Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1856 - Shock

Chapter 1856: Shock

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Star-Moon Kingdom Region System Announcement: Congratulations to Zero Wing for becoming Star-Moon Kingdom's first 4-star Guild. Rewarding one set of Intermediate Guild Defensive Magic Arrays, 3,000 Gold in Guild funds, and 50,000 Guild Popularity. Guild Emblem upgraded to Mysterious-Iron rank.

Star-Moon Kingdom Region System Announcement: Congratulations to Zero Wing for becoming the first Guild to own a 4-star Guild Residence. Rewarding 100 Adventurer's Association Prestige and 20,000 Guild Popularity. Guild Battle Flag upgraded to Bronze rank.

Upon hearing the system announcements, Star-Moon Kingdom's players couldn't help but gasp.

"I'm not hearing things, am I? Zero Wing actually became a 4-star Guild?"

"Zero Wing is amazing! I haven't even heard of a 3-star Super Guild, yet Zero Wing has already been promoted to a 4-star Guild! Zero Wing's members are so lucky!"

"I've heard that joining a 3-star Guild will help new players quickly become elites. The Bronze Guild Emblem even increases the buffs when you're in a party with other Guild members. A 3-star Guild receives more high-ranked quests than a 2-star Guild, too. What kind of benefits will a 4-star Guild enjoy?"

"I don't know, but the benefits are definitely going to be better. Moreover, Zero Wing's Guild Emblem has been upgraded to Mysterious-Iron rank. The buffs the emblem provides will be much stronger. Maybe I should try my luck with joining Zero Wing."

"As expected of Zero Wing. Blackwater has just declared war on the Guild, yet Zero Wing has retaliated with such power. Blackwater will likely find Zero Wing a difficult opponent."

"There's no doubt about that. I just received some insider information from a friend of mine. He just got his Mysterious-Iron Guild Emblem from the Guild Residence, and he says it's much stronger than before. The Bronze Emblem only provides 3% more HP and 1% more Attack Power, but the Mysterious-Iron version provides up to 2% to all Basic Attributes, Attack Power, Defense, and EXP gain. As long as six or more Guild members are within 150 yards, players will enjoy the maximum buff. There's no need to be in the same party."

"Right! There's also the Bronze ranked Guild Battle Flag! That's basically a treasure for raiding Dungeons! As long as you purchase it, you can plant it in a Dungeon, and all Guild members within 200 yards will receive a 10% increase to all Attributes for five minutes!"

After seeing the system announcements, Star-Moon Kingdom's independent players engaged in a heated discussion on the official forums. Many players had abandoned the thought of joining Zero Wing after Blackwater's declaration of war, but now that Zero Wing was a 4-star Guild, it offered even better benefits. When these independent players learned about these benefits, they began to reconsider their positions.

Zero Wing's new benefits were simply too tempting, especially the Guild Emblem. Previously, the Bronze Guild Emblem had offered free teleportation between Guild Residences and increased Attributes when in a party with other Guild members. Not only did the Bronze Guild Emblem save Zero Wing's members money, but it also made it easier to grind monsters.

Now that the Guild Emblem had been upgraded to Mysterious-Iron rank, its effects had more than doubled. Moreover, the Guild now had access to the Bronze Guild Battle Flag. With the Battle Flag's help, Zero Wing's members would have a much easier time with Dungeon Bosses. After all, not every player in the game had the opportunity to learn a Berserk Skill. Meanwhile, the Guild Battle Flag's buff was akin to a mini Berserk Skill for the entire team.

Meanwhile, the various major powers soon learned of Zero Wing's latest promotion.

"So, this is what Black Flame was talking about?" Phoenix Rain could not help but shake her head and smile as she read the latest report regarding Zero Wing. "Sure enough, Zero Wing hasn't changed. It is always full of surprises."

"Big Sis Rain, I wish I could see the expressions of Blackwater and Nine Dragons Emperor's people when they hear about this," Blue Phoenix said, giggling.

Even she was tempted by the benefits a 4-star Guild enjoyed, not to mention independent players. She could already imagine the massive crowd that would form outside of Zero Wing's Guild Residences. Zero Wing would definitely increase its strength in a short time.

Moreover, with the Mysterious-Iron Guild Emblem and Bronze Guild Battle Flag, she could already foresee Zero Wing's members improving significantly in a short time. After all, both items would drastically reduce the difficulty of raiding Team Dungeons. Players that had struggled to increase their attributes could now raid these Dungeons, acquiring better weapons and equipment. These players could then use these weapons and equipment to raid Team Dungeons of greater difficulty and acquire even better items, creating an endless cycle.

"Black Flame's latest trump card is certainly impressive. With the benefits of a 4-star Guild hastening its development, Zero Wing has a chance in a war of attrition against Blackwater in the Orc Empire. As more time passes, Zero Wing will also be able to include more members in the fight. On the other hand, Blackwater severely lacks manpower," Phoenix Rain said, nodding. She hadn't actually thought that Shi Feng was capable of such a move. It was no wonder why the man had rejected her offer for reinforcements.

Orc Empire, Crimson Flame Fortress:

After the Crimson Flame Fortress had opened to the public, a large number of players had gathered there, seeking the Orc Capital City's treasures. The fortress's player population was even more frightening than Silverwing Town's.

However, while the town was quite lively, the meeting room in the castle was not.

"Vice Guild Leader, according to our investigation, many experts from the neighboring kingdoms have begun to consider visiting Star-Moon Kingdom to join Zero Wing due to its promotion to a 4-star Guild," Falling Fire said, reading the report in his hands with a grim expression.

All 20-plus Guild upper echelons inside the meeting room were deathly silent as they looked at the woman in the seat of honor. The woman had long, light-red hair draped over her shoulders, and she wore a suit of sacred crimson armor. The woman looked to be around 25 or 26 and radiated a majestic charm.

However, when everyone present looked at this charming beauty, fear and cowardice overwhelmed them, clear on their faces. Even Falling Fire, who was responsible for Blackwater's forces in the Orc Empire, only engaged this woman with trepidation.

Their reaction was not because she was a Level 57, Tier 2 Shield Warrior. Rather, it was due to her identity as one of Blackwater's Vice Guild Leaders and her title as the Iron Valkyrie, granted by the Secret Pavilion.

Xuanwu Chisha!

Despite her age, Xuanwu Chisha had become a master-level expert in the Blackwater Corporation's dojo. She was also one of the corporation's heirs. After joining God's Domain, she had displayed monstrous talent. First, she had defeated over 50 experts on the God's Domain Experts List. Then, she had challenged several old monsters from the various Super Guilds before leading Blackwater's forces to dominate the Iron Empire, relying on her vicious tactics until she secured the Guild's position as the empire's overlord.

Now, to secure Blackwater's hold of the Orc Empire, she had arrived to oversee the Guild's development personally. She was also responsible for the plan to target Zero Wing.

"Good! Then, can anyone here tell me why we only learned about Zero Wing's promotion after the fact?" Xuanwu Chisha asked softly as she swept her gaze over the people before her.