Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1849 - World Gate

Chapter 1849 – World Gate

“Guild Leader, don’t tell me we’re supposed to fight that Boss?”

“Is that really a Mythic monster?”

The Flame Demon King was a 50-meter-tall giant. Every one of its movements stirred up a storm in the sea of fire around it. Zero Wing’s team could tell how terrifying this monster was just by looking at it.

When he saw the Flame Demon King, Cola, who had brimmed with confidence, felt his scalp tingle.

This Boss could likely even slay a 1,000-man team of Level 80, Tier 2 experts. Compared to the Mythic monsters they’ve encountered thus far, the Flame Demon King was on an entirely different level.

Could the new expansion pack I triggered have made the Flame Demon King stronger? Shi Feng pondered as he looked at the Flame Demon King. The more he thought about it, the more his theory seemed plausible.

After all, the Flame Demon’s Valley was only a Level 70-plus map; it wasn’t a Level 100-plus map. An Ancient Fiend shouldn’t be here.

An Ancient Fiend was an Elemental Creature that had fully unlocked its Bloodline and reverted to its ancestral form. Although Ancient Fiends were no match for Dragons in terms of Life Rating, they were fully capable of rivaling Ferocious Beasts. Even an expert team that was twenty levels higher wouldn’t be a match for a Mythic ranked Ancient Fiend, much less an expert team of the same level.

In addition, the Flame Demon King had a World Boss’s special ability. Not even a 100-man team of Level 100, Tier 3 players could defeat this monster.

There’s no helping it I can only adjust my plans. Following which, Shi Feng addressed his team, “I had thought that I could complete this quest and get everyone out of here safely, but that’s no longer possible. I’ll have to ask you all to sacrifice yourselves to lure the Flame Demon King away from its territory. Try to buy as much time for me as possible. Violet, you won’t be joining the fight. I need you to hide in the distance. Once the battle is over, you’ll be responsible for resurrecting the team.”

All he could do now was lure the Flame Demon King away from the World Gate. The players that would be responsible for buying time would die, but with the Resurrection Skill he had given Violet Cloud, they could reduce the death penalty his teammates suffered.

“I understand.” Violet Cloud nodded.

None of his teammates had any objections to Shi Feng’s proposal. They were the Guild’s main force members. Their weapons, equipment, and levels had been granted by their Guild. It wasn’t unusual to die for their Guild’s benefit Very quickly, the team followed Shi Feng’s instructions.

Cola would be the first player responsible for attracting the Flame Demon King’s attention and luring it to the designated area. After Cola died, Turtledove and 丫e Wumian would take over. Once all three MTs had died, the rest of the team would split up and flee, forcing the Flame Demon King to waste as much time as possible chasing them down.

“Move out!” Shi Feng commanded once he was in position a short distance away from the valley’s entrance.

Following his orders, Cola charged into the flaming valley. Shortly after he had set foot in the sea of fire, a deafening roar echoed from the valley’s center.

“Little human! You dare trespass in my, the Flame Demon King, Monacoland’s, territory?! I’ll show you just how frightening fire’s anger is!”

As the voice faded, the Flame Demon King emerged from the raging flames, its movements causing waves of fire that washed over Cola.

Not daring to be careless, Cola immediately activated Power of Darkness and hid behind Titan Guard.


As the firestorm slammed into him, Cola stumbled three steps backward, a damage exceeding -20,000 appearing above his head.

“So strong! Just its movements cause such a powerful attack!” Aqua Rose, who watched from afar, could not help her shock when she saw Cola lose one-eighth of his HP despite his active Berserk Skill.

Normally, Cola could face a Level 70 Mythic monster head-on after activating his Berserk Skill, yet he had just lost so much HP after an indirect attack from the Flame Demon King.

The team’s other members paled when they saw this.

If they had received that indirect attack, they would’ve likely lost over 50% of their HP.

They felt like ants before this World Boss.

As the Flame Demon King’s frightening strength stunned Zero Wing’s players, the Boss had arrived before Cola. The Flame Demon King then thrust its trident at the Guardian Knight with so much speed that the attack had been invisible to the naked eye.

