Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1843 - Titan's Might

Chapter 1843 – Titan’s Might

When Zero Wing’s members heard that it was possible to mine the Source Fire vein, their eyes glowed with excitement.

They all had a certain understanding of ore veins, so they knew that the Source Fire vein was a Grade 2 ore vein. This meant that there was a certain chance to obtain Magic Crystals when mining it.

This was something the various large Guilds sorely lacked right now, especially Zero Wing.

Currently, Zero Wing was expanding and recruiting more members. This meant that the Guild needed to nurture far more players. Although Zero Wing had training locations like the Battle Arena, the Guild members still had to train in the Divine Colosseum’s Trial Tower.

Zero Wing’s Battle Arenas simply couldn’t accommodate enough people.

The Trial Tower also provided comprehensive training, testing players’ limits.

If Zero Wing could acquire a large number of Magic Crystals, the Guild would be able to transform the new recruits into usable combat power; right now, the majority of Zero Wing’s members wouldn’t be useful in large-scale combat.

This was also why Zero Wing’s members couldn’t venture far from Silverwing Town, and the Guild couldn’t develop properly in the Ore Empire.

“We’ll have to give it a try before we’ll know if it’s truly possible. I can only say that we have around a 30% success rate,” Shi Feng said, shaking his head. He wasn’t particularly confident in his plan.

While it was common knowledge that lava monsters were extremely difficult to deal with, not many knew that lava monsters also had obvious weaknesses-ice- and water-type attacks. In addition, an ice- or water-type environment would dull the lava monsters’ reactions to an extreme.

Once the lava creatures’ reactions dulled, they’d become far easier to deal with.

However, lava monsters filled the canyon before them. In addition, they were nowhere near the monsters’ levels. If they tried to lure a single lava monster, they’d likely attract a large group instead. They also had to worry about the Level 80 Mythic Lava Hound.

Moreover, this was the Flame Demon’s Valley. The environment was extremely hot. Even after equipping Fire Resistance equipment and drinking Master Fire Resistance Potions, the heat still affected them considerably, and they couldn’t fully exhibit their combat powers. Picking a fight with the Lava Hound would be suicide.

Hence, he wasn’t confident in success.

“A 30% success rate? It’s so high!”

“Some hope is better than none at all. Guild Leader, just tell us what you need us to do.”

When they heard their chance of success, the team grew excited, rather than disappointed.

Even the various superpowers weren’t likely to occupy this Source Fire vein, but if Zero Wing could, it could grow into a super-first-rate Guild within a short time. Zero Wing would then be able to compete for dominance over God’s Domain. It would no longer be limited to its status as a kingdom’s number one Guild.

Aqua Rose, who had once been an Honorary Elder in the veteran first-rate Guild, Twilight Echo, had never thought that Zero Wing would one day have a chance of becoming a super-first-rate Guild.

Despite so many years of development, Twilight Echo had never reached the point where it had the potential of becoming a super-first-rate Guild, yet Zero Wing already had.

“Alright, since everyone is in agreement, Aqua and those with the Sea God’s Legacy, ready your Spells. You should’ve learned quite a few water-type Spells. As for the remaining Elementalists, prepare to use ice-type Spells. Try to use as many AOE Spells as possible. I don’t need you all to attack. I just need you to transform this canyon into a world of ice and water.

“As long as you can change the environment, the lava monsters will weaken and become much easier to deal with. If you succeed, we’ll have a chance of getting the vein.

“Cola, Turtledove, and Ye Wumian, once Aqua and the others begin, you three need to do everything you can to lure the monsters away from the canyon’s entrance. Cola, you’ll be responsible for tanking the Lava Hound. All you need to do is lure it away. Everyone else will use the ice- and water-type Magic Scrolls I’ll distribute in a moment.

“I don’t need you to buy a lot of time. Five or six minutes will be enough. No matter what happens, do not use Power of Darkness. We’ll need it later.”

When Shi Feng finished explaining his plan, his teammate gulped as they glanced at the eight-meter-tall Lava Hound. They had no confidence of defeating the Mythic monster.

The other Level 70-plus lava monsters shouldn’t be an issue, but distracting a Level 80 Mythic monster for five or six minutes would be a massive challenge. An unsuppressed Level 80 Mythic monster would most likely kill them with a single slap, and they weren’t allowed to use their Berserk Skills.

