Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1845 - Evil God's Sword

Chapter 1845 – Evil God’s Sword

Just before the three scorching beams slammed into Shi Feng, the loading bar before him finally reached 100%.

When the beams were less than 10 yards away from Shi Feng, a barrier of divine runes appeared. When the three beams met the barrier, it shook violently. As for Shi Feng, he shot backward like a cannonball.


Shi Feng crashed into one of the mine shaft’s sturdy walls.

What power. Shi Feng was shocked as he stared at the mine shaft’s deformed terrain.

He had never thought that the Lava Hound would possess such frightening power even after dividing itself into three copies.

They were currently inside a Source Fire vein. The walls surrounding them were sturdy and fire-resistant, especially the Source Fire Ore. Ordinary flames wouldn’t melt it, let alone vaporize it. One could easily imagine how high the Lava Hound’s flames were.

If those white-hot flames struck a player’s equipment, not even magically-enhanced, Dark-Gold Equipment would survive. Only Epic Equipment might

If he hadn’t activated Absolute Domain in time, he likely would’ve died from that attack.

“Retreat! Everyone, retreat immediately!” Shi Feng shouted through the team chat once the flames dissipated.

Cola could barely tank one Lava Hound. Now that they had to face three miniature Lava Hounds, which were only slightly weaker than the full version, he knew they couldn’t stay here for a moment longer.

After issuing his command, he switched the Aura of Earth to the Aura of Space, preparing to teleport out of this map. Awooo!

As Shi Feng was about to escape using Space Movement, the three Lava Hounds howled as one. Three light-red ripples radiated from the beasts, and as if space had frozen, the Seven Luminaries Ring failed to open a tear in space.

Spatial Lockdown? Shi Feng’s expression darkened when he saw the growing spatial tear before him disappear.

A monster with such peerless strength and the ability, Spatial Lockdown, were a nightmare for players. Coming across one such monster almost guaranteed death.

Monsters that possessed the Spatial Lockdown ability were extremely rare in God’s Domain. Normally, only NPCs at the peak of God’s Domain could execute the ability. Shi Feng never thought that an Elemental Creature like the Lava Hound would be able to use it as well.

“You have touched on the Almighty Fire God’s taboo! Sacrifice your soul to beg forgiveness from the Fire God!” The three Lava Hounds spoke in a chilling tone before charging at Shi Feng.

Although the three Lava Hounds were small, their movements were so powerful that space itself trembled in their wake. Their Strength could even rival the complete Lava Hound’s.

As the three Lava Hounds approached Shi Feng, they split up and assaulted Shi Feng from three different directions, transitioning into a battle formation as smoothly as NPCs.

Is this a God’s guardian? Shi Feng’s expression turned somber as he watched the three Lava Hounds approach.

It was normal in God’s Domain to find treasures guarded by powerful monsters, and there were some incredibly powerful existences among these guardian monsters.

These guardians had been created by the Gods.

Normally, Gods only created such powerful guardians to protect their wealth. Not only did these guardians have an eternal lifespan, but they were also undying. In addition, they commanded extremely powerful Skills and Spells. They were even more difficult to deal with than Archaic Species of the same rank and level.

I can only give it a try. Shi Feng gritted his teeth and used Heavenly Dragon’s Power before activating Divine Steps.

In the next moment, ten doppelgangers with the exact same aura and Attributes as Shi Feng appeared. Shi Feng and his doppelgangers then charged at the three Lava Hounds.

Although the Lava Hounds were powerful, Shi Feng managed to nullify their attacks by constantly switching positions with his doppelgangers. Using this opportunity, Shi Feng quickly made his way towards the mine’s exit.

Normally, guardian monsters would give up the chase once they were a certain distance away from what they were supposed to protect. As long as Shi Feng moved out of range, he could shake off the Lava Hounds.

However, the Lava Hounds were incredibly difficult to get away from. Not only was their Strength incredibly high, but their speed was also impressive. They constantly interrupted Shi Feng’s advance and left very little space for him to move forward.

