Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1852 - Complete Philosopher's Hand

Chapter 1852 – Complete Philosopher’s Hand

The instant Shi Feng retrieved the Philosopher’s Hand from his bag, he felt the space around him grow heavier. It felt as if space itself couldn’t withstand the pristine energy within the Philosopher’s Hand.

Now that Shi Feng had the chance to get a better feel for the Philosopher’s Hand, he felt a powerful inspiration well within him. His mind felt sharp and focused like never before. It was as if the world had faded away, leaving him alone with his thoughts.

So, this is the true Philosopher’s Hand? Shi Feng could not help his excitement as he gazed at the crimson bead in his hand.

[Philosopher’s Hand] (Legendary Rank Item)

A special gemstone crafted by the Philosopher Urhart, containing incredible power that is capable of manipulating the soul.

Additional Passive Effect: The wielder of the Philosopher’s Hand will have all of their subclasses temporarily raised by one rank.

Additional Active Skill 1-

Philosopher’s Soul: Offers players guidance for 10 hours when crafting items.

Cooldown: 12 hours Additional Active Skill 2-

Soul Fantasy: Allows players to enter an imaginary world for 8 hours. During this time, players may use the materials that they know of to produce items without limit.

Cooldown: 15 hours

Although the Philosopher’s Hand only possessed three Skills, these Skills were heaven-defying.

Based on Shi Feng’s knowledge, only the Epic ranked Icarus’s Heart could temporarily raise a Lifestyle player to Master rank. In Shi Feng’s opinion, Icarus’s Heart’s ability to do so was already heaven-defying, but compared to the Philosopher’s Hand, Icarus’s Heart was a cheap knockoff. However, compared to the Philosopher’s Hand, Icarus’s Heart couldn’t even be considered a cheap knockoff…

The fact that the Philosopher’s Hand could unconditionally raise a player’s subclass by one rank meant that it could transform a Basic Master into an Intermediate Master or an Intermediate Master into an Advanced Master…

The Philosopher’s Soul also offered the system’s guidance, which would be a great help to players when they produced items. Originally, the Skill had been limited to a 1-hour duration. Unfortunately, it was almost impossible to accomplish anything useful in that time. Crafting items was a time-consuming process, after all, especially complex items. How many items could players possibly make within one hour?

Now that the Skill’s duration had increased to 10 hours, players could attempt to craft far more complex items with the system’s guidance.

Lastly, Soul Fantasy granted players access to the Main God System’s resource warehouse…

After seeing the Philosopher’s Hand’s two active Skills, Shi Feng finally understood why the item was capable of producing so many Lifestyle Masters. Regardless of the subclass, any Lifestyle player would require materials to craft new items.

Although some tools allowed players to participate in simulations, these simulations couldn’t truly replicate the materials’ properties. At most, these simulations allowed players to get a feel of the production procedures. An actual attempt would still require real materials.

Meanwhile, to reach the Master rank, players needed very high-ranked items. Hence, the material requirements were quite high. However, high-ranking materials were not easy to obtain, and players would need these materials in large quantities. Experimenting with a few sets of materials would barely yield any results.

Every Lifestyle Master was born of an astronomical resource investment. This was even true for the talented geniuses. Only, geniuses would need to spend fewer materials compared to ordinary Lifestyle Masters.

However, with Soul Fantasy, players could experiment to their heart’s content without worrying about lacking materials. Naturally, this would make new-item creation very easy.

I’m going to have a headache once I return. Shi Feng revealed a bitter smile as he looked at the Philosopher’s Hand.

While he had acquired the alchemy treasure, there was still the matter of how to use it.

There was only one Philosopher’s Hand, yet the Candlelight Trading Firm had tons of Advanced Lifestyle players waiting to use it. He would have to decide which players were worthy of the privilege. Most importantly, he’d have to worry about information leaks.

Due to an information lea, Kingdom’s Sword, the Philosopher’s Hand’s owner in the past, had become a target for the various superpowers, eventually vanishing from God’s Domain altogether.

