Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1841 - Rich Danger Zone

Chapter 1841 – Rich Danger Zone

Melody and her teammates only breathed a sigh of relief after Shi Feng’s group had vanished.

Too strong!

The strength and frightening aura Shi Feng had displayed had been stifling. For a moment, they even thought that they had already died.

“So, that is Rain and Blue’s Guild?”

“How could such a powerful expert exist?”

When Ninth Heaven’s members turned to Thoughtful Rain and Blue Bamboo, who still fought the three Flame Demon Guards, they watched the women with shock and fear. They had never realized that Zero Wing was so powerful.

The racial talents they were so proud of were little more than a joke before Shi Feng.

Even Thoughtful Rain and Blue Bamboo, who had thought that they understood their own Guild, couldn’t help but gape after witnessing Shi Feng’s attack.

Not only had Shi Feng’s single attack alleviated the pressure they faced, but he had also shocked Ninth Heaven’s experts, deterring them from attacking.

Among the Ninth Heaven experts present, quite a few were even stronger than the two of them. This was especially true for Melody. Melody wore three pieces of Epic Equipment and had stronger combat standards than them, yet against Shi Feng’s attack, even she had failed to react…

Melody also could not help but shake her head and smile bitterly as she looked at the three Flame Demon Guards’ wounds.

She had intended on threatening Zero Wing and questioning Zero Wing’s purpose in the Flame Demon’s Valley. After all, both teams had roughly the same number of players. Even if their teams fought, she did not think that her team would lose. At worst, their teams would suffer mutual destruction. However, reality proved that her thoughts were laughable.

“Guild Leader, what should we do? Are we going to give up, just like that?” a tall, robust Tier 2 Tigerman Berserker asked.

Before he had seen Shi Feng’s power, he had been confident in defeating Zero Wing’s members, but after, he understood one thing; he absolutely must not clash with Shi Feng. He would only find his death if he did.

He hadn’t only come to that conclusion because of Shi Feng’s superior Basic Attributes, but also because of the technique the Swordsman had displayed.

“Why should we give up? We’ve gone to great lengths to find this quest, and Flame Demon’s Valley is so large. Do you really think that they have eyes in every corner of the valley?” a Tier 2 female Ranger carrying an icy, crystalline bow said, clicking her tongue. She had no intentions of giving up on their quest. Moreover, she refused to believe that Shi Feng’s group would notice them sneaking into the Flame Demon’s Valley.

“Forget it. Let’s just wait here,” Melody said, shaking her head. “I don’t think that Zero Wing is here for our quest, anyway. They must be here for something more important. Otherwise, with Zero Wing’s strength, they wouldn’t need to waste words on us. They could’ve simply gotten rid of us before entering the valley.”

Hearing Melody’s decision, the other members nodded in agreement, seeing the logic in her words.

It would’ve been much easier and safer just to get rid of them, rather than asking them to wait at the valley’s entrance. They had just witnessed Shi Feng’s prowess personally, and they doubted that he’d need long to annihilate their team.

If Shi Feng wished it, he could’ve killed several of them with that attack, and they would’ve been powerless to do anything about it.

“We should also thank Rain and Blue. Large Guilds generally dislike others following them during a large-scale operation. Generally, they seal off the area. Even if they don’t, they tend to get rid of any potential threats, yet Black Flame had simply forbidden us from entering the valley, rather than kill us. Let’s not stir up any more trouble,” Melody explained.

When large Guilds were on an important mission, they definitely didn’t show mercy.

The fact that they were still alive was all thanks to Thoughtful Rain and Blue Bamboo’s membership in Zero Wing. If not for these two women… She didn’t dare imagine what kind of outcome her team would have suffered.

Upon hearing Melody’s explanation, her teammates gave Thoughtful Rain and Blue Bamboo grateful and apologetic looks.

They now felt that their decision to invite the women on this mission had been a wise one. Otherwise, they would’ve likely died an unjust death at the entrance of the Flame Demon’s Valley.

This turn of events had also bewildered Thoughtful Rain and Blue Bamboo, who still tried to figure out how to clear up the prior misunderstanding.

A moment ago, the team had been hostile towards them, but now, their teammates seemed grateful and cordial. It felt like they had been dropped into hell before being thrown into heaven in the next moment. They had no idea how to react.

“Zero Wing is so strong, Guild Leader. And I’ve heard that Candlelight, the Guild’s trading firm, is doing quite well. Both Rain and Blue are Zero Wing’s core members. If we can get acquainted with Black Flame through them and partner with Zero Wing, our Guild’s development in Forest City will definitely go more smoothly,” the Tigerman Berserker quietly suggested as he looked at Thoughtful Rain and Blue Bamboo.

“I get what you’re trying to say. I’ll ask them for their opinions later. However, I must say this: if they don’t want to help us in that way or find it too difficult, you will let the matter rest” Melody nodded as she turned to the Tigerman Berserker in surprise.

Previously, the Tigerman Berserker had been very opinionated about Thoughtful Rain and Blue Bamboo’s participation in this operation. She had never expected him to suggest that they cozy up to the women.

The Tigerman Berserker nodded silently in response.

Meanwhile, in the Flame Demon’s Valley, Shi Feng remained ignorant of the fact that his behavior had made Thoughtful Rain and Blue Bamboo VIPs in Ninth Heaven. He simply led his team toward the Flame Demon’s Valley’s core region.

Although the Flame Demon’s Valley didn’t house a lot of Flame Demons, as a danger zone, its severe environment was incredibly uncomfortable for those who entered.

Despite having equipped Fire Resistance items and drinking Master Flame Resistance Potions, Zero Wing’s team sweltered in the heat. This prevented them from displaying their full strength.

Although Shi Feng had been very careful in selecting their path, due to Aqua Rose and the others’ low levels, they still attracted Flame Demons. They had no choice but to engage in a few fights, slowing their advance considerably.

However, killing the Flame Demons also granted a bountiful harvest.

Although the monsters lacked equipment drops, they did drop enough fire-type materials to earn a small fortune. This was especially true for the Flame Crystal the Flame Demons dropped.

These Flame Crystals could be turned into Flame Gemstones, which could be equipped on weapons. When equipped, the Flame Gemstone gave the weapons an additional 10% flame damage. This was an excellent item for players like them, who struggled to increase their combat power. Unfortunately, the Flame Gemstones were Consumable items, unlike ordinary Attribute Gemstones, which could be used indefinitely.

Even so, the Flame Gemstones were an excellent item.

After advancing for around four hours, Zero Wing’s members finally reached the Flame Demon’s Valley’s core. Shi Feng then contacted Thoughtful Rain and notified her that her team could now enter the Flame Demon’s Valley.

To current players, the Flame Demon’s Valley’s core was absolutely off-limits, even for Half-beastmen and Half-elves. Without the All-rounded Devices, Elven Silver, and sufficiently high Fire Resistance, players would die in a matter of seconds upon setting foot in this area. Hence, he was not worried that others would discover his activities.

After another half an hour, Fire Dance, who scouted ahead, excitedly reported in the team chat, “Guild Leader, I found something!”

“Something good?” Shi Feng muttered, curious when he heard Fire Dance’s trembling, excited voice.

The Flame Demon’s Valley was a danger zone. It had many valuable things to offer. She shouldn’t have sounded so excited.

Guild Leader, you won’t guess what I’ve found! I actually found an ore vein!” Fire Dance proudly proclaimed.