Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1837 - Titan Guard Upgraded

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As Shi Feng started the auction, Phoenix Rain and Unyielding Heart placed bids in a frenzy without any concern for each other.

"Two thousand Gold!"

"Three thousand Gold!"

"Five thousand Gold!"

Whether Phoenix Rain or Unyielding Heart won the items, 40 Level 55 Dark-Gold Weapons would serve a great purpose. These weapons were of the utmost importance to their respective Guild's development. Naturally, they wouldn't hold back. Rather than increasing the bid in 100-Gold increments, they increased it by 1,000-Gold increments.

In just a few minutes, the price had reached 24,000 Gold with Unyielding Heart's bid. Including the cost of the materials, the total value of his offer was far more than what these 40 Dark-Gold Weapons were worth.

However, Unyielding Heart did not care. Even Mu Lingsha had hinted that Unyielding Heart had to acquire the weapons regardless of the cost.

Their Guild currently competed with Starlink to obtain the First Clear of a Level 50, 100-man Team Dungeon. Both Guilds had already reached the Final Boss in their respective Dungeons, and these weapons would ensure Unyielding Soul's victory.

Even if they had to spend a little more Coins than expected, they could easily earn back the cost.

"Thirty thousand Gold!" Phoenix Rain instantly raised the price by a significant margin. She had already acquired the All-rounded Devices and Elven Silver, but if she had these Dark-Gold Weapons as well, capturing the Sea of Death's inner islands would become far easier.

After competing for several more minutes, Phoenix Rain won the first batch of weapons for 40,000 Gold and 300 sets of materials. Unyielding Heart then claimed the second batch for 43,000 Gold and 300 sets of materials. Although he wanted to win the last batch as well, due to lack of funds and these weapons' ordinary nature, he didn't go all out in the bidding.

As a result, Phoenix Rain won the third batch of weapons for 41,000 Gold and 300 sets of materials.

Super-first-rate Guilds really are rich.After Shi Feng signed a contract with both sides, joy filled his heart, although he didn't show it.

He had to admit that becoming a Master Forger really was beneficial. Just by selling three batches of standardized Dark-Gold Weapons, he had earned 124,000 Gold and 900 sets of materials. This price far exceeded his initial expectations.

Now, he had the money to construct the airport and repair the Secret Stone Forest, in addition to enough materials to arm Zero Wing's members.

Had he sold these weapons in single units or to small Guilds, he would never have gotten such a good price.

However, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion and Unyielding Soul couldn't collect the required materials as easily as Shi Feng had suspected, either. This was especially true for Phoenix Rain, who would need roughly one day to collect all 300 sets. Unyielding Heart similarly needed a little time to collect all the materials.

Shi Feng could not help but breathe a sigh of relief. He could only start crafting the weapons after he obtained the materials, and if the two Guilds paid him in one go, he wouldn't have their purchased items ready. Hence, as a compromise, Shi Feng had asked both Guilds pay a portion of the required materials as a down-payment. Only after they brought the remaining materials and funds would he hand over the weapons.

With this compromise, not only would he have materials to produce the weapons, but the two Guilds would also have extra time to collect the remaining materials.

Neither Phoenix Rain nor Unyielding Heart had any issues with this arrangement. They hadn't brought enough money for the purchases, to begin with, so it was expected that Shi Feng ask for a down-payment. Doing so would also ensure that Zero Wing couldn't sell the 120 Dark-Gold Weapons to anyone else.

Neither Phoenix Rain nor Unyielding Heart had suspected that Zero Wing had crafted these weapons; they had assumed that the Guild had acquired the items from farming monsters. Since their Guilds didn't have the full payments ready, a down-payment was understandable.

Phoenix Rain and Unyielding Heart had their subordinates deliver the agreed-upon down-payment, which was 30% of the full amount. In return, both Guilds would be granted a full day to collect the remaining funds and materials.

When the 270 sets of materials were delivered, Shi Feng recruited Melancholic Smile and Cream Cocoa to help him craft the weapons.

Although standardized Level 55 Dark-Gold Weapons required a lot of time to produce, with three Master Forgers working around the clock and the Philosopher's Hand's guidance, it took them no time at all to complete the 120 weapons.

