Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1851 - Flame Demon King's Loot

Chapter 1851 – Flame Demon King’s Loot

After the Flame Demon King died, the rampaging Mana in the valley settled down.

It’s finally dead. Shi Feng breathed out a sigh of relief as the Black Dragon disappeared, shortly after the Flame Demon King died.

If not for the Black Dragon’s assistance, he wouldn’t have been able to defeat the Flame Demon King. After all, even though the Flame Demon King was weakened, it was still a Mythic monster. The Boss had possessed not only superior Strength but also far more HP. Even if the Flame Demon King had only 10% of its HP left, it would still have had more than enough time to kill him.

Although he had to sacrifice another ten points of every Basic Attribute to kill the Flame Demon King, he forgot about the loss when he saw the small mountain of items the Boss dropped.

The Flame Demon King was a World Boss. Although it had been weakened due to his quest, it was still a Mythic ranked World Boss, hence the extremely bountiful loot

Not to mention, as this was the first time the Flame Demon King was killed, it was guaranteed to drop a 4-star Guild Promotion Order. Future Flame Demon Kings killed would have only a certain chance of dropping the Promotion Order. This item was also the reason why he had persisted in killing the Flame Demon King to the point of permanently weakening himself.

Currently, Zero Wing was a 3-star Guild and held a significant advantage over other Guilds. However, as the various superpowers started raiding Level 50, 100-man Hell Mode Team Dungeons, it was only a matter of time before they became 3-star Guilds as well.

Meanwhile, compared to Zero Wing, the various superpowers would gain much more of an advantage from being a 3-star Guild.

Be it the Guild Employment Center or Guild Training Room, these two facilities needed Guilds to reach a certain scale in order to display their usefulness fully. In other words, the larger a Guild was, the better the Guild could leverage these two facilities. In the case of Zero Wing, despite the rapid expansion it was currently undergoing, in terms of member count, it was far from rivaling even first-rate Guilds. The operations of the various superpowers spanned over a dozen kingdoms and empires. Their member counts naturally dwarfed Zero Wing’s.

Once these superpowers became 3-star Guilds, their development speed would undoubtedly skyrocket. At that time, not only would these superpowers be able to nurture a large number of elite players, but the income their Guilds generated would also increase substantially.

If Zero Wing, a Guild that ruled over only a single kingdom, wished to surpass these superpowers, which had become 3-star Guilds, in terms of development speed, then there was only one way to do so.

By getting promoted into a 4-star Guild!

Unlike a 3-star Guild, the benefits offered by a 4-star Guild did not manifest with the scale of a Guild. Instead, these benefits were apparent in the finer details. Reaching the 4-star rank would not give a Guild the privilege to construct any additional facilities. Instead, what a Guild gained from the 4-star rank was the recognition of the Adventurer’s Association as a Large- scale Guild. At that time, the Adventurer’s Association would directly issue large-scale quests to the Guild. These large-scale quests ranged from easy to very difficult; even nationa卜level quests were available.

The rewards for these quests were extremely generous. Moreover, these quests also provided players with good opportunities to raise their ranks in the Adventurer’s Association.

In addition to receiving large-scale quests, 4-star Guilds would be designated a temporary rest area in every Adventurer’s Association on the continent of God’s Domain. While this rest area was relatively small, it allowed members of 4-star Guilds to receive commissioned quests from every NPC town and city on the continent, not just from towns and cities where their respective Guilds had Residences.

Due to this benefit, members of 4-star Guilds could travel all over the continent to do quests, no longer hindered in their leveling speed and acquirement of resources by competition over a limited number of quests. The only downside to this was the Adventurer’s Association’s tax on players’ quest rewards when completing commissioned quests accepted from these designated rest areas. This, in turn, reduced the Guilds’ income from these quests.

Even so, this benefit would still help Guilds generate much more wealth than before. At the same time, Guilds would also be able to raise their Popularity in the various NPC kingdoms and empires significantly, killing two birds with one stone.

This was the distinguishing feature of a 4-star Guild. After reaching the 4-star rank, a Guild’s development would no longer be tied down to the territories they controlled.

Of course, the consequence of this feature was also very obvious: the amount of competition Guilds had to face would increase drastically.

However, so long as Zero Wing managed to become a 4-star Guild ahead of others, it would seize a significant advantage over the other Guilds, hence Shi Feng’s persistence in killing the Flame Demon King.

Following which, Shi Feng started going through the Flame Demon King’s loot

Just like he expected, there was indeed a 4-star Guild Promotion Order among the dropped items. So long as a 3-star Guild possessed 200,000 Guild Popularity, it could be upgraded into a 4-star Guild using this Promotion Order.

As expected of a World Boss, its loot sure is bountiful. Shi Feng was inwardly astonished as he looked over the statistics of the other dropped items.

The Flame Demon King had dropped over 100 items in total, the majority of which were rare materials—including the extremely rare Seven Luminaries Crystal. Although only three Seven Luminaries Crystals dropped, the equivalent often units, the value of these Seven Luminaries Crystals still exceeded that of the other materials by a large margin.

The rest of the loot were Level 70-plus weapons and equipment. Practically every one of these weapons and equipment was of Fine-Gold rank; only one of them was Epic rank. Among the Fine-Gold Equipment dropped, four pieces belonged to the Level 70 Fine-Gold ranked Sins of Thunderfire Set. The Boss also dropped the entire Level 70 Fine-Gold ranked Scorching Wind Set.

While the weapons and equipment dropped looked subpar at best, Shi Feng’s eyes glowed with excitement when he saw them.

His reaction was because the Sins of Thunderfire Set was top-tier set equipment for magical classes. This was set equipment that only Level 70-plus Mythic ranked Field Bosses dropped. The set had a total of six pieces, and even superpowers would need to expend a lot of effort to collect the complete set.

As for the Scorching Wind Set, it was similarly top-tier set equipment but for plate armor classes instead of magical classes. Not only did the Scorching Wind Set provide higher Fire Resistance than the Dark Corrosion Set, but its six-piece set effect was also extremely heaven-defying. It allowed players to transform into a Wargod of Fire and acquire a Life Rating that could rival Archaic Species. Although players would incur double damage from ice- and water-type attacks than they normally would, it was still plenty amazing.

The Sins of Thunderfire Set’s six-piece set effect was similar to the Scorching Wind Set’s, allowing its user to transform into a Thunderfire Messenger.

Due to these two set effects, despite the ordinary Basic Attributes the two sets provided, they had ended up publicly recognized as the strongest Level 70 set equipment available in the game. Even Level 70 Dark-Gold Set Equipment could not rival them.

Shi Feng had never thought that he would be able to obtain the entire Scorching Wind Set As for the Sins of Thunderfire Set, he was just short of two set pieces to complete the set.

Once he geared two Guild experts in these two sets, he would have himself two peak experts.

As for the sole Epic Equipment dropped, it was a pair of cloth armor gloves named Hands of Fire. Not only did the gloves provide a significant amount of Fire Resistance, but it even increased the Spell Completion Rate of players by 2%. It also had a Skill that allowed its user to summon a Lord ranked Fire Familiar, making this pair of gloves perfect for magica卜class players that were not adept in melee combat

After Shi Feng was done going through the Flame Demon King’s loot, he then took out the Philosopher’s Hand from his bag and inspected it, suppressing the excitement in his heart as he looked through its Attribute Panel.

As he needed to deal with the Flame Demon King before, he had not had any time to inspect the fully recovered Philosopher’s Hand. Now that the Flame Demon King was dealt with, he naturally had to take a good look at this Legendary item, which had disappeared from God’s Domain in his previous life.