Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1840 - No Need for Explanations

Chapter 1840 – No Need for Explanations

“Guild Leader, it seems that we’ve been discovered,” Aqua Rose said as she felt the killing intent radiating from the female Half-elf Elementalist. However, she did not reveal any signs of panic at being discovered. Instead, she calmly smiled and said, “It also seems that the other party doesn’t appreciate our good intentions.”

“Forget it Since they don’t, so be it,” Shi Feng said, shaking his head and laughing. “Since they’ve spoken, let’s head over.”

Kill-stealing was a frequent occurrence in the fields. For such expert neutral players to come all the way to such a high-level danger zone, it was highly unlikely that they were just here to kill Bosses. The only possibility he could think of was that these players were here for a high-ranked quest or had found a clue leading to one.

Either way, they wouldn’t like being discovered by other players.

For example, Shi Feng didn’t want anyone to learn about his quest to unseal the Philosopher’s Hand. If they did, it would definitely cause trouble for him and his Guild. Even now, he hadn’t told anyone about the quest, not even his teammates.

Any players that had an important quest or were trying to pick one up would conceal their activities. When discovered, they’d greet the offending players with hostility. It wouldn’t even be surprising if these players attacked without warning.

Hence, to avoid a misunderstanding, Shi Feng had decided to maintain his distance, hiding his team throughout the raid.

First, he wanted to avoid unnecessary combat.

Second, Thoughtful Rain and Blue Bamboo were members of this neutral team. If Zero Wing’s members suddenly showed up in this deserted area, the team would suspect Thoughtful Rain and Blue Bamboo of leaking information.

Third, he didn’t want others to know what Zero Wing was doing in the Flame Demon’s Valley.

However, the female Half-elf Elementalist’s perception had exceeded Shi Feng’s expectations. He had never expected the woman to sense them 200 yards away despite her involvement in the intense battle. Even with his physique, he had barely seen the battle from this distance. The only other player that had seen the battle clearly was Minor Wind, who had activated Eagle Eyes.

The other team’s members had been busy with the fight, making it impossible to maintain Eagle Eyes. Hence, he hadn’t expected to be discovered.

However, since the team had noticed them, he had no choice but to reveal himself and see how events unfolded.

Meanwhile, the Half-beastmen and Half-elves warily watched Shi Feng’s group approach.

“Guild Leader, our tracks have been discovered. Should we kill them?” a Level 55, Tier 2 Berserker, a Half-beastman in armor and wielding a white bone spear, asked, lacing his words with killing intent.

“Let’s hear them out first. At the end of the day, this map is controlled by the human race. Moreover, we’re already half-way through our quest. An interruption will only make it more difficult to complete,” the female Half-elf Elementalist quietly responded.

During the battle, she had discovered Shi Feng’s group, but she had remained silent about it to see what the other players intended At first, she had assumed that the team was here to kiH-steal, but even after the Boss had died, Shi Feng’s group had been motionless. This proved that Shi Feng’s group had no designs on their loot.

Even so, she couldn’t let the other party follow them. After all, she had an important quest to complete. She could only expose the team and persuade them to leave.

Of course, the decision had some risk. If negotiations soured, it was likely they would have to fight each other.

If Shi Feng’s group insisted on following them, she would have to act.

Her quest offered an extraordinary reward, which would qualitatively transform their Guild. With this reward, it was entirely possible that their Guild would instantly become as strong as a first-rate Guild.

As Shi Feng’s group increasingly closer to the female Half-elf’s team, Thoughtful Rain and Blue Bamboo, who were busy with three Flame Demon Guards, stared with wide eyes.

“Rain, aren’t they from our Guild? Even Vice Guild Leader Aqua and Commander Fire Dance are here,” Blue Bamboo said, stupefied. “What should we do? Will Big Sis Melody suspect us of leaking information?”

The team they had joined on this expedition to the Flame Demon’s Valley for a quest was extremely important to Melody, the Guild Leader of Ninth Heaven. This quest could even determine the life or death of Melody’s Guild. Hence, the woman had repeatedly forbidden them from telling anyone about the quest

Neither she nor Thoughtful Rain had spoken a word of their actions, yet their Guild members had shown up here. At this point, avoiding a misunderstanding was almost impossible.

