Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1830 - Shocking Retreat

Chapter 1830 – Shocking Retreat

Hearing the words of the Assassin, the other players belonging to the same dark adventurer team started looking around curiously.

Just like the Assassin had said, their adventurer team wasn’t the only one taking action. The members of the two dozen or so other adventurer teams and several Dark Guilds around them had also started sneaking closer to Shi Feng.

It was obvious that these dark adventurer teams and Dark Guilds were growing impatient.

In God’s Domain, the dark forces were constantly oppressed. During the early stages of the game, players belonging to the dark forces had a much more difficult time getting by than normal players. After all, the dark forces were still incapable of contending against the various kingdoms and empires right now.

Meanwhile, dark adventurer teams and Dark Guilds with the potential to become a superpower were extremely rare. The conditions to join one such power were extremely stringent. Powers like Dark Soul, which was as strong as a superpower and also offered its members the freedom of an adventurer team, were even rarer.

Joining Dark Soul would definitely bring plenty of benefits to their future development. They also wouldn’t have to worry about getting hunted just because they killed the members of certain Guilds. Moreover, they could grind in the high-resource maps occupied by Dark Soul and not make do in poor maps.

“Commander?” The Assassin could not help but call out to the silent Tier 2 Ranger once again. “If we don’t make a move now, I’m afraid we’ll lose this chance to the other adventurer teams.”

“Fine. In for a penny, in for a pound. Even if we fail, at worst, we’ll lose a level. If we succeed, we’ll become members of Dark Soul in the future and instantly join the upper ranks of the dark forces,” the gruff man carrying an exquisite crystalline longbow said, nodding. A hint of killing intent flashed across his eyes as he looked at Shi Feng.

Dark Players had a much more difficult time getting by than normal players. The difficulty of finding a strong support to rely on as a Dark Player was also much greater than what normal players faced when trying to join the various superpowers. Now that there was an opportunity to join Dark Soul, how could he possibly let this chance get away?

When the two dozen or so members of the adventurer team heard their commander’s words, they immediately revealed fierce expressions. They then followed their commander and slowly inched their way toward Shi Feng.

At this moment, aside from this one adventurer team, the several thousand other Dark Players hiding in the forest were also entering a combat-ready state. Some stealthed Assassins had even gotten within 200 yards of Shi Feng already.

“Black Flame has many means of escaping! We must not let him get away from us! First, form an encirclement around him.

Then, use War Bondage to trap him here. Once the battle starts, use your Silencing Skills on him right away! We must finish him in the first exchange!” a Level 54, Tier 2 Assassin clad in dark-gray robes said to the 30-plus Assassins around him through the team chat. “As long as we kill Black Flame, everyone in our Poison Blade Guild will get to join Dark Soul! Then, we’ll be able to live like kings in the Dark Night Empire! We won’t need to fear even super-first-rate Guilds!”

When their leader said that, the eyes of the 30-plus Level 53 and Level 54 Assassins glowed with excitement.

Their Guild, Poison Blade, was a relatively ordinary Dark Guild in the Dark Night Empire. Normally, they could fight only second- and third-rate Guilds. When facing first-rate Guilds, they had no choice but to run away.

As for super-first-rate Guilds, these existences were no different from Gods to them. Let alone provoking one, they didn’t even dare to come into contact with one.

When they thought about how they wouldn’t need to fear Crimson Emperor and Unyielding Soul after joining Dark Soul, they could not help but feel excited.

As they entertained visions of such a future, their footsteps as they approached Shi Feng became much lighter than before. Their auras also became gentler. At this moment, one could say that their focus had reached unprecedented levels. Only Shi Feng existed in their eyes right now.

One hundred and fifty yards…

One hundred yards…

Eighty yards…

As these Assassins closed in on Shi Feng’s rear, they also grew increasingly nervous.

When the Assassins were within 50 yards of Shi Feng, a low voice suddenly entered everyone’s ears and echoed loudly in everyone’s mind.


