Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1831 - Ore Empire’s Number One Swordsman Ore Empire, Silverwing Town

Chapter 1831 – Ore Empire’s Number One Swordsman Ore Empire, Silverwing Town:

After Shi Feng shook off the Dark Players’ pursuit, he immediately returned to Zero Wing’s Residence in Silverwing Town to make arrangements for the transport and purchase of products from NPC merchants.

Although he had already set up the trade route, the collection of usage fees from the NPCs who used the trade route would have to be carried out by both players and NPC soldiers. In addition, players would need to be present in person to purchase the goods that were meant to be sold to NPCs. Hence, he would need to assign considerable manpower to handle these tasks.

Moreover, in order to make sure the items purchased were useful, he would have to send knowledgeable personnel to deal with the NPC merchants.

However, as soon as Shi Feng returned to the Guild Residence, he was greeted by a boisterous scene. Currently, Guild members were chatting happily and excitedly with each other inside the Guild Hall.

“Guild Leader, you’re back. Everyone is talking about you right now,” Aqua Rose said, excitement sprouting in her heart when she saw Shi Feng. “Because of your performance over at the Secret Stone Fortress, many people have already started titling you as the Ore Empire’s number one Swordsman. Of course, there are some who object to this. They feel that you are unworthy of this title and will accept it only when they have actually fought you. Even so, due to this situation, many more players from the neighboring kingdoms are trying to join Zero Wing now. In addition, several well-known experts from the neighboring kingdoms want to challenge you. However, Fire Dance has accepted these challenges in your place and is currently fighting these experts in the Battle Arena right now.”

“Well-known experts from other kingdoms are challenging me?” Shi Feng could not help but smile upon hearing this. “This is a good opportunity.”

He had never thought that his battle over at the Secret Stone Fortress would spark such a development.

Before today, he had received many challenges from experts before. However, back then, these had been limited to the experts of Star-Moon Kingdom. Now, however, even the experts of other kingdoms were challenging him. This proved that his fame had already reached a considerable degree in those kingdoms. Otherwise, the wel卜known experts of those kingdoms wouldn’t have come to challenge him.

Meanwhile, the fact that these experts had come to challenge him was a good thing for Silverwing Town.

“Aqua, from today onwards, set up a challenge arena in the Battle Arena specifically for people wishing to challenge me.

However, they cannot just issue a challenge without restrictions. Before I accept their challenge, they’ll have to win ten consecutive matches against people of our choosing. For now, select our fighters from our main force members. The challengers have to pay 5 Gold for each match. If the challengers win, they’ll get 20 Gold in return,” Shi Feng said.

“I understand,” Aqua Rose replied, her eyes glowing.

With Shi Feng’s plan, they could not only increase the popularity of Silverwing Town’s Battle Arena but also earn a lot of money and train the main force members, killing three birds with one stone.

Following which, Shi Feng turned to Melancholic Smile, who stood beside Aqua Rose, and asked, “Melancholic, how is the production of the All-rounded Devices and Elven Silver coming along?”

Before he embarked on his quest to set up a trade route, he had left matters regarding the All-rounded Devices and Elven Silver to Melancholic Smile to handle.

The All-rounded Device was an item he personally created. Hence, he could make as many copies of its design as he wanted. The only reason he had not bothered trying to mass-produce the All-rounded Device until now was the much lower success rate other people would have when producing the All-rounded Device compared to him, the creator. In addition, the production costs for the All-rounded Device were also extremely high.

However, now that everyone’s forging techniques had improved, it wasn’t entirely impossible to mass-produce the All- rounded Device.

“Currently, only I have a feasible success rate when producing the All-rounded Device. Hence, I am the only one producing it right now. I have already made 53 All-rounded Devices. I am still far from fulfilling the 200 pieces you requested. However, Cocoa has become a Master Forger in Titan City. If we include her help, I believe it’ll take only one more day for us to get the required 200 pieces. As for the Elven Silver, we already have over 200 bottles produced. We can deliver them to you at any time,” Melancholic Smile reported joyfully.

“Cocoa has already been promoted into a Master Forger?” Shi Feng was overjoyed at this piece of news.

A Master Lifestyle player would be welcomed by any major power, not to mention a Master of the forger subclass, which was one of the three most popular subclasses. Now that Cream Cocoa had already become a Master Forger, the Candlelight Trading Firm’s forging standards would also improve.