Although Zero Wing was impressively powerful right now, if multiple superpowers decided to make it their target, it would suffer a similar fate.

He needed to be extremely careful when using the Philosopher’s Hand.

Shi Feng stored the Philosopher’s Hand and exited the scorched valley. When Zero Wing’s members, whom Violet Cloud had resurrected, saw Shi Feng emerge, they breathed a sigh of relief.

Due to the Flame Demon King’s outburst, the entire team had been annihilated in an instant. They had barely bought their Guild Leader any time.

“Guild Leader, how did the quest go?” Aqua Rose asked worriedly.

Not only were high-ranked quests incredibly dangerous, but they also gave players very few chances of success. Plenty of quests only gave players a single attempt, and since their deaths had been so unexpected, they knew it was likely that this attempt had been a failure. Hence, Aqua Rose wondered if they’d have a second chance.

On the off chance that this quest didn’t offer a second chance, Shi Feng would have to suffer the system’s penalty. To ordinary Guild experts, suffering a system penalty wouldn’t be much of a problem. At worst, if the penalty were severe, they could just start over with a new account. However, Shi Feng was different. He was Zero Wing’s Guild Leader. If he suffered such a severe penalty, it would shake the very foundation of the Guild.

“Relax. I completed my quest,” Shi Feng said, chuckling at the worried expression on Aqua Rose’s face.

“That’s wonderful. I worried that we had failed the quest and you’d have to pay a high price for it. Now that the quest is complete, we didn’t waste our trip here,” Aqua Rose said, breathing a sigh of relief. She then looked at Shi Feng curiously and asked, “But, Guild Leader, you really are amazing. You actually escaped the Flame Demon King after completing your quest. Looking at the terrain, there should only be one path out of the valley. How did you manage to hide from the Boss, Guild Leader?”

She had experienced the Flame Demon King’s frightening might personally.

The World Boss had been beyond terrifying. It was basically a God to current players. She found it very difficult to imagine any players defeating the Flame Demon King, even after reaching the same level. She didn’t even know if a 100-man team of Level 100 players had any hope against the Flame Demon King.

Hearing Aqua Rose’s question, the rest of Shi Feng’s team turned towards him, curious.

The Flame Demon King had slain Turtledove, a Tier 2 MT who had activated her Berserk Skill, in just three hits, yet Shi Feng had escaped the Boss unharmed. It was incredible!

“Hide? I wish I could’ve hidden from it, but the valley is only so large. Where would I possibly hide?” Shi Feng said, shaking his head.

“Huh? If you didn’t hide from it, how did you get away safely, Guild Leader? Didn’t the Flame Demon King discover you as you left?” Shi Feng’s reply on confused Aqua Rose further. When the Flame Demon King had killed her, she had caught a glimpse of the Boss as it charged back into the valley, where Shi Feng had still been.

“It discovered me, of course,” Shi Feng said, smiling. “But rather than wait for it to attack, I decided to strike first.”

“Then, Guild Leader…how did you get out?” Aqua Rose asked, utterly confounded. “Did you use an auto-resurrection tool?”

Although auto-resurrection tools were very rare and precious in God’s Domain, they were nothing new. Aqua Rose couldn’t think of any other way that Shi Feng would’ve escaped the Flame Demon King’s pursuit.

“Take a look at this,” Shi Feng said, smiling as he retrieved a gigantic, crimson crystal ball from his bag. The fire-type Mana within the crystal ball was so dense that the ambient fire-type Mana automatically gathered around it

“Isn’t that…a Flame Core? But the fire-type Mana in the core is incredibly dense. It’s even denser than the Flame Cores we obtained from Great Lord ranked Flame Demons.” Looking at the gigantic Flame Core in Shi Feng’s hands, Aqua Rose realized a possibility. Doubtfully, she asked, “Could it be… Guild Leader… Did you kill the Flame Demon King?”