Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1857 - Airport

Chapter 1857 – Airport

The atmosphere inside the quiet meeting room became even tenser at Xuanwu Chisha’s question.

After the silence continued for some time, a young man, who was a Level 56, Tier 2 Assassin, stood up.

“Vice Guild Leader, my subordinates did not do their job properly and failed to notice Zero Wing’s actions in time. Afterward, I’ll have them transferred—no, I’ll send them packing right away!” the Assassin youth said nervously. “Blackwater has no need for incompetent people!”

When everyone present heard the intelligence team leader’s decision, they did not express any opinions about it, neither did they feel surprised by it.

After all, the Vice Guild Leader before them was extremely vicious in her actions. Moreover, her viciousness wasn’t limited to her enemies but extended to her allies as well. Xuanwu Chisha did not tolerate mistakes from her subordinates. A subordinate that slipped up would incur terrifying consequences.

Not to mention, Zero Wing’s promotion to 4-star Guild was a huge incident, yet the intelligence team spying on Zero Wing had actually failed to get any hint of it.

“Well said!” Xuanwu Chisha smiled, clapping her hands as she walked up to the Assassin youth. “In that case, you can also get lost now!”

Following Xuanwu Chisha’s words, everyone in the room received a notification that the Assassin youth had been expelled from the Guild and was no longer a member of Blackwater.

“Vice Guild Leader! I…” When the Assassin youth saw the expulsion notice, he turned to Xuanwu Chisha in shock. He had never thought that she would actually remove a managerial figure like himself just like that.

Just as the Assassin youth was about to say something more, Xuanwu Chisha suddenly unsheathed the sword hanging from her waist and sent a dark-purple arc cutting at him. Before the Assassin youth could even react, his vision started darkening. A moment later, the Assassin youth’s body collapsed to the ground, and multiple weapons and equipment dropped beside his body.

After the Assassin youth died, his corpse slowly disintegrated, transforming into dark-purple smoke. The smoke then flowed into Xuanwu Chisha’s sword. Everyone inside the room could faintly hear agonizing screams coming from the purple smoke.

Suddenly, fear permeated the entire room. Everyone present looked at Xuanwu Chisha with a dumbfounded expression.

The Assassin youth, named Gray Blade, was the vice commander of the Ore Empire Branch Guild’s main force. At the same time, he was the head of the Branch Guild’s intelligence department. Despite his high position, Xuanwu Chisha had actually expelled him after just a few words. She had even killed Gray Blade without hesitation.

This situation evoked an unprecedented fear in everyone.

They could tell that Gray Blade had not died an ordinary death. Otherwise, the Assassin youth wouldn’t have dropped over half of the weapons and equipment he wielded and let loose such soul-piercing cries. He also definitely did not lose just one level.

Once Gray Blade resurrected, his account would most likely be crippled.

After Xuanwu Chisha sheathed the glowing purple sword she wielded, no one inside the meeting room dared to look at her in the eye. Everyone simply lowered their heads and fixed their eyes on the floor, deeply afraid of becoming the next Gray Blade.

“Snow Scar, you’ll take over his job from now on. I believe you won’t disappoint me, right?” Xuanwu Chisha said as she looked toward a cloaked and thin Level 56, Tier 2 Berserker standing by the entrance of the room.

“Vice Guild Leader, please rest assured. The Heavenly Eagle Legion I lead definitely will not disappoint you,” the Berserker addressed as Snow Scar said respectfully as he lowered the hood of his Black Cloak.

Upon hearing the name “Snow Scar,” everyone present turned automatically to look at the Berserker. When they saw the man’s appearance, they could not help but gape in shock.

Snow Scar? Isn’t he the number one Berserker of the super-first-rate Guild Puzzled Star? Falling Fire was also surprised when he saw Snow Scar.

Everyone present was no stranger to this name. Puzzled Star was a super-first-rate Guild that had contended against Blackwater over the Iron Empire. Meanwhile, among Puzzled Star’s forces, the Berserker named Snow Scar had given Blackwater plenty of headaches.

Yet, now, Snow Scar had actually joined Blackwater. Moreover, he had even become one of Xuanwu Chisha’s direct subordinates. This revelation was simply too shocking.