Although Candlelight had two Master Forgers, as he was a Guild Leader, he was always busy with one thing or another. He simply could not afford to stay cooped up producing items. Likewise, Melancholic Smile had to manage the Candlelight Trading Firm. The time she could spend producing items was also very limited. However, Cream Cocoa was different. She did not have to manage any personnel or deal with Guild affairs. She could focus fully on forging.

“Guild Leader, this isn’t everything. While you were away doing your quest, the people from the Ice Crystal World sent over another large batch of materials. Save for some of the specialty materials, I split the other materials into batches and had them brought to other kingdoms and empires to be sold. I also reserved a portion for our own use. After deducting our purchasing costs and the cost of the products brought over to the Ice Crystal World, we netted over 53,000 Gold from this batch of materials,” Melancholic Smile said.

“That much?” Shi Feng was a little surprised when he heard Melancholic Smile’s report.

While it had been several days since he returned from the Ice Crystal World, he had emptied the market of all the rare materials he could find in the two NPC cities before leaving. He had never imagined that the players there would refill the market with materials so quickly.

He had to admit that the wealth earned by selling the rare materials obtained from Otherworlds was truly amazing.

Of course, a large part of the success this time was due to the Asura adventurer team and Adventurer Alliance. Without these two organizations, collecting so many rare materials from the Ice Crystal World wouldn’t have been possible.

Meanwhile, they had already generated such massive wealth despite occupying only two NPC cities. If they could occupy the entire Ice Crystal World, the wealth they could generate would be many times more than even what the Secret Pavilion’s Magic Crystal vein could provide.

It was no wonder the various superpowers fought heavily over Otherworlds during his previous life. Back then, the intense competition for Otherworlds didn’t allow second- and third-rate Guilds to poke a hand into the competition. Even first-rate Guilds could only fight for the scraps left behind by the various superpowers.

“Alright, I got it” After pondering for some time, Shi Feng turned to Aqua Rose and said, “Aqua, contact Phoenix Rain and Unyielding Heart and tell them that we’ll have their items ready by tomorrow. If they are lacking in Magic Crystals, they can pay a portion of the bill using Coins.”

“I’ll notify them right away.” Aqua Rose nodded.

After Shi Feng was done dealing with these matters, he promptly headed to Silverwing Town’s Advanced Smithy.

Currently, the Advanced Smithy was overcrowded with players. The majority of these players were here to disassemble their obsolete weapons and equipment, after which, they would use the materials they obtained to order custom-made weapons and equipment.

Whenever these players used the services offered by the Advanced Smithy, 10% of the total bill would go into Zero Wing’s coffers. For the item breakdown service, Zero Wing would receive around 10 to 15 Copper for Bronze Equipment, 20 to 30 Copper for Mysterious-Iron Equipment, 40 to 50 Copper for Secret-Silver Equipment, 70 to 80 Copper for Fine-Gold Equipment, and 1 Silver to 1 Silver, 50 Copper for Dark-Gold Equipment.

While this might not seem like much, there were tons of people coming to get their old equipment disassembled. Including the money received from repairs and custom orders, Zero Wing earned over 400 Gold from the Advanced Smithy every day. However, this was only the beginning. As players reached higher levels and the fame of the Advanced Smithy spread, more and more players would come to order custom-made equipment. At that time, the Advanced Smithy could earn 1,000 to 2,000 Gold per day.

After Shi Feng took a look at the Advanced Smithy’s situation and had his weapons and equipment repaired, he used a Return Scroll and teleported back to White River City. He then made his way to Star-Moon City’s Adventurer’s Association.

Star-Moon Kingdom, Star-Moon City:

Inside one of the Adventurer’s Association’s VIP rooms…

“Lord Protector, how may I be of service to you today?” the NPC senior administrator asked as he looked at Shi Feng.

“I wish to construct a Transportation Firm in Silverwing Town. Here is the design for it. I hope that you can start construction as soon as possible,” Shi Feng replied before placing the Transportation Firm Design on the table before him.

Previously, as his funds had been insufficient, he had planned on setting the Transportation Firm aside for the moment. However, now that he was rich again, he naturally had to get it constructed as soon as possible.

“That won’t be a problem. The construction fee will be 20,000 Gold,” the senior administrator said, nodding after confirming that there was nothing wrong with the design Shi Feng presented.

Shi Feng then took out 20,000 Gold and handed the sum over to the senior administrator.

After Shi Feng completed the transaction, a system notification suddenly entered his ears.