Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1835 - Massive Profits Candlelight Trading Firm's VIP reception room:

Chapter 1835 – Massive Profits Candlelight Trading Firm’s VIP reception room:

Currently, Phoenix Rain, Blue Phoenix, Unyielding Heart, and Mu Lingsha waited in the reception room.

“Uncle Heart, are the items you mentioned really that effective?” Mu Lingsha asked worriedly. “The Guild has employed various methods, but we still haven’t made it into the Dark Battlegrounds’ inner region. Moreover, the Silent Water’s corrosion is extremely powerful. Even the rare Advanced Toughness Potion only extends our survival rate a little.

“We’ve shed all pretenses with the Starline Corporation already and are engaged in an all-out war with them. We can only spare a very limited amount of resources. If we spend so many Magic Crystals, and these items end up being useless, it’ll be disastrous.”

When she had asked Unyielding Heart to lead a team in assisting Zero Wing, she had assumed that the Guild only needed some help with a slightly difficult quest, yet when Unyielding Heart had returned, he had told her that Zero Wing had secured the Hell Mode Eclipse Throne’s First Clear.

The report had left her flabbergasted.

She had never realized that Zero Wing’s main force was so powerful.

Moreover, Unyielding Heart had praised Zero Wing’s Black Flame. His praise was rare, even in Unyielding Soul. Unyielding Heart had gone on to mention that Zero Wing possessed some special tools that could help them deal with the Dark Battlegrounds’ severe environment. This revelation had further increased her shock.

Truthfully, she wanted to believe Unyielding Heart’s claim, but she couldn’t bring herself to do so. Their Guild had expended a lot of effort to reach the Dark Battlegrounds’ inner region, but every method they tried had been a failure. She had even worked herself to the bone to find a solution to this problem.

Yet, Unyielding Heart had told her that Zero Wing had two items that could help their survival in the map. Moreover, Zero Wing could produce enough of these items for a 100-man team.

“Miss Mu, you can rest assured,” Unyielding Heart said with a bitter smile.

Over the past few days, Mu Lingsha had repeatedly asked him the same question, yet no matter how many times he explained the situation, the young lady refused to believe him. However, it wasn’t as if he couldn’t understand her feelings.

At this point, Unyielding Soul and Starlink, the Starline Corporation’s Guild, were engaged in a bitter war. As a result, Unyielding Soul spent a frightening amount of resources each day. Meanwhile, purchasing 100 All-rounded Devices and 100 bottles of Elven Silver would cost them 40,000 Magic Crystals, and since Zero Wing had produced the items within three days, as per their agreement, Unyielding Soul had to pay an additional 5,000 Magic Crystals. For the Guild, 45,000 Magic Crystals were by no means a small amount.

If after paying so many Magic Crystals, the items were useless, they’d cry with regret.

Mu Lingsha found it difficult to respond to Unyielding Heart’s comment. She could only hope these items would be as helpful as he claimed.

“Big Sis Rain, Unyielding Soul’s representatives seemed worried about something. Do you think they plan on backing out of the purchase?” Blue Phoenix asked as she eyed Mu Lingsha’s worried expression. Giggling, she continued, “If they do, we’ll get to purchase their share as well. Then, we’ll have a much easier time exploring the Sea of Death’s inner islands.”

“Why would they possibly back out?” Phoenix Rain asked, chuckling. “Unyielding Soul has fought several large-scale battles against Starlink in the Dark Night Empire and desperately needs weapons, equipment, and war weapons. Both Guilds are furiously fighting for the high-resource maps that yield weapons and equipment. If Unyielding Soul wishes to obtain these items, it’ll have to farm high-resource maps with hostile environments. The Guild will have a higher chance of securing the items in those maps.

“Unyielding Soul needs 加 Al卜rounded Devices and Elven Silver more than anything right now. It can’t afford to back out ^ this deal.”

Blue Phoenix saw the reasoning in her Pavilion Master’s words.

The more hostile a map’s environment was, the more treasures it would have to offer. Take the Sea of Death, for example. After exploring the sea zone’s dangerous islands, the various superpowers had acquired a significant harvest Now, all of the various superpowers were organizing large, powerful teams to explore the Sea of Death. However, to explore the map’s islands effectively, the superpowers would need items that could reduce the hostile environments’ impact on their players. While acquiring a small number of such items was not a problem, acquiring them in bulk was almost impossible.