“We don’t have a choice. We have to explain to Big Sis Melody and hope that she understands. But this is really a terrible coincidence,” Thoughtful Rain, who kept the three Flame Demon Guards busy, said helplessly.

Unfortunately, as Shi Feng’s group approached, Melody and the other Ninth Heaven members noticed the six-winged emblem on these players’ chests.

“A six-winged emblem? Isn’t that the same one that Rain and Blue wear? Could they be Zero Wing’s members?”

“Guild Leader, we haven’t said anything about this operation to anyone. How could Zero Wing’s members be here?”

“Could it be… Did Rain and Blue…”

“I knew outsiders couldn’t…’

Suddenly, the Half-beastmen and Half-elves turned to Thoughtful Rain and Blue Bamboo. Although they did not question the two directly, they watched the women with questioning gazes.

“Enough! I’ll handle this!” Melody roared as she shot her team members a chilling look. “Let’s find out why they’re here first.” Suddenly, this team of neutral players heard a deep voice.

“I am Black Flame, Zero Wing’s Guild Leader. My team and I have a task in the Flame Demon’s Valley. May I ask you to remain here for some time? Once we’re done, we’ll invite you in.”

Shi Feng’s voice was sonorous, echoing throughout the valley. Moreover, his aura was imposing. He felt like an ancient behemoth that had just woken.

“Damn it! It’s true!”

When Melody’s team members heard Shi Feng’s statement, they glared at Thoughtful Rain and Blue Bamboo with indignation.

Meanwhile, Thoughtful Rain and Blue Bamboo were at a loss for words. They felt as if any explanation would be useless.

“Guild Leader, since they’ve come to steal our quest, we should kill them!” one of the Tier 2 Berserkers said, exuding killing intent “I want to see just how powerful Zero Wing truly is!”

They had more or less heard of Zero Wing. This Guild, which had started with nothing, had gone on to take control of Star- Moon Kingdom. The Guild was powerful enough to rival a first-rate Guild, many times stronger than Ninth Heaven.

However, they didn’t think that they’d lose to Zero Wing’s experts in terms of individual combat standards.

They had the innate advantage of Half-beastmen and Half-elves, which would be particularly prominent in PvP.

Waving to her teammates for quiet, Melody turned to Thoughtful Rain and Blue Bamboo. In a low tone, she asked, “I just want to ask one thing. Did you two leak our secret?”

“Big Sis Melody, we didn’t say anything about this,” Thoughtful Rain insisted.

Blue Bamboo nodded repeated, firm resolution in her eyes.

“Alright, I believe you,” Melody said, revealing a gentle smile. She did not think that Thoughtful Rain and Blue Bamboo would betray her trust. She then turned back to Shi Feng and said, “Hello, Guild Leader Black Flame. I am Melody, the Guild Leader of Ninth Heaven. May I know why we cannot enter? That way, I’ll understand what I should do.”

Although there was no arrogance in Melody’s voice, her voice held no deference, either. Rather, her tone contained questions and threats.

Depending on Shi Feng’s explanation, she wouldn’t shy from a battle to the death or mutual destruction.

Thoughtful Rain and Blue Bamboo tensed.

“The reason?” Shi Feng suddenly laughed. “I’m afraid that you don’t qualify to demand answers from me. Moreover, Zero Wing has never needed to explain itself! All you need to know is that you are not allowed entry for the moment. If you refuse, I’ll simply treat you like the other monsters!”

Shi Feng then swung Killing Ray at the Flame Demon Guards chasing Thoughtful Rain, tearing the space before him. A golden lightning bolt struck one of the three Lords from over 60 yards away.

The powerful Flame Demon Guards then fell to one knee, the strike leaving a deep gash in their flesh. All three Lords were heavily injured. Meanwhile, a damage of over -100,000 appeared above the Flame Demon Guards’ heads. Among the three Lords, one even suffered nearly -300,000 damage.

But compared to Shi Feng’s damage, what truly surprised the other Guild Leader was his ability to land his attack against the three moving Lords without harming Thoughtful Rain, despite being over 60 yards away. Moreover, Shi Feng had sent his attack through the other team, striking the Flame Demon Guards before they had been able to react…

Shi Feng’s timing and Skill usage were godlike.

This stunned Melody and the Ninth Heaven members, who had planned to put up a fight.

Without another word, Shi Feng led his team into the Flame Demon’s Valley, leaving the dumbstruck members of Ninth Heaven behind.