Fortunately, Cola had already raised Titan Guard and blocked the attack in time.

After blocking the attack, however, Cola had lost all feeling in his arms. Like a cannonball, he had been thrown back, only stopping as he crashed into a massive boulder. Cola’s HP instantly fell by over 80,000, more than half of his total…

The team was stunned. Just one attack had left Cola so miserable. The gap in strength was despairing.

“Heal him, quickly!” Shi Feng shouted through the team chat.

The outcome didn’t surprise him. After all, their opponent was a Mythic ranked Ancient Fiend. If not for the Fragmented Legendary ranked Titan Guard, Cola might have died instantly.

Upon hearing Shi Feng’s command, the Tier 2 healers snapped out of their daze and cast Healing Spells on Cola, instantly restoring the Guardian Knight’s HP to 70%. However, the Flame Demon King was already stabbing its trident at Cola again, the weapon releasing white-hot fire.

The white-hot flames shocked Cola. Hurriedly, he activated Protection Blessing.

After its upgrade to Tier 2, Protection Blessing reduced the damage he took by 60%. However, when the trident met Cola’s shield, the stone under his feet shattered, forming a crater. Meanwhile, Cola’s HP fell by more than 60,000, dropping his HP into the red.

By the time the Flame Demon King executed another attack, the team’s healers only recovered Cola’s HP to 50% of his total.

Realizing how precarious his situation was, Cola used Titan’s Heart, forming three layers of Protective Energy, which could absorb up to ten times his maximum HP, around him. With Titan’s Heart in effect, Cola quickly fled the sea of fire.

Seeing Cola pull away from the valley, Shi Feng breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, he had upgraded Titan Guard to the Fragmented Legendary rank earlier. Otherwise, the three MTs wouldn’t be able to lure the Flame Demon King away before they died, even if Cola, Turtledove, and Ye Wumian worked together.

Afterward equipping the Flame Demon’s Crown, Shi Feng activated Gale Domain and charged into the flames that could even melt fine iron.

As expected of the Flame Demon’s Crown. It really is wondrously effective. When Shi Feng soared through the fire, he only felt a little warm. He wasn’t in any pain at all.

Due to the additional 200 Fire Resistance the crown provided, he now had over 400 Fire Resistance. His HP only fell by a little over 100 each second he remained in the fire.

After flying for about 40 seconds, he noticed Cola’s name darken among the list of his team members. It was obvious that the Flame Demon King had killed Cola.

So quickly? When Shi Feng realized that he was still over 200 yards away from the stone gate in the center of the valley, his expression darkened.

Cola was the sturdiest player in the team. He had thought that the Guardian Knight alone would be able to buy him enough time to reach the World Gate, but it seemed that the Flame Demon King was much stronger than he had expected.

As soon as Shi Feng reached the World Gate, he pulled out the Philosopher’s Hand and used it to activate the stone doors.

At this point, Turtledove had also fallen, and only Ye Wumian remained alive of the team’s three MTs.

I need to hurry! Shi Feng used the Philosopher’s Hand’s power to repair the broken magic arrays on the World Gate.

As he did, a furious roar reached him from outside of the valley.

“Despicable trespasser! You dare to open the World Gate?!”

As the voice faded, a pillar of fire rose from its origin. Following which, everyone but Shi Feng and Violet Cloud’s names went dark…

This situation put immense pressure on Shi Feng. He pushed himself to work faster.

Fast! Faster!

While Shi Feng repaired the World Gate’s magic arrays, he could feel the space around him boil. This meant that he was already standing within the Flame Demon King’s sphere of influence. The Ancient Fiend’s Movement Speed had completely exceeded his expectations.

“Despicable human! Vanish alongside your sins!”

When the Flame Demon King caught sight of Shi Feng, it threw its flaming trident at the Swordsman.

However, before the trident could reach Shi Feng, he activated the Aura of Earth’s Absolute Domain.

Yes! It’s done! Using the period of invulnerability Absolute Domain granted him, Shi Feng completed the final magic array. Following which, he placed a hand on the World Gate’s main magic array and said, “Open! World Gate!”