Before anyone could react, Shi Feng abruptly turned around and unsheathed Killing Ray. He then swung the Sacred Sword at the air before him.

Suddenly, countless arcs of lightning formed before Shi Feng and joined together to form a blue river. Like a primordial beast, the blue river of lightning scorched everything in its path, spreading out in a cone covering an 80-yard radius.

Before the stealthed Assassins could even react, countless arcs of lightning had already devoured their bodies. After a brief moment of exposure, the Assassins’ bodies then transformed into streaks of light and disappeared from the area.

As the lightning river gradually dissipated, the other Dark Players, who were still a distance away, could not help but gasp.

In just one hit, Shi Feng had killed over 70 stealthed Assassins.

Right now, numerous pieces of shiny equipment littered the scorched ground. Meanwhile, due to Shi Feng’s sudden attack, the footsteps and breathing of the other stealthed Assassins turned chaotic, their bodies becoming exposed to everyone.

This is the Sword King’s strength? A Tier 2 Assassin wearing dark-gray leather armor gulped in fear as he looked at the scorched ground that was just a few centimeters beside him.

Compared to the players hiding in the distance, he had managed to get a much clearer view of Shi Feng’s attack just now.

From the moment Shi Feng started activating a Skill until the time the Skill had fully activated, he, a Tier 2 Assassin, had actually failed to react By the time he realized Shi Feng had attacked, the blue river was already shooting out from Shi Feng’s sword. Moreover, despite him being able to clearly see the approach of the blue river, his body had been unable to react at all.

This situation was just too frightening. His mind could not process how Shi Feng had executed such an attack.

An ordinary expert player might not understand the implications of such a situation, but he did.

The requirement for activating a Lifesaving Skill was for players to think the Skill’s name. Only after doing so would the Lifesaving Skill activate. However, if one could attack a player before the said player could have such a thought in their mind, then even having the most powerful Lifesaving Skill in the game would be meaningless.

In other words, Shi Feng could kill an Assassin—the class that was famed for having the most Lifesaving Skills—in one attack whenever he wanted.

This discovery instantly crushed any thoughts the Assassin in dark-gray leather armor had of fighting Shi Feng.

In reality, though, Shi Feng’s inconceivable attack wasn’t entirely impossible to block, especially for experts who understood the principles of the Realms of Truth. This was because the move Shi Feng had just executed applied the Realms of Truth’s basics—moving the body before moving the mind. Unless one trained arduously to go up against attacks executed using such quick reaction speeds, reacting to such an attack was simply impossible.

After executing Lightning Edge, Shi Feng took a look at everyone present. Upon seeing no new challengers moving up to him, he sheathed Killing Ray before turning around and leaving.

Due to Shi Feng’s attack, the remaining 100-plus Assassins no longer dared to approach him. They simply stood still as they watched him leave the battlefield.

“Guild Leader, Black Flame is leaving. Are we still not moving?” a Level 54, Tier 2 Shield Warrior could not help but ask as he looked at the Level 54, Tier 2 Ranger beside him.

“You want to go? Be my guest,” the Tier 2 Ranger said, rolling his eyes at the Shield Warrior.

The Tier 2 Shield Warrior shrank his neck back instinctively and shook his head. The fact that he was able to get promoted to Tier 2 at this stage of the game proved that his combat standard was much better than ordinary experts’. However, Black Flame’s attack inspired dread even in him. He definitely wasn’t confident of blocking the attack Black Flame executed just now.

Meanwhile, even after Shi Feng’s figure disappeared from the battlefield, the thousands of Dark Players remained standing quietly at their original positions with pale expressions. Some independent players that were passing by the area were stupefied when they saw this scene.

Too strong!

With just one attack, Shi Feng had deterred several thousand Dark Players from making a move.

By the time the Dark Players retreated from the area, news about the battle had already been spread like mad on the official forums by the independent players.