Surprisingly, however, Cola brimmed with fighting spirit

“If nobody has any problems, let’s begin,” Shi Feng said.

After scouting the terrain for about ten minutes, Aqua Rose and the other casters finally decided on their positions. Meanwhile, after Cola, Turtledove, and Ye Wumian prepared to pull every monster’s aggro in the canyon.

“Good! Let’s begin!” Shi Feng commanded once everyone was in position.

Immediately, Aqua Rose and the others started to chant incantations and draw runes, drawing a large amount of water- and ice-type Mana towards them. The non-magical class players also activated their water- and ice-type Magic Scrolls.

The flow of Mana soon attracted the attention of nearby monsters. These monsters instantly searched for the change’s source.

However, before these lava monsters discovered Aqua Rose and her companions’ locations, AOE Spells began to descend. Boom! Boom! Boom!

Suddenly, icicles and waterfalls rained down from the top of the canyon walls.

As the streams of ice and water reached the bottom of the canyon, the molten lava vaporized the ice and water, filling the canyon with a dense mist. At the same time, the canyon’s temperature began to decrease.

Unfortunately, Aqua Rose and the others’ Spells were only temporary. Their Spells couldn’t stop the lava from spewing out of the ground and canyon walls.

“Damn it! Why is there so much lava? If we can’t stop it, changing the environment will be impossible,” Blackie said, anxiety filling his heart as he watched water and ice become steam.

If they failed to change the environment, the lava monsters would easily annihilate them. They shouldn’t even dream of securing the Source Fire vein.

Seeing the swarm of lava monsters charge up the canyon, Cola and the other MTs began to grow nervous. These Level 70- plus lava monsters hadn’t weakened in the slightest

It seems the effects are quite good. Everything is coming along just as I expected. Shi Feng smiled as he watched the rising steam. He then took out the Ancient Weather Book and activated Weather Control.

He hadn’t actually expected Aqua Rose and the others to change the environment here by themselves. After all, only powerful Domain Skills could accomplish such a feat. Only a fool would try to change an area’s environment with ordinary AOE Spells.

While the Ancient Weather Book could alter an area’s weather, it was too difficult to do so in such an inferno. It would take a very long time for the Ancient Weather Book to alter this environment enough to impact the lava monsters. Meanwhile, the Lava Hound would’ve killed the entire team several times.

Hence, he needed Aqua Rose and the others to create enough steam in the valley to hasten the Ancient Weather Book’s alteration process.

Suddenly, a powerful storm began to brew above the canyon, dark clouds forming in the sky. After five seconds, rain began to fall, showering the lava monsters. As the rainwater covered their bodies, the lava monstres cried out in pain. Their body temperatures rapidly began to cool.

Not only did the lava monsters’ Movement Speed begin to decrease, but they also seemed sluggish.


The Lava Hound raged as the rain drenched its body, its howl so powerful that it even pushed away the descending rainwater and rubble on the ground.

The Lava Hound then charged for Shi Feng, swiping a paw as it pounced on the Swordsman.

“You’re not getting past me!” When the Lava Hound ignored him, Cola activated Titan’s Domain and ran at the beast with his shield raised.


Sparks scattered when the Lava Hound’s nails scratched against Cola’s Titan Guard.

The Lava Hound’s gigantic body came to an abrupt halt. Meanwhile, Cola only stumbled three steps backward, a damage exceeding -1,000 appearing above his head. To Cola, who had over 90,000 HP, this damage was practically negligible.

“So strong!”

“Cola can actually tank that thing by himself?”

Everyone was surprised to see Cola barely harmed.

This was a Level 80 Mythic monster they were talking about. Although the rain had somewhat weakened the Lava Hound, it was a Mythic monster, yet Cola had received its attack effortlessly without any help…

Even Shi Feng was shocked by how little damage Cola had taken. He finally understood just how frightening a Fragmented Legendary Shield was. By the looks of it, the Guardian Knight should have no problems tanking the Lava Hound by himself even if he didn’t use Titan’s Domain.

Shi Feng also dismissed the worry that plagued his heart. He then activated Gale Domain and flew toward the cave entrance in the distance.

He quickly reached the mine, realizing that its entrance was so small that barely three people, shoulder-to-shoulder, would be able to enter at the same time.

The instant Shi Feng set foot in the mine, a series of system notifications reached his ears. Moreover, he wasn’t the only person to receive the system notifications. Everyone in the Flame Demon’s Valley had received them.