“Since Zero Wing plans on using the benefits of a 4-star Guild to fight a war of attrition with us, let’s play along with them,” Xuanwu Chisha said as she eyed the map of the Ore Empire displayed at the center of the meeting table. When she looked at the terrain around Silverwing City, the corners of her lips curled up slightly. “The Iron Empire has become very boring lately, now that no more enemies remain there. Hopefully, Zero Wing can bring me some entertainment.”

Meanwhile, inside Zero Wing’s Residence in White River City, the atmosphere was extremely lively.

Due to Zero Wing’s promotion to 4-star Guild, the Guild Residence in White River City had gotten upgraded into a 4-star Residence.

The new Guild Residence was much more majestic than before. The Guild Hall was now a massive nine-story-tall building. Not only were there more Private Rooms available, but even the first-floor lobby had undergone significant changes.

Now, aside from the counter that issued high-ranking quests, there was also a counter operated by the Adventurer’s Association inside the lobby. This counter allowed players to pick up high-ranking quests that were normally out of reach. Meanwhile, these quests could help Tier 2 players not only quickly raise their Reputation in the Adventurer’s Association but also acquire tons of EXP and remuneration.

“Guild Leader, thus far, the number of applicants for the Guild test has increased by 50%. Many of our Guild’s experts have also started forming teams with elite members to raid Level 50 Team Dungeons. I believe it won’t be long before our Guild elites have Level 50 Secret-Silver Equipment as well,” Aqua Rose reported excitedly. “Then, we’ll be able to dispatch large numbers of well-equipped elite and expert members to Silverwing Town and show Blackwater and those Dark Players who’s boss.”

Although mainstream players had already reached Level 50, due to the sharp decrease in drop-rate for Level 50 weapons and equipment, players weren’t particularly well-equipped right now. Let alone elite players, even Level 50-plus expert players currently had only a few pieces of Level 50 Secret-Silver Equipment on them.

“Excellent. Since so many people in the Guild wish to raid Level 50 Team Dungeons, let them prioritize raiding these Team Dungeons,” Shi Feng said as he pointed out a few Level 50 Team Dungeons in Star-Moon Kingdom.

Although these Team Dungeons did not drop the best weapons, equipment, and materials, they were sources of Fire Essence Stones, Ice Crystal Water, and Titan Ore.

These three materials were extremely rare and were very difficult to acquire from the market. However, they were also the main materials necessary for the Hell Tank.

Currently, due to Zero Wing’s promotion to 4-star Guild, the Guild’s fame had skyrocketed, and the Guild’s growth potential had risen considerably. As a result of this change, however, the Guild had also earned the attention of many superpowers.

Originally, he had planned on directly taking control of the Secret Stone Fortress. However, if he did so now, the consequences would be extremely severe. The various superpowers coveting the fortress would definitely go crazy over the matter.

Hence, what he needed to do right now wasn’t to take control of the Secret Stone Fortress but to boost the Guild’s combat power.

Meanwhile, the simplest way to do so was to expand the Guild’s arsenal of war weapons.

Currently, he had two new war weapons he could make. One was the Guardian Puppet, while the other was the Hell Tank.

He had just acquired the Philosopher’s Hand, and it would take Melancholic Smile some time to select trustworthy Advanced Lifestyle players. Nurturing these Advanced Lifestyle players into Masters would also take quite a lot of time.

The production of the Guardian Puppet required too many Masters. It simply wasn’t feasible to nurture the necessary Masters within the amount of time remaining to take control of the Secret Stone Fortress. Hence, the only option he had left was the Hell Tank.

With sufficient Hell Tanks, although these wouldn’t allow Zero Wing’s members to roam the Ore Empire uncontested, defending the Secret Stone Fortress should not be a problem.

“I understand. I’ll have our Guild members focus on raiding these Dungeons,” Aqua Rose said, nodding. She then started making the necessary arrangements.

Meanwhile, after Shi Feng was done assigning tasks, he went to White River City’s Teleportation Hall and teleported to Star-Moon City, then headed to the capital’s City Hall.

“Lord Protector, how may I be of service to you today?” an NPC senior administrator greeted Shi Feng as soon as he entered the building.

“Hello, I wish to construct an airport linked to Star-Moon City in Silverwing Town. Here is my airport’s construction certificate,” Shi Feng replied as he retrieved an ancient parchment from his bag.