Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1846 - Broken Sword's Power

Chapter 1846 – Broken Sword’s Power

As the aura of death saturated the mine, space itself froze. The three Lava Hounds slid to a halt as they glared at the broken sword in Shi Feng’s hand, wary. Pitch-black divine runes had appeared along the broken blade as the sword released plumes of dark smoke. The weapon felt cold and evil.

The Lava Hounds finally discerned the broken sword’s identity, and fear flashed in their eyes. It was as if they had remembered something horrific from their past.

“Despicable heretic! You dare set foot in this sacred land!”

“Let the Almighty Fire God’s flames purify your soul!”

After Shi Feng replaced the Abyssal Blade with the Evil God’s Inheritance, the broken sword seemed to trigger something in the three Lava Hounds. Suddenly, they began to grow larger as golden flames flared across their bodies.

Despite standing still, the solid rock beneath the Lava Hounds’ feet began to crack. Space tore around them as if it couldn’t withstand the golden flames’ power. It was as if the space around them was no longer able to withstand the power of the golden flames.

Shi Feng could also sense a threat of death from that golden fire. Moreover, Shi Feng could tell that this death wouldn’t just end with a single lost level. He could feel a power akin to Soul Fire, although this was many times stronger. Burning and devouring his soul would be child’s play for this strange fire.

If these golden flames burned a player’s soul, the player’s account would likely be left permanently crippled…

Before Shi Feng could think of a plan to get out of this troubling situation, the three Lava Hounds pounced as one.

At this point, Shi Feng had no Skills that he could use to protect himself. In addition, the Lava Hounds’ Movement Speed had significantly increased. With no other options, Shi Feng instinctively executed Sword’s Orbit.

Countless sword lights enveloped Shi Feng, clashing with the three gigantic, flaming beasts as they attacked.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

The resulting impacts tore the nearby rocky ground. The scattered sparks ignited anything they touched, transforming the area into a sea of fire.

The three Lava Hounds were thrown back, forming three large craters as they crashed into the ground. Damages of over -3,000 appeared above their heads.

In contrast, Shi Feng remained standing in his original position, although the ground beneath him had been burned and melted. Now, he stood in a deep crater of his own that had a smooth, glassy surface.

What incredible power! So, this is a weapon that had once belonged to an Evil God? Shi Feng was stunned as he looked at the injured Lava Hounds.

Truthfully, the broken sword he wielded was only Fragmented Legendary rank. Although the weapon provided a considerable boost to Strength and Attack Power, he hadn’t expected the boost to be this intense. After all, his Abyssal Blade was even stronger than ordinary Epic Weapons, but it had never been this powerful.

Meanwhile, the Lava Hounds before him nearly had enough Strength to rival High Mythic ranked monsters. Even after activating Twofold Berserk, he still hadn’t been a match for the Lava Hounds’ Strength, yet when he had used the Evil God’s Inheritance against these monsters, he felt as if he had hit a group of weak, powerless dogs. He hadn’t felt the intense impact that he had experienced during his prior clashes with these beasts.

Although he had seen weapons that could weaken an opponent’s power in the past, he had never seen one as strong as the Evil God’s Inheritance. The weapon had actually decimated Tier 4 Mythic monsters’ Strength to such a great extent.

That wasn’t all. When he had clashed with the Lava Hounds, he had felt his own Strength skyrocket. It was as if the broken sword had absorbed the monsters’ Strength, transferring it to him.

As Shi Feng tried to get a better grasp on the Evil God’s Inheritance’s power, a Lava Hound stood up. This time, however, it did not charge at Shi Feng. Instead, it howled with anger and formed a golden, threefold magic array in front of itself.

A moment later, a beam of fire shot out from the magic array, moving so fast that Shi Feng couldn’t dodge in time.

This beam was the result of the Lava Hound’s Tier 4 Spell, Red Lotus Breath, the same Spell that had vaporized the Source Fire Ore earlier.

In response, Shi Feng simply swung the Evil God’s Inheritance at the approaching beam of fire.


The broken sword sliced the crimson beam in half, the flames disintegrating the stone wall behind Shi Feng. Shi Feng stumbled five steps back as a damage of over -10,000 appeared above his head.

Sure enough. Shi Feng was indescribably shocked, glancing down at the Evil God’s Inheritance in his hand.

As he had guessed, the Evil God’s Inheritance could absorb an enemy’s power, converting it into his own. Moreover, he had received far more power from this attack than the last. Not only had he gained 20% more Strength, but his Fire Resistance had also increased by 30%.

This ability was simply frightening!

Due to this ability, his combat power had instantly soared. Moreover, he could sense that this still wasn’t the Evil God’s Inheritance’s limit. Although he couldn’t see the Evil God’s Inheritance’s exact Attributes, when he wielded the weapon, he felt that he hadn’t fully grasped the broken sword’s power. The broken sword could grant him even more boons depending on the strength of the attack he received.

However, the provided improvements were not without a flaw: their short duration. Each time it absorbed an attack’s power, the weapon’s wielder could only retain it for a short 10 seconds.

Even so, it was amazing.

Shi Feng found it truly hard to imagine that the Evil God’s Inheritance was still incomplete and that he only exhibited 10% of its power after sacrificing his Attributes. If he could exhibit the weapon’s full power, the result would be unimaginable. Most likely, he’d be able to suppress the three Lava Hounds completely.

1 should be able to leave now. When he saw the other two beasts charge towards him, Shi Feng licked his lips in excitement and ran to meet his enemies in battle.

Previously, the difference between their Basic Attributes had been too great. Even after using Twofold Berserk, he had been thoroughly suppressed. Now, however, his Strength had surpassed the Lava Hounds’ after he had weakened them and boosted his own with the Evil God’s Inheritance.

Shi Feng relied on his superior Strength and technique to push the two Lava Hounds to the side. He then dashed for the mine’s entrance like a powerful gale. When the Lava Hounds caught up to Shi Feng, he easily threw them back with an attack.

In less than five seconds, Shi Feng burst from the mine and back into the canyon. Thousands of lava monsters then turned to look at the Swordsman.

“Big Sis Fire, the Guild Leader is out!” Flying Shadow said, breathing a sigh of relief when he saw Shi Feng emerge from the mine. However, his excitement quickly faded, and a somber expression dominated his face.

Thousands of lava monsters surrounded Shi Feng, including the three Mythic Lava Hounds that chased after him. Even a Tier

2 Assassin like him or Fire Dance would have no hope of surviving such an encirclement, much less a Swordsman like Shi Feng.

“I’ll attract the monsters’ attention. Ready a Defensive Magic Scroll and prepare to use it on the Guild Leader.” Fire Dance felt her scalp tingle as she watched the swarm of monsters close in on Shi Feng, but she had to try to rescue her Guild Leader. She could feel how extraordinary the flames that enveloped the Lava Hounds were. If those flames claimed Shi Feng’s life, he’d lose far more than a single level.

Just as Fire Dance was about to dash forward, Shi Feng raised the Evil God’s Inheritance into the air.

Suddenly, the canyon’s Mana began to gather around the broken blade, and the sword gradually took on a mist-like state.

Shi Feng swung the weapon lightly at the surrounding lava monsters.

The mist-like broken sword suddenly disappeared from Shi Feng’s hand and transformed into five pitch-black sword lights that flew at the offending monsters, devouring everything in their path.

This move was the Evil God’s Inheritance’s only Skill after Shi Feng had sacrificed a fraction of his Attributes.


With one attack, every Chieftain and Lord ranked lava monster nearby was incinerated, their ashes scattering in the wind. The surviving monsters were heavily injured and unable to make the slightest movement.