Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1836 - Arming Teams

Chapter 1836 – Arming Teams

The one-handed saber Shi Feng placed on the table looked quite modest like a very ordinary weapon, yet it radiated the glow unique to Dark-Gold Weapons.

“A Dark-Gold Weapon that can be used up to Level 55?”

When Phoenix Rain and Unyielding Heart looked at the Dark-Gold Weapon, they could not help their confusion.

In terms of Attributes, it was only slightly better than a Level 50 Dark-Gold Weapon. While it might be very tempting to ordinary expert players, to Guild upper echelon like themselves, it was nothing special.

Although a Level 55 Dark-Gold Weapon was indeed very valuable, in terms of usefulness, there was simply no comparison between it and the All-rounded Device or Elven Silver.

Not to mention, the Level 55 Dark-Gold Weapon Shi Feng just took out did not possess any special traits. It neither added any Resistances nor granted extraordinarily high Attributes. Hence, they found it truly confusing that Shi Feng was treating this weapon as the finale item.

Just as Phoenix Rain and Unyielding Heart were wondering what Shi Feng’s intention was by taking out such a plain Dark- Gold Weapon, Shi Feng took out another weapon from his bag and placed it on the table.

This time, it wasn’t a saber but a greatsword, instead.

He’s selling two items? Blue Phoenix, who was watching from the side, was also baffled by this situation.

Let alone two Level 55 Dark-Gold Weapons, even two Epic Weapons wouldn’t be enough to tempt representatives of super-first-rate Guilds like Phoenix Rain and Unyielding Heart.

However, just as Blue Phoenix was having such thoughts, Shi Feng proceeded to take out another weapon from his bag. Moreover, he showed no signs of stopping, even after revealing the third weapon.

Three… Five… Eight…

By the time ten Level 55 Dark-Gold Weapons were laid out on the table, Phoenix Rain’s and Unyielding Heart’s expressions had changed.

While Level 55 Dark-Gold Weapons were not that easy to obtain, with the current strength Zero Wing’s main force possessed, they understood that Zero Wing definitely could acquire some.

If it were only two or three Dark-Gold Weapons, they wouldn’t have felt particularly surprised by the situation. However, having ten Level 55 Dark-Gold Weapons was an entirely different story.

“As you can imagine, I am able to obtain quite a number of these Level 55 Dark-Gold Weapons. These ten articles are merely samples for you to see. What do you think of these weapons?” Shi Feng asked, smiling as he looked at the two people wearing serious expressions before him.

Currently, he had produced only ten Level 55 Dark-Gold Weapons.

It wasn’t that he did not wish to produce more but that he lacked the materials to do so. While the materials needed to produce these weapons were not very rare and were available in the market, they were not usually sold in large quantities. Collecting a sufficient amount would take considerable time.

This was also the reason why the various large Guilds that could produce Dark-Gold Weapons made only a very limited quantity.

In the current God’s Domain, having ten Level 55 Dark-Gold Weapons was already a staggering feat.

“You still have more of these?” Phoenix Rain asked, pleasantly surprised.

“May I know how many more of these weapons Brother Black Flame has?” Unyielding Heart asked hurriedly.

A single Level 55 Dark-Gold Weapon was indeed nothing significant to them because one weapon could improve the combat power of only one player. The improvement would be minimal.

However, after reaching a certain quantity, these Level 55 Dark-Gold Weapons would have much more of an impact. With enough of these weapons, one could elevate the combat power of a team to a whole new level. Meanwhile, this increase in combat power would be very useful when a team was raiding Field Bosses.

“Not many,” Shi Feng said. Raising three fingers, he added, “I only have enough to equip a 300-man team. May I know if the two of you are interested in this transaction?”

“Guild Leader Black Flame, you’re not joking, right? Enough to equip a 300-man team? Doesn’t that mean you have over a hundred Level 55 Dark-Gold Weapons?” Mu Lingsha, who sat at a side, asked, her face twitching involuntarily.

