Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1860 - New Hell Tank

Chapter I860 – New Hell Tank

Burning Abyss’s joyful voice echoed inside the spacious and messy Special Workshop. When the other two Master Engineers saw the cold, pitch-black Hell Tank before them, they, too, could not help but become excited.

As the makers of the Hell Tank, they knew very clearly just how amazing it was.

The Hell Tank’s armor was made from Titan Ore, an incomparably tough material that was basically indestructible to current players. If players couldn’t damage the Hell Tank’s armor, then they wouldn’t be able to reduce its durability, either. With the frightening Mana output of the Hell Tank’s power source, the tank would be capable of rolling over any Tier 3 monsters in its path. As for Tier 2 players, they were no different from powerless children before the Hell Tank.

The destructive power of the Hell Tank’s body itself was already plenty troublesome to players, what more the firepower the Hell Tank possessed.

When they thought about fielding the Hell Tank in combat in the future, they could easily imagine the Hell Tank’s destructive power instilling fear into their enemies. They really wished they could put the Hell Tank to use right away.

“Excellent!” Shi Feng also could not help a little excitement as he looked at the completed Hell Tank.

Burning Abyss and the other two only understood that the Hell Tank was a very powerful weapon. However, they failed to appreciate what an Intermediate Tank represented, never having witnessed how frightening an existence an Intermediate Tank was when used against players out in the fields.

Even a 100-man, Tier 2 expert team would be helpless against a fully armed Intermediate Tank. There would only be one outcome—death!

The powerful armor of an Intermediate Tank was not something that Tier 2 Skills and Spells could destroy. Only Tier 3 attacks stood a chance of damaging an Intermediate Tank slightly. Hence, for Tier 2 players, going up against an Intermediate Tank would be akin to raiding an invincible monster.

However, the immunity to Tier 2 attacks and below still wasn’t the most amazing aspect of an Intermediate Tank. The crucial detail about an Intermediate Tank was its speed and power.

If one had an Intermediate Tank, one could basically move unhindered, so long as one did not come across Tier 3 or above players and monsters or players that wielded war weapons.

After verifying that the production was a success, Shi Feng arrived before the Hell Tank and stored it inside his Epic ranked Spatial Bag. This scene stupefied Burning Abyss and his fellow Master Engineers.

The Hell Tank wasn’t an item that could be stored whole in a player’s bag space. If players wished to store it there, they would have to disassemble it first into smaller parts because not only did the Hell Tank occupy too many bag space slots, but its weight was also extraordinary. Normally, several players would be required to lug it around.

Currently, even the most expensive 1,000-slot Bag sold on the market could hold only one-tenth of the Hell Tank. If one wanted to store the entire Hell Tank in a single bag, said bag would need a capacity of 10,000 slots. However, this was still not the most crucial point.

The deciding factor was the weight.

Carrying a Hell Tank required at least five Strength-focused Tier 2 players.

Nevertheless, Shi Feng had actually stored the entire Hell Tank all by himself.

What Burning Abyss and the other two did not know was that Epic ranked Spatial Bags existed in God’s Domain. Take Shi Feng’s Spatial Bag for example. Not only could it store 12,000 slots’ worth of items, but it also had a Built-in Warehouse that allowed the storage of non-bag space items. In addition, items stored inside the Spatial Bag wouldn’t add to the load of players. Hence, Shi Feng was able to store the Hell Tank without problems.

After collecting the Hell Tank, Shi Feng had to inspect its Attributes.

As the Hell Tank was a war weapon, its Attribute Panel could not be inspected while it was present in the outside world. At most, one would see only its name when inspecting it. Only after storing it in a bag space could one inspect it.

[Hell Tank) (Intermediate Tank [Equipped with a Dark-Gold Rank Power Source])

Maximum capacity: 20 people Increases Movement Speed by 210%.

Possesses Upper-rank Tier 2 defensive capabilities.

