Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1859 - Improved Power Source

Chapter 1859 – Improved Power Source

As the light-blue loading bar filled, the analysis began to take more time to complete. Once the analysis reached 90% completion, each subsequent percentage took over a dozen seconds.

Don’t tell me it’s going to fail? Shi Feng couldn’t help his growing nerves as he watched the loading bar.

Blank Subclass Designs generally had a 100% modification success rate, but as far as he knew, no one had ever tried to modify parts of a design.

The Subclass Design was a one-time use item, vanishing regardless of whether the modification succeeded or not. Nobody would take the risk of losing an opportunity to upgrade their subclass to the next rank.

Finally, after more than ten minutes, the modification finished.

And Shi Feng heard the sound of a system notification.

System: Congratulations! You have modified the Hell Tank’s Power Source and acquired the Dark-Gold ranked Hell Tank Power Source Design.

System: Congratulations! You have created the Dark-Gold ranked Hell Tank Power Source Design.

Wonderful! Shi Feng was ecstatic as he watched words and diagrams appear on the blank parchment before him.

Now that he had created a new Dark-Gold item, he only needed to accumulate 100,000 Forging Proficiency Points to become an Intermediate Master Forger.

Following which, Shi Feng eagerly clicked to inspect the Dark-Gold Power Source Design.

The upgrade would improve the power source’s transfer of energy throughout the Hell Tank. Not only would this increase the Hell Tank’s Movement Speed, but it would also increase the power of the tank’s cannons.

Amazing! It’s so much stronger after the modification! Shi Feng was astonished as he inspected the upgraded power source.

At the Fine-Gold rank, the power source could supply anywhere from 200 to 300 units of energy per second. This energy would power the Hell Tank’s movement, defenses, and attacks. After its upgrade to Dark-Gold rank, the power source could generate between 320 and 400 units of energy per second. In terms of performance, the power source had improved by more than 30%. Moreover, the new power source’s energy output was far more stable. Now, the Hell Tank’s Dark-Gold Power Source could rival the power source of an Advanced Tank.

Although Advanced Tanks’ power sources were also Dark-Gold rank, they required far more precious materials to construct The required materials for the Hell Tank’s modified power source, on the other hand, hadn’t changed. Only, the design now required a higher quantity of materials. The fact that it could rival an Advanced Tank’s power source was amazing.

The various empires commanded Advanced Tanks to combat Mythic monsters; these war weapons weren’t available to players.

“Guild Leader, I’ve already collected all the materials you’ve requested in Blackwing City. Abyss and the others have also returned from Ocean Viewing Town,” Melancholic Smile reported joyfully as she entered Shi Feng’s forging room. “Should I bring them to you?”

“Mhm. Send them here,” Shi Feng said, nodding.

Now that he had completed the modifications, he could start the Hell Tank’s production.

With Titan City and Burning Abyss’s tutelage, the Candlelight Trading Firm had gained two more Master Engineers, bringing the total to three—the minimum required to craft the Hell Tank. Although Shi Feng wasn’t an Intermediate Master Forger yet, with the Philosopher’s Hand, he could perform like one. In addition, he had a much higher success rate when forging the power source than ordinary Intermediate Master Forgers since he had created the upgraded power source.

A short moment later, Burning Abyss and the two other Master Engineers stepped into Shi Feng’s Special Forging Room.

Despite these three players’ status as Master Engineers, they still looked at shi Feng with nervous and excited energy.

Anywhere else, even a first-rate Guild’s Guild Leader would have to treat them with respect due to their identities as Master Engineers.

However, as employees of the Candlelight Trading Firm, they knew their place in the trading firm. Master Lifestyle players might be good, but they were not irreplaceable. With the Candlelight Trading Firm’s strength, it would have no issues nurturing more Masters in the future. They were proof of this.

“Guild Leader, do you need us for something?” Burning Abyss asked.

“I’ve asked you here today to help me produce an item. However, before we do, you’ll need to sign a confidentiality agreement,” Shi Feng told Burning Abyss’s group of three. “If any of you don’t wish to do so, I won’t force you. I’ll just find someone else to replace you later. If there are no problems, the contracts are on the table.”

Burning Abyss and his companions revealed confused expressions. Before they had become Master Engineers, they had signed Candlelight’s core member contract, which was already quite strict. Logically, there should be no need to sign an additional confidentiality agreement.

Although these three were curious, they didn’t hesitate to sign the new contract Shi Feng had presented.

“Good! Since you’ve signed the contract, take a look at this,” Shi Feng said as he revealed the Hell Chariot Design to the three Master Engineers. “If you don’t have any issues with it, you may begin production right away.”

When the three Master Engineers saw the design, they were dazed.

“Amazing! This is an Intermediate Tank!” Burning Abyss’s eyes glowed with excitement as head read the Hell Tank’s introduction.

The other two Master Engineers couldn’t tear themselves away from the design after seeing it, and they wanted nothing more than to test their skills on the Hell Tank’s production.

Although they had learned a lot while producing speedboats, the knowledge they had gained was a drop in the ocean compared to what they would learn as they crafted this Intermediate Tank. If they grasped the Hell Tank’s production method, it could even help promote them to Intermediate Masters.

“Guild Leader, we don’t have any problems with the engineering aspects of this design, but some of its components will require an Intermediate Master Forger,” Burning Abyss said awkwardly.

“Don’t worry about that. I’ll send the components to you soon,” Shi Feng said.

Shi Feng’s decisive, confident reply stunned the three engineers.

Has the Guild Leader already been promoted to Intermediate Master Forger?

This thought popped into the Master Engineers’ minds. They couldn’t think of any other explanation for how Shi Feng would acquire the required components.

An Intermediate Master!

They had only become Basic Masters after a long struggle, and even now, they had no idea how to become Intermediate Masters. They didn’t even know if they could reach the Intermediate Master rank, yet Shi Feng had just hinted that he had already become one…

“Alright, you guys should get to work on the basic components. I’ll have the forging components sent over soon.” Naturally, Shi Feng knew what these three were thinking, but he didn’t bother to refute their assumptions.

Although he wasn’t an official Intermediate Master, he wasn’t far from becoming one. After all, he only lacked sufficient Proficiency Points. He could easily deal with that by investing time into forging items.

Following which, Burning Abyss and the others went to another Special Workshop and started to craft the necessary basic components.

As for Shi Feng, he activated the Philosopher’s Hand’s Philosopher’s Soul. He then began to refine the Titan Ore and the various other materials Melancholic Smile had delivered.

After eight straight hours of work, Shi Feng had finally crafted all of the Hell Tank’s forged components. Although he had failed multiple times and wasted a lot of materials, the losses were within his expectations.

Burning Abyss and his engineers had long since completed their part, and once they received the forged components, the trio carefully began to piece it all together.

As Shi Feng watched the three Master Engineers combine the individual components and transform them into a full-fledged tank, he could not help his growing excitement. The Hell Tank was crimson and four times the size of a tank in the real world. The Hell Tank took up nearly half of the Special Forming Room like some gigantic, slumbering beast.

“Guild Leader! It’s a success! We combined all of the components successfully!” Burning Abyss shouted in elation as he inserted the final piece and received a notification from the system.