If they could get their hands on the All-rounded Devices and Elven Silver, even if they didn’t use the items for themselves, they could earn impressive profits by reselling them.

While both Guilds’ representatives quietly talked among themselves, the reception room’s door swung open. Following which, a cloaked, middle-aged man entered the room, and the occupants fell silent when they saw him.

He is Black Flame? Mu Lingsha was shocked when she looked at the new arrival. What a powerful aura!

Shi Feng radiated an extremely strong, violent aura. In Mu Lingsha’s eyes, Shi Feng felt like a primordial beast, rather than a player.

What Mu Lingsha did not know was that the aura didn’t belong to Shi Feng. Instead, it radiated from the Abyssal Blade at his waist.

The Abyssal Blade’s aura could no longer be contained after Shi Feng had upgraded it to Level 50. Because of this, Shi Feng had chosen to appear as Black Flame for this meeting.

“Sorry for the long wait; I had some business to deal with,” Shi Feng apologized.

“It’s fine. We just arrived as well,” Unyielding Heart said, chuckling. “Moreover, if it means we can obtain the All-rounded Devices and Elven Silver, even a several-hour wait would be worth it.”

Phoenix Rain, who sat close to Unyielding Heart, could not help but smile when she heard the man’s words. She hadn’t expected Unyielding Heart to be so direct about his desire for the items.

“Alright, since everyone is here for these two, let’s get straight to business,” Shi Feng said. He then took out the All-rounded Devices and Elven Silver he had prepared and placed them on the table before him. “After working around the clock with my people, we forged a total of 400 All-rounded Devices and 450 bottles of Elven Silver. According to our previous agreement, 200 of each item will go to the Phoenix Pavilion Master, while 100 of each item are reserved for Brother Heart. As for the 5,000 Magic Crystals we agreed on before, we’ll just forget about that. I’d like to sell the remaining 100 All-rounded Devices and 150 bottles of Elven Silver via a private auction. You may bid for these extras with Coins.

“May I know your opinions about this arrangement?”

“Alright. I have no problems with that” Upon hearing that Shi Feng had so many extra items, Phoenix Rain could not help but inwardly celebrate.

“I don’t have any arguments, either.” Unyielding Heart nodded in agreement. Only, he slightly regretted his previous decision. Had he known Zero Wing was capable of producing so many All-rounded Devices and Elven Silver, he would’ve ordered more. However, when he considered his uncertainty about how useful the Elven Silver would be against the Silent Water, he dismissed his regret

Hearing the two players’ agreement, Shi Feng proceeded with fulfilling their previous arrangements. In the end, Shi Feng received 80,000 Magic Crystals from Phoenix Rain and 40,000 Magic Crystals from Unyielding Heart.

He then allowed both to bid for the additional All-rounded Devices and Elven Silver, auctioning the items off in batches of ten. As the transaction could be completed using Coins, both Guilds bid on the items without issues. In the end, Phoenix Rain had purchased 80 All-rounded Devices and 120 bottles of Elven Silver, while Unyielding Heart bought the rest.

When comparing foundations, Unyielding Soul was definitely superior to the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. However, Unyielding Soul didn’t have as much financial freedom due to its war with Starlink. Meanwhile, Phoenix Rain had earned quite a bit from the authority she wielded on Thunder Island and the harvests from the Sea of Death. Hence, in terms of financial strength, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion was currently stronger than Unyielding Soul.

After selling the extra items, Shi Feng had made over 20,000 Gold. Both super-first-rate Guilds were also quite satisfied with the outcome.

As the representatives of both Guilds were about to leave…

“Since we’ve sold the All-rounded Devices and Elven Silver, let us start the auction for today’s main course,” Shi Feng said, intentionally dragging out his statement.

“Main course?”

“You have something even better than the All-rounded Devices and Elven Silver?”

Phoenix Rain and Unyielding Heart gave Shi Feng confused looks. How could he possibly have something more valuable than the two items?


Shi Feng then began to pull the standardized Level 55 Dark-Gold Weapons from his bag, putting them on display before his guests.