Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1847 - Flame Demon's Crown

Chapter 1847 – Flame Demon’s Crown

When Shi Feng had swung the broken sword, the attack had carved five deep grooves in the rocky ground around him. The canyon’s terrain had changed drastically.

What great destructive power! Shock filled Shi Feng as he gazed at the Evil God’s Inheritance in his hand.

Godslayer’s destructive power was even greater than that of a Tier 4 super-large-scale destruction Spell.

He had turned several hundred Level 70-plus lava monsters into ash instantly. The Skill truly had the power to decimate heaven and earth.

Unfortunately, the monsters he had killed with Godslayer hadn’t granted Shi Feng any EXP. In fact, he would not gain any EXP from slain monsters while he had the Evil God’s Inheritance active; the sword would absorb it all.

After killing so many monsters, the black mist the Evil God’s Inheritance emitted had become denser.

Following which, Shi Feng heard the sound of a system notification.

System: Evil God’s Inheritance has accumulated sufficient life force and recovered the first Evil God’s Mark, activating a portion of its power.

The Evil God’s Inheritance has such an effect? Shi Feng was surprised.

He had thought that he could only repair the weapon by collecting the missing fragments. He had never expected the broken blade to recover some of its lost power by absorbing others’ life force.

[Evil God’s Inheritance] (One-handed Sword)

A treasured sword that the Evil God had once used. However, the sword had been destroyed in a battle, shattered into three pieces. Although the Evil God’s treasured sword had been destroyed, the Evil God’s power within remains intact. As long as one gathers all three fragments, it is possible to restore the sword to its past glory. This piece is the sword’s broken hilt.

By permanently sacrificing 10 points of all Attributes, the user may temporarily use the sword’s power. Although this sword has been severely damaged, it can still exert one-tenth of its original power.

First Evil God’s Mark: Power Absorption can increase Strength by a maximum of 100%, Stamina by 20%, and All Resistances by 100%.

When this fragment is within 1,000 yards of other fragments, the fragments will resonate. Drops upon death.

Cannot be traded.

Although he could strengthen the Evil God’s Inheritance by killing a large number of monsters, he had no intentions of doing so.

While Shi Feng might wield extraordinary power when he used the Evil God’s Inheritance, he’d have to sacrifice 10 points from every Basic Attribute permanently each time he wielded the weapon. While 10 points in all Attributes might not be much to a Tier 2 player, it would add up. If he used the weapon for too often, he would cripple his account. One could say that the Evil God’s Inheritance was even more evil than Magic Weapons.

Hence, the Evil God’s Inheritance should only be used as a final trump card.

Shi Feng had no intentions of feeding the Evil God’s Inheritance any more life force right now, either. He only had half an hour to use the weapon after activating it. How much life force could he possibly accumulate in half an hour?

However, the ability to strengthen the Evil God’s Inheritance had truly been an unexpected boon.

Following which, Shi Feng charged out of the hole he had opened in the monster encirclement. Now that the Evil God’s Inheritance had grown stronger, he had a much easier time dealing with the three Lava Hounds that chased after him.

“Is this the Guild Leader at his full strength?” Flying Shadow, who watched from the valley’s entrance, was astonished as he watched Shi Feng take on three Level 80 Lava Hounds without trouble.

Even Fire Dance, who prepared to move out, was stunned.

She had assumed that after so many battles and adventures, the distance between her and Shi Feng had shortened. Looking at it now, however, it would seem that the gap was larger than ever.

What the two Assassins did not know was that Shi Feng fully relied on the Evil God’s Inheritance to command such power. Without it, he might not have survived even after activating Twofold Berserk.

Shi Feng quickly escaped the Lava Hounds’ grasp, and although this further enraged the Mythic monsters, they didn’t dare leave their domain by as much as a centimeter. They could only watch until Shi Feng left their sight.

“Despicable heretic! The Almighty Fire God will not let you get away with this!”

After Shi Feng had vanished, the Lava Hounds released furious howls, the sounds echoing throughout the valley.

At the same time, a system notification reached Shi Feng’s ears.

System: You have incurred the Rre God’s wrath. As long as you enter the Fire God’s territory, its guardians will hunt you to the death.

How ruthless. Shi Feng could not help his astonishment as he read the system notification.

He had only set up a teleportation marker in the Fire God’s Ancient Land, yet he was now prohibited from entering any location the Fire God sheltered. This penalty was truly severe.

After all, the Fire God was a God who had left behind many areas in God’s Domain. The Fire God had even been responsible for creating a number of Otherworlds. This penalty basically warned him that he could lose his life if he entered any of these locations. Unless he was strong enough to defeat the areas’ guardians, he shouldn’t even consider exploring the locations.

But after giving the matter some thought, Shi Feng didn’t mourn the loss.

Now that he had constructed a teleportation marker in the Fire God’s Ancient Land, he could lead a team to mine the Source Fire ore without revealing themselves to the Lava Hounds as long as he prepared properly. In ten days, he could also visit the so-called Underground Country, possibly obtaining another significant harvest.

Overall, he considered this transaction quite profitable.

After leaving the canyon, Shi Feng regrouped with Zero Wing’s other members. He then briefed Aqua Rose about the teleportation marker and had her contact her subordinates to prepare.

They would need enough Fire Resistance to survive in the Flame Demon’s Valley’s core region. Moreover, only Intermediate Miners or higher could mine the Source Fire ore. They’d only be able to revisit the mine after fulfilling these two conditions. It would take quite some time to prepare.

After the team rested for a short moment, Shi Feng led his team into the heart of the Flame Demon’s Valley.

Although they came across quite a few monsters on their way, and Shi Feng was currently Weakened, the team advanced relatively quickly with their powerful MTs like Cola and Shi Feng’s summoned Tier 3 Demons.

As no one had explored the Flame Demon’s Valley thus far, it was home to a lot of monsters, which, fortunately, provided far more EXP than normal. Moreover, a large number of treasure chests hid in the area. After venturing through the core region for four hours, some of the team’s Level 56 members had risen to Level 57. Fire Dance and Flying Shadow had also discovered six treasure chests in the area. They had found three Bronze Treasure Chests, a Mysterious-Iron Treasure Chest, a Secret-Silver Treasure Chest, and a Fine-Gold Treasure Chest.

The discovery surprised both Fire Dance and Flying Shadow, who frequently searched for treasure chests in the fields.

It was common knowledge that treasure chests were extremely rare in God’s Domain. Normally, a map only had two or three at one time, yet after wandering in a small section of the core region, they had discovered six.

Moreover, one was a Fine-Gold Treasure Chest.

Past Level 50, a Bronze Treasure Chest would contain loot that could rival the items a High Lord dropped, while Mysterious- Iron Chests’ items were on par with a Great Lord, and Secret-Silver Treasure Chests dropped items on par with a Grand Lord’s loot.

As for a Fine-Gold Treasure Chest, its loot could rival that of a Mythic monster.

However, in the Flame Demon’s Valley, both the monsters and the treasure chests offered weapons and equipment that were all Level 70 or higher. Unfortunately, current players couldn’t use these items unless they had weapons and equipment that could reduce level requirements by 15 levels or more.

As Shi Feng activated the Fine-Gold Treasure Chest, it released a light that illuminated the gloomy sky above the Flame Demon’s Valley. Even players several thousand yards away could see the glow.

The Flame Demon’s Crown? Shi Feng was flabbergasted when he saw the exquisite, flaming crown inside the treasure chest.