Durability 400/400 Additional Skill 1-

Magic Shield: Constructs a Tier 3 magic barrier that can absorb up to a maximum of 3,000,000 damage for 24 minutes. Each use costs 18 Magic Crystals.

Cooldown: 10 minutes

Additional Skill 2-

Hell Cannon: 1,700-yard range. Deals a devastating blow at the Tier 3 standard to a 35-yard radius. Each use costs 90 Magic Crystals.

Cooldown: 14 seconds Additional Skill 3-

Flame Spears: Creates 14 Flame Spears. Each Flame Spear carries power at the peak of Tier 2 and has a 150-yard attack range.

Cooldown: 2.7 seconds

It’s improved by so much? Shi Feng hid his astonishment as he looked at the Attributes of the Hell Tank.

The original Hell Tank was already top-tier among Intermediate Tanks. However, upgrading its power source to Dark-Gold rank had improved it significantly in every aspect.

Not only did the higher Mana output bring a 30% increase to its Movement Speed, but it also amplified the magic runes carved on the Hell Tank’s armor, boosting the Hell Tank’s defensive capabilities from Tier 2 to Upper-rank Tier 2. With this, even Tier 3 attacks would barely damage the Hell Tank. Aside from that, the upgraded power source had also strengthened the Hell Tank’s firepower slightly and reduced its energy consumption somewhat

Overall, the Hell Tank’s combat power had improved by at least 40%. Although it still wasn’t comparable to an Advanced Tank, it also far superior to an ordinary Intermediate Tank.

“Guild Leader, now that we’ve completed the first Hell Tank, may we start production on the second one?” Burning Abyss asked carefully as he looked at the silent Shi Feng.

He was already captivated with the Hell Tank at this point. The engineering techniques involved in the Hell Tank’s production were superior to the production techniques for the ships he had made thus far. One could say that tanks were his current romance.

Right now, all he wanted to do was mass-produce the Hell Tank and research the theories behind its production so that he could create his own tank in the future.

However, the materials required to produce the Hell Tank were simply too staggering. Just the engineering materials needed were already extremely difficult to acquire, not to mention the forging materials. Without permission from the Guild, the Hell Tank was not something he could produce as he wished.

“Of course. Currently, what you all need to do is produce the Hell Tank’s engineering components from the materials on hand. If you run out, you can ask Melancholic for some more. I’ll also try to have the forging components delivered to you as soon as possible,” Shi Feng replied, nodding.

After seeing the Hell Tank’s strength, he was even more certain of its necessity.

Although Melancholic Smile had collected barely enough materials for three or four Hell Tanks—which would be hardly

sufficient to accomplish anything major —he had already mobilized the entire Guild’s power to collect the necessary main materials. It wouldn’t be long before they acquired more Titan Ore.

Upon hearing Shi Feng’s command, the three Master Engineers grew even more excited. Without hesitation, they rushed back to their respective workstations and resumed producing the engineering components. As for Shi Feng, he returned to his Special Forging Room and crafted the forging components. He wanted to fabricate as many Hell Tanks as possible before the airport’s completion.

Like so, two days passed by in the blink of an eye.

During this time, Zero Wing’s members were continuously raiding the Dungeons Shi Feng specified and collected a large amount of Titan Ore. Including the other rare materials Melancholic Smile sourced from other kingdoms and empires, which were integral to the Hell Tank’s production, Shi Feng and the others had managed to build five more Hell Tanks. Now, a total of six Hell Tanks were sitting inside the Candlelight Trading Firm’s underground warehouse.

Looking at the six Hell Tanks, Shi Feng found them to be a spectacle to behold.

Shi Feng’s Forging Proficiency had also increased rapidly during this period. Including the Proficiency Points the system awarded him before, he had over 70,000 Forging Proficiency Points accumulated. He now needed just a little over 20,000 points to officially reach the Intermediate Master rank.

As Shi Feng was considering producing the components for the seventh Hell Tank, he suddenly received a system notification.

System: The construction of Silverwing Town’s airport is completed. Please check and ratify the construction work.