Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1833 - - Gathering at Silverwing Town

Chapter 1833 – Gathering at Silverwing Town

The three-story-tall Transportation Firm was located close to Siverwing Town’s main entrance. Meanwhile, ten Level 100 NPC guards stood before the entrance, one of which was a Tier 3 Guard Captain.

The Guard Captain carried a greatsword on his back and wore silver armor. Due to the strict atmosphere around him, players kept a wary distance from the Transportation Firm, only daring to glance at the building from far away.

However, although players did not dare approach the building, one NPC merchant after another nonchalantly entered the firm. Large caravans also moved their goods into the building on a regular basis. After several minutes, the stadium-sized building was crowded with carriages and NPCs.

Many players mustered their courage and entered the building after such a lively scene.

“Amazing! There are so many NPC merchants here!”

Upon entering the Transportation Firm’s first-floor hall, the curious players immediately spotted many NPC merchants lined up at the front counter, handling some formalities. There were easily over a thousand NPC merchants in the building, some of which had set up stalls in front of their parked carriages, selling a variety of precious items. The scene was simply dazzling.

Meanwhile, the most eye-catching thing in the Transportation Firm had to be the gigantic crystal hovering in the center of the hall. The crystal displayed the Transportation Quests available today and their corresponding rewards. The quest difficulty and requirements were also listed.

Players’jaws dropped after they inspected the colossal, translucent crystal in the hall.

Delivery to Bronze Teeth Town: Difficulty – two-star. Requirement – Tier 2, must have completed five one-star quests. Remuneration – 3 Gold, 300 Contribution Points, and one Void Magic Gold. Recruiting six people.

Delivery to Bronze Teeth Town: Difficulty – one-star. Requirement – Level 50 or above. Remuneration – 80 Silver, 50 Contribution Points, and one Smart Armor Kit Recruiting ten people.

Every quest offered tempting rewards. Many expert players drooled over the two-star quests, in particular.

At this stage of the game, many expert players wouldn’t earn 3 Gold even after a full day of grinding. Although the reward items might not be as valuable as the Gold, they were also highly sought after. For example, Void Magic Gold could be used to increase a weapon’s sharpness and lower its Durability consumption. However, Void Magic Gold wasn’t normally sold on the market.

To the expert players present, the Void Magic Gold was far more valuable than 3 Gold Coins.

Naturally, the three-star quest rewards even tempted players from the various major powers.

Three-star quests actually awarded rare Tier 2 Skill Books upon completion. Even the various major powers’ experts lacked Tier 2 Skills. Aside from purchasing such Skills with Legacy Points, players could only obtain them by farming monsters for Skill Books. However, even the drop-rate for Tier 1 Skill Books was extremely low, not to mention Tier 2 Skill Books.

After everyone finished gawking at the quests on the giant crystal, they noticed an exchange counter. This exchange counter allowed players to spend the Contribution Points and Coins they earned to purchase rare items the NPC merchants sold.

The available rare items were impossible to purchase elsewhere. In fact, the NPC merchants even had Epic items for sale. Upon seeing these items, the players in the hall immediately went into an uproar.

“Quick! Notify the Guild Leader! We must get those Epic items before the other Guilds!”

The members of the various major powers immediately contacted their respective Guilds’ upper echelons and notified them about the Transportation Firm.

As for the independent players present inside the Transportation Firm, their eyes glowed with excitement upon seeing the item list.

Epic items!

Independent players only dreamed of obtaining such items, yet as long as they earned enough Coins and Contribution Points, they could purchase these items. In other words, they now had the possibility of acquiring an Epic item.

For a time, news of the Transportation Firm spread like a plague throughout the Ore Empire and the neighboring countries.

“We can purchase Epic items just by collecting enough Contribution Points from quests? There’s no status restriction? In that case, our adventurer team can contend with the various large Guilds for these Epic items!”

“The rewards for Silverwing Town’s Transportation Quests are actually so bountiful? That’s at least triple the amount we get from the usual Transportation Quests! We need to head to Silverwing Town to develop right this instant!”

Many adventurer teams and independent players decided to shift their base of operations to Silverwing Town. Setting aside the fact that they could earn more money by developing there, the fact that they could purchase top-tier weapons and equipment was the final push.

For a time, players swarmed toward Silverwing Town.

“Vice Guild Leader, what should we do? The number of players trying to enter the town has suddenly increased by more than 200,000. By the looks of it, even more people will show up later. However, we’ve already reached the town’s entry limit of 1,500,000 players, and the players waiting outside are making a huge fuss,” Yaya, Aqua Rose’s assistant, said as she ran up to Aqua Rose, who was currently swamped with work.

“I understand. Temporarily increase the town’s entry limit to 1,800,000,” Aqua Rose said, nodding as she pinched the bridge of her nose.

Due to the Transportation Firm’s appearance, many merchant players had contacted her, expressing their interest in renting a Shop in Silverwing Town long-term. Some top adventurer teams had even asked to garrison in Silverwing Town. These top adventurer teams had declared their willingness to purchase private houses at a high price and sign a garrison agreement with Zero Wing.

She never thought that Silverwing Town would become the focal point of the Ore Empire and its several neighboring countries.

This had all happened so suddenly, and she hadn’t been prepared.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng, who currently forged All-rounded Devices in the Candlelight Trading Firm, remained ignorant of the situation. He simply focused on forging and increased the pile of All-rounded Devices on his table.

After working for more than half a day, Shi Feng received joyous news.

Liang Jing, his temporary assistant, had finally come to a compromise with Xiao Yu and would officially join God’s Domain today. Moreover, she had already joined Zero Wing and used a Guild Transfer Scroll to teleport to White River City’s Guild Residence.

To help her acclimate to God’s Domain, Shi Feng decided to have her assist Melancholic Smile in managing White River City’s Candlelight Trading Firm for the moment. This way, Melancholic Smile could somewhat relax.

“So, this is the Candlelight Trading Firm?” Liang Jing, who wore a set of long, white robes and held a wooden staff, couldn’t help but gape at the towering building before her.

In her opinion, a virtual reality game was only a form of entertainment. However, after logging into God’s Domain, she discovered that this game was no different than reality. In fact, she felt that her senses in the game were much sharper than her senses in the real world.

If not for the diamond markers and HP bars hovering above the players around her, she’d even have suspected that she had been transported into another world.

Aside from God’s Domain’s realism, the number of players she saw in the city also shocked her.

She had never thought that White River City would have so many players. The city’s commercial district where she currently stood was even livelier than Jin Hai City’s commercial district.

Meanwhile, the most eye-catching building in the district actually belonged to Zero Wing. This was simply inconceivable. “Are you Liang Jing, the person the Guild Leader mentioned?”

While Liang Jing tried to process the new information and environment, she noticed a mellow voice. Turning towards its origin, Liang Jing discovered a beautiful young woman in a luxurious dress.

Upon hearing this woman greet Liang Jing, nearby players shot the new woman envious glances.

“What’s going on?”

Liang Jing was even more confused upon noticing players’ reactions.