By the time Divine Steps’ duration ended, Shi Feng had only crossed a little over 50 yards. He was still over a hundred yards away from the mine’s entrance…

The instant Shi Feng’s doppelgangers disappeared, a Lava Hound swiped its paw at Shi Feng so fast that it was impossible to dodge. With no other choice, Shi Feng raised Killing Ray to block the attack.


The instant the Lava Hound’s paw met Shi Feng’s sword, he felt his entire arm go numb. The impact sent his body flying backward over 20 yards, dealing over -40,000 damage.

What incredible Strength. This should be close to rivaling a High Mythic’s Strength. Shi Feng thought as he stared at the Lava Hound that hit him.

His encounter with the Lava Hound had been brief, and the beast hadn’t used any Skills, yet he had lost so much HP. He had already activated Heavenly Dragon’s Power, as well, drastically increasing his Strength and Defense. Right now, his Defense was even higher than Cola’s, although he didn’t have the Passive Skills that provided damage reduction.

Even then, he had still lost over 40,000 HP!

The current Lava Hound before him definitely had much higher Strength than the original. Meanwhile, he had to face three of these Lava Hounds…

Before Shi Feng could figure a way out of this situation, another Lava Hound pounced at him. Hurriedly, Shi Feng activated Parry to block its attack.

Once more, Shi Feng flew backward by over 20 yards. Not only hadn’t he moved closer to the mine’s entrance, but he was actually further from it. This was clearly what the Lava Hounds had intended to do with their attacks. These Lava Hounds’ combat standards were in no way inferior to expert players.

Am I going to die here? Shi Feng could not help his bitter smile as he watched the third Lava Hound pounce at him.

It would seem that he had taken on too large of a risk to set up the teleportation marker.

While he did not mind losing one level of EXP, he carried multiple tools that would drop on his death. Moreover, these items would not simply remain on the ground after being dropped. After a certain time had passed, these valuable items would disappear.

Meanwhile, when players died, they’d only resurrect after half an hour unless someone resurrected them with a Skill or special tool.

By the time he returned to this mine, his dropped items would be gone from this world.

As Shi Feng clashed with the Lava Hounds, his HP continued to decrease.

80%… 70%… 60%…

Although he had tried to use Void Steps to blindsight the beasts, the technique was ineffective against the Lava Hounds’ sharp sense. Even though the Lava Hounds couldn’t see him, they could pinpoint his location with their other senses, launching another paw swipe or bite attack.

“Why hasn’t the Guild Leader come out yet?” Aqua Rose, who had long since distanced herself from the canyon, muttered as she watched the swarm of lava monsters return to their home.

“The Guild Leader should be fine. If he goes all-out, he can even contend with Mythic monsters,” Blackie reassured.

“It’s been so long, though. Moreover, there were three Lava Hounds. I think it’s best if I go take a look,” Fire Dance said worriedly.

“I’ll go with you,” Flying Shadow offered as he followed Fire Dance.

Meanwhile, inside the mine…

Shi Feng watched the circling Lava Hounds and glanced at the small percentage of HP he had remaining with a bitter smile.

Despite activating Twofold Berserk, which temporarily granted him the power to contend with Tier 4 Mythics, he still couldn’t come within 100 yards of the mine’s entrance. While he was confident that he could escape a single Lava Hound, three were too much for him to handle. To make matters worse, the three Lava Hounds coordinated perfectly.

Although he had thought of using a Magic or Summoning Scroll, the three Lava Hounds were simply too fast. They gave him no opportunities to use such tools.

As Twofold Berserk’s duration continued to run out, Shi Feng frantically searched through his bag for items that could help him out of this predicament. Suddenly, he discovered a broken longsword that had been inactive in his bag for quite some time.

This longsword was none other than the Evil God’s Inheritance, a treasured sword that had once belonged to the Evil God.

Seeing that the Lava Hounds charge at him again, Shi Feng gritted his teeth and took out the Evil God’s Inheritance. He then inserted his power into the weapon.

Protecting the items that would drop if he died was undoubtedly more important than losing 10 points in all of his Attributes.

After Shi Feng powered the sword, the Evil God’s Inheritance pulsated. An invisible force then spread out from the sword, sweeping through the mine with so much power that even space shook with the intensity. A moment later, a deathly aura pervaded the mine shaft.