The weapons placed on the table were all meant for physical classes; none were for magical classes. Even so, trying to equip every physical class in a 300-man team would still require over 100 weapons.

Currently, she wasn’t even certain whether the various superpowers possessed Level 55 Dark-Gold Weapons. At the very least, Unyielding Soul definitely did not. No matter how she looked at it, she simply could not accept that Zero Wing could actually take out over a hundred of these weapons.

Meanwhile, Phoenix Rain’s and Unyielding Heart’s lips also twitched slightly when they heard Shi Feng’s words.

This revelation truly came as a shock to them.

With so many Level 55 Dark-Gold Weapons, they could construct three very powerful 100-man teams. So long as each

team had sufficient Tier 2 players, even raiding Level 50, 100-man Team Dungeons wouldn’t be a problem.

If they had three teams capable of consistently raiding Level 50, 100-man Team Dungeons, their Guilds’ income of weapons and equipment would increase drastically. They could even acquire Level 50 Dungeon Set Equipment within one Cooldown cycle.

“May I know how Brother Black Flame plans on selling these weapons?” Unyielding Heart asked, a passionate flame burning in his eyes.

“Right, Guild Leader Black Flame, how do you plan on selling these weapons?” Phoenix Rain asked in a serious tone as well.

She could not help but admit that this finale item was truly a finale among finales. After all, while the All-rounded Devices and Elven Silver only provided them with a chance of obtaining top-tier weapons and equipment, placed right before them was a guarantee of doing so.

“Simple.” Shi Feng then took out two sets of documents listing some rare materials and handed these to the two people before him. “Using the listed materials as the standard and 300 sets of them as one batch, so long as you collect one batch of materials, you may purchase 40 weapons. We’ll use these 300 sets of materials as the starting bid. You can then increase the price using Magic Crystals or Coins, with each increment being worth no less than 100 Gold.”

After reading the list of materials Shi Feng provided, Phoenix Rain and Unyielding Heart gasped involuntarily.

Although the materials listed were not particularly rare, one full set was already worth quite a lot. Yet, now, they needed 300 sets just to qualify to participate in the auction. Shi Feng’s asking price truly wasn’t low.

“I don’t have any problems here,” Phoenix Rain said, nodding.

A first-rate Guild would indeed face great difficulty collecting 300 sets of the listed materials. It wasn’t a matter of money but of the rarity of the materials. With the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s huge sphere of influence, however, collecting 300 sets within a short period was still doable.

“Deal!” Unyielding Heart was also determined to go through with this transaction. So long as he could obtain 40 of these Level 55 Dark-Gold Weapons, he would have the confidence to lead his Guild’s main force to obtain the First Clear of a Level 50, 100-man Team Dungeon.

Moreover, in terms of ability to collect resources, his side was much stronger than Phoenix Rain’s. After all, the Dragon- Phoenix Pavilion was an alliance of two Guilds. Phoenix Rain could mobilize only half of the Guild’s resources at most.

“Since both of you are fine with this, let us start the auction now, then.” Upon seeing that both sides found his proposal acceptable, Shi Feng grew even more joyful.

Truthfully, even he felt that the amount of materials he was asking for was a little excessive, and he expected that the two Guilds might balk at the condition. After all, even the current Zero Wing wasn’t capable of collecting 300 sets of the materials at short notice. However, when he thought about how both the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion and Unyielding Soul were super-first-rate Guilds, he concluded that acquiring 300 sets of the materials shouldn’t be impossible for them, although it would hurt their pockets slightly.

By setting such a high price in the first place, so long as he could acquire 300 sets of the materials required, given his production success rate, which was above 30%, he could instantly earn not only his cost but also quite an amount of materials to arm Zero Wing.

Now, however, it would seem that he had somewhat underestimated the foundations of the two super-first-rate Guilds. After all, the two representatives before him didn’t even frown as they agreed to his proposal. Apparently, they were more than capable of acquiring over 300 sets of the materials.