relying on others to do their dirty work, yet they’d forced Zero Wing into such a precarious position.

“Big Sis Aqua, the Guild Leader has asked us to return. He says that he has something he wants to discuss with us,” Flying Shadow said.

“I understand. Let’s retreat, then,” Aqua Rose said. With a last glance at the scattering Dark Players, she gave up the idea of chasing them down and led her team back to Silverwing Town.

Now that the airport had been constructed, the Dark Players’ days were numbered. Even if Zero Wing didn’t try to exterminate these pests, these Dark Players wouldn’t dare linger near Silverwing Town.

Silverwing Town, Zero Wing’s Residence:

Zero Wing’s upper echelons, who had been grinding or fighting Dark Players near Silverwing Town, promptly gathered in the Residence upon receiving Shi Feng’s call for a meeting. The spacious meeting room practically vibrated with activity as its occupants chatted about Silverwing Town’s new airport The more they talked about it, the more energetic they became. Their exhaustion after ceaselessly fighting had vanished.

“Guild Leader, aside from Cola and the others that are leveling up on your orders, everyone has arrived,” Aqua Rose reported to Shi Feng, who remained silent in his seat.

“Good! Let’s begin the meeting, then!” Shi Feng nodded.

Following which, Aqua Rose stood from her seat with a light cough. Immediately, the meeting room fell silent as everyone turned toward the Guild Leader’s throne, wondering about the purpose of today’s meeting.

“I’m sure you all know about Silverwing Town’s recent development. I believe that all of you have had your hands full with the fight against the Dark Players and Blackwater’s members. You should’ve also noticed that we have been forced to shrink our territory around Silverwing Town,” Shi Feng said and gestured, calling up the Ore Empire’s regional map in the center of the meeting table. “However, now that the airport is complete, I’ve decided to expand Zero Wing’s activity in the Ore Empire to increase our members’ leveling speed and obtain more resources to strengthen the Guild.”

When they heard Shi Feng’s intentions, everyone in the meeting room grew excited. They had waited a long time for this moment. Because of the Dark Players and Beast Emperor’s Evil Beasts, they had been forced to reduce their territory and activity, but now that they had solved the problem of the Dark Players, this was a good opportunity to expand.

“Guild Leader, how far are we planning on expanding our territory?” Aqua Rose asked.

“We’re going to take the Ore Empire’s entire southeastern region!” Shi Feng announced, gesturing at the southeast section of the map before him.