After less than half a day, the three had used all 270 sets of materials and produced 114 weapons. Including the original ten Shi Feng had made, they had a total of 124 Level 55 Dark-Gold Weapons now.

Once the weapons had been forged, Shi Feng left the transaction's follow-up work to Melancholic Smile. He then contacted Aqua Rose and had her gather 20 main force members. He planned to head to the Level 70 neutral map, Flame Demon's Valley.

After his trade with the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion and Unyielding Soul, Shi Feng realized that he had to prioritize unsealing the Philosopher's Hand fully.

Partially unsealing the Philosopher's Hand had already been so profitable. If he could fully unseal it, he could nurture a large number of Master Lifestyle players. Not only would he be able to arm Silverwing Town to the teeth, but he'd also be able to fortify the Lost Town.

Then, he wouldn't have to worry about the Evil God's Temple, which grew stronger with each passing day in the Orc Empire. He wouldn't have to worry about Blackwater, either. He could definitely afford a battle of attribution with both the Evil God's Temple and Blackwater simultaneously. After all, war was a competition of wealth and resources.

Thinking up to this point, Shi Feng felt even greater need to head to the Flame Demon's Valley.

In less than half an hour, Aqua Rose had gathered Cola, Fire Dance, Violet Cloud, and the other core upper echelons. As the group approached the Guild's meeting room, they chatted and discussed the recent challengers they had faced in Silverwing Town's Battle Arena.

After Shi Feng had set the Battle Arena's new rules, quite a few famous experts from the neighboring kingdoms and empires visited Silverwing Town to challenge Zero Wing's Guild Leader. Some experts had also visited the town purely to spar with Zero Wing's experts. The Battle Arena's popularity in Silverwing Town had skyrocketed, and it was now even more popular than the Battle Arena in Zero Wing City.

Meanwhile, Cola and the others' arrival in White River City's Guild Hall had caused a commotion among the other Guild members.

"Now that I'm so close to them, I can really feel how powerful our Guild's main force members are. Commander Fire Dance is especially powerful. Recently, I've heard that of all the challenges she accepted, she won every single one of them. I've even heard that she defeated the fifth-ranked Assassin in the Black Dragon Empire. Commander Fire Dance has a three-digit winning streak."

"That's right! I've also heard that on the latest issue of the God's Domain Experts List, Commander Fire Dance ranks as the 319th expert thanks to her excellent battle records. But I still think that she hasn't revealed all of her strength yet. Her rank will definitely climb in the future."

"That's only natural. However, the current God's Domain Ranking List has changed. Now, if you want to earn a spot on the list or improve your rank, you have to be strong enough and have a dazzling battle record."

"I wonder when I'll become a main force member. I really want to train directly under Commander Fire Dance."

"The Guild holds a qualifying tournament once a month. You can participate as long as you become a core member."

"Right! I'll work hard to become a core member first!"

As the players in the Guild Hall talked about Fire Dance and the other main force members of the Guild, a desire to join Zero Wing's main force overwhelmed them.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng, who had hidden his appearance under a Black Cloak, couldn't help but chuckle as he overheard the various conversations. He then made his way toward the Guild Hall's meeting room.

"Guild Leader, are we going on a major operation this time?" Cola asked eagerly after Shi Feng entered the room.

He had improved significantly in the Battle Arena lately and itched to display his new strength.

"Of course. However, we have to replace your equipment first," Shi Feng said, nodding.

"Replace my equipment?" Cola was confused. He currently wore the Dark Corrosion Set, the best available Dark-Gold Set Equipment in the game right now, and quite a few of his other pieces were Epic rank. He didn't understand what Shi Feng wanted to replace.

"Give me your shield first," Shi Feng said.

"Shield?" Cola revealed an excited expression as he guessed, "Could it be…"

"That's right. We didn't have enough Magic Crystals before, but we do now," Shi Feng said, nodding.

Cola eagerly handed his Titan Guard to Shi Feng, anticipation filling his eyes. Although he had been saving his own Magic Crystals, it would take him forever to collect 100,000 on his own. Moreover, the Guild always needed Magic Crystals, making it almost impossible for him to upgrade his shield.

After Shi Feng received the Titan Guard, he immediately chose to upgrade it.