Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1855 - Town-level Guild

Chapter 1855 – Town-level Guild

“Promotion to a 4-star Guild? That won’t be a problem,” the NPC senior administrator said as he turned his eyes towards the purple-golden token on the table. Once he saw the token, however, a look of surprise flashed across his face as he asked, “Lord Protector, do you really intend to use this Advanced 4-star Guild Promotion Order?”

“Is something wrong with it?” Shi Feng asked.

Although he had noticed that the 4-star Guild Promotion Order he had acquired was a different color than those he had seen in his previous life, it was a 4-star Guild Promotion Order. He hadn’t paid it much attention, assuming that the Promotion Order was slightly different since it had dropped from a World Boss.

“Lord Protector, Advanced 4-star Guild Promotion Orders were produced when the Adventurer’s Association had first established. There are only 22 of these Advanced Promotion Orders in existence scattered across God’s Domain’s continent. They are considered a trial for Adventurer Guilds, and the more Advanced Promotion Orders an Adventurer Guild collects, the higher its status will be, enjoying greater treatment, in the Adventurer Association once it becomes a 4-star Guild.

“If an Adventurer Guild collects three Advanced 4-star Guild Promotion Orders, it will be treated as a City-state-level Guild.

If an Adventurer Guild collects seven Advanced Promotion Orders, it’ll be treated as a Kingdom-level Guild. Currently, you already have one Advanced Promotion Order. If you collect another two, the Adventurer’s Association will recognize your Guild as a City-state, Lord Protector.

“However, if you promote your Guild now, you will lose the opportunity and will have to climb the ranks slowly, starting as a Town-level Guild. Are you sure that you want to use this Advanced 4-star Guild Promotion Order now?”

After listening to the senior administrator’s explanation, Shi Feng looked at the purple-gold token on the table, a little surprised.

So, the Adventurer’s Association has this kind of method to elevate a Guild’s status. Shi Feng understood what the statuses the senior administrator had mentioned represented. Other Guilds would only come to learn and value the information after they were promoted to 4-star status.

Once Guilds reached 4-star status, they’d open a ‘path’ in the Adventurer’s Association, gaining a temporary residence in every Adventurer’s Association across the continent of God’s Domain. From then on, members of 4-star Guilds’ base of operations wouldn’t be limited to one or a few locations. They could expand their development across the entire continent and use the opportunity to increase the EXP and income they earned.

This so-called ‘path’ meant recognition from the Adventurer’s Association as an official Guild. Official Guilds would then be able to engage in Adventurer Guild work. However, even after becoming an official Guild, Guilds would receive varying benefits from the Adventurer’s Association.

When a Guild first became a 4-star Guild, it would be treated as an Ordinary-level Guild. If the Guild wished to receive more support from the Association, it would have to raise its status. The simplest method of doing so involved upgrading the Guild’s status from Ordinary- to Town-level, City-state level, Kingdom-level, and finally, Empire-level.

Depending on the Guild’s rank in the Adventurer’s Association, the Guild would have access to different degrees of problems.

At the Ordinary-level, Guilds would be commissioned to solve civilian problems. Generally, these problems were similar to large-scale Guild Quests that required Guilds to wipe out some Demonic Beasts harassing the civilian population. Only, they might reward more EXP than ordinary large-scale Guild Quests.

After an Adventurer Guild reached the Town-level, the Adventurer’s Association would acknowledge the Guild’s ability to solve a town’s problems. Normally, Town-level Guilds would receive commissions from town nobles, and the rewards would be much better than Ordinary-level commissions. Even when a Town-level Guild accepted a civilian commission, the quest would reward more than what an Ordinary-level Guild would receive. After all, a Town-level Guild was much stronger than an Ordinary-level Guild.

When a Guild reached City-state Level, it proved to the Adventurer’s Association that it was strong enough to solve issues that plagued an entire region. Commissions City-state-level Guilds generally received involved crusades against the dark forces in a particular area.

Normally, to rise from Ordinary-level to City-state-level, a Guild had to complete a significant number of large-scale Guild Quests, slowly accumulating Prestige in the Adventurer’s Association. Large-scale Guild Quests only awarded three to five Prestige points, but becoming a Town-level Guild required 700 to 1,000 Prestige, depending on where the Guild’s main headquarters was located.

The number and quality of large-scale Guild Quests would differ depending on the size of its NPC city, so the more prosperous the city was, the more Prestige a Guild needed to increase its rank.

“Thank you for the advice, but I have decided to go through with the promotion,” Shi Feng said after giving the matter some thought

The revelation was indeed surprising. After all, just one Advanced Promotion Order was enough to promote a Guild to Town-level. Normally, it would take a large Guild several years to achieve such a feat. As for reaching the City-state-levels, not many large Guilds would rise so high within their lifetimes.

This was because promotion to the City-state-level required a Guild to complete a large-scale Promotion Quest in addition to earning enough Prestige. This Promotion quest was despairingly difficult. In the past, only a small number of second-rate Guilds had completed the quest, yet a Guild only needed three Advanced Promotion Orders to become a City-state-level Guild. As for Kingdom-level, only a small number of first-rate Guilds had reached that rank in the past.

However, Shi Feng didn’t have the time to search for more Advanced 4-star Guild Promotion Orders. Most importantly, he didn’t have a clear idea of where to obtain them. Even if he knew that World Bosses dropped them, he wasn’t strong enough to hunt those Bosses yet. He had only slain the Flame Demon King thanks to his quest. If he tried to raid a Mythic ranked World Boss, he’d only be asking for a beating.

“Since Lord Protector has decided, the processing fees and Guild Residence reconstruction fees come to a total of 60,000 Gold. However, due to your status, we can offer you a discount of 10,000 Gold, dropping your total to 50,000 Gold,” the senior administrator said after making some calculations.

“Fifty thousand? Doesn’t a normal promotion to 4-star status only cost 12,000 Gold?” Shi Feng had already begun to retrieve the money from his bag, but after hearing the total cost, he froze with shock.

“As you are using the Advanced 4-star Guild Promotion Order, the promotion will require more work than usual. We also have to notify the various cities’ nobles and announce the officialization of the Zero Wing Guild. Hence, the procedural fees are slightly higher,” the senior administrator said.

How fraudulent. The senior administrator’s statement rendered Shi Feng speechless. However, when he thought about how Zero Wing would instantly become a Town-level Guild, he considered the cost relatively low. This was basically spending money to save time. Following which, he obediently took out 50,000 Gold and handed it to the NPC.

While he had seen to his quest, Phoenix Rain and Unyielding Heart had paid off the materials they had purchased, earning him another 120,000 Gold. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to afford the promotion fees.

Once the NPC confirmed Shi Feng’s payment, a series of system notifications reached Shi Feng’s ears.