Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1825 - One’s Success was Built Atop the Sacrifice of Thousands

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As the NPC legion pushed back the approaching Orc and monster army, a wall of corpses quickly formed on each side of the road.

"These NPCs are so strong! I get the feeling that this NPC team can even raid an ordinary Guild Town."

"I know, right? Just look at those Tier 3 NPCs going. They are throwing Level 70-plus Great Lords with a single hit. Their individual combat power is likely even higher than Grand Lords of the same rank. Even if these Tier 3 NPCs aren't enough to raid a Guild Town, they're more than enough to kill every one of us."

"As expected of Star-Moon Kingdom's number one expert. With the ability to control so many powerful NPCs, Black Flame could easily annihilate armies of tens of thousands of players. It's no wonder why the various superpowers are helpless against Zero Wing."

The various spectating Guilds and adventurer teams gulped as they watched the fight between the NPCs and monsters.

Tier 2 NPCs were much stronger than Tier 2 players of the same level. Only peak experts with several pieces of Epic Equipment could possibly contend with an ordinary Tier 2 NPC. If Tier 2 players tried to face a Tier 2 NPC that was over 20 levels higher, they could only wait for their deaths. As for Tier 3 NPCs, they would only need a few moves to finish off Tier 2 players. If the targeted Tier 2 players lacked defensive capabilities, they might die after one hit.

If these NPCs turned their blades against Tier 1 players like themselves, a single attack would be more than enough to kill several of them instantly.

"Blackwater's members are probably doomed."

"That's right! Blackwater has been picking a lot of fights with Zero Wing in the Orc Empire. Now that Black Flame has found some of Blackwater's members, he'll massacre them."

The various large Guilds' members couldn't help but watch Blackwater's members with pity as they fought the local Orcs.

Nowadays, Blackwater and Zero Wing's members would fight whenever they came across each other in the fields. Although Blackwater currently had over a thousand members present, before the Sword King, the group was a joke. Furthermore, Black Flame had a team of Level 80-plus NPCs with him. This further reduced the chances of Blackwater's members escaping this place alive.

"Why is Black Flame here?"

"We're doomed! We're doomed!"

Fear colored the faces of Blackwater's members as they watched Shi Feng.

They had experienced the man's might firsthand, so they knew just how powerful he was. Black Flame was truly unstoppable. He could easily single out and kill a specific player while surrounded by an army of tens of thousands. Although their team currently had over a thousand well-equipped elite and expert players, Black Flame could annihilate them all by himself.

Their only option was to run…

If others heard their thoughts, they'd be a laughingstock. If 1,000 elite players simultaneously attacked a single expert, one move should be enough to end the battle. Even a peak expert would try to avoid a 1,000-man enemy elite team. How could a lone player possibly defeat an army of elite players?

However, they knew very, very well that the likelihood of such a situation was high. Not only did Black Flame possess multiple large-scale destruction Spells, but he also had ridiculous Movement Speed. He also had enough Strength to contend with Mythic monsters. In addition, he was capable of summoning powerful monsters. It wasn't an exaggeration to call Black Flame a one-man army.

"Damn it! Why is he here?!" Singular Burial paled when he saw Shi Feng's cloaked figure.

Looking at Shi Feng now, Singular Burial was no longer as confident as he had been in the past. He harbored no thoughts of fighting Shi Feng as he knew that doing so would be a waste of energy. In fact, it would only lead to a quicker death.

Singular Burial could not understand why Shi Feng had come to a backwater place like this. They were currently in the Orc Empire's outer region. For an expert of Shi Feng's caliber, only grinding or questing in the empire's core would be worth his time.

He had struggled to stabilize his standing in Blackwater. In the hopes of elevating his position in the Guild, he had been doing his best to raise the Heaven's Burial members that had followed him to join Blackwater, yet before his efforts could bear fruit, he had encountered Shi Feng…

"Commander, what should we do?' Daybreak Fog revealed a somber expression when she saw Shi Feng, as well.

After Heaven's Burial disbanded and Flame Blood was crippled, over half of Heaven's Burial's main force members had chosen separate paths. Because of this, their positions in Blackwater had plummeted. Among their 1,000-man team, only a hundred or so were experts. While this might be a high number compared to other 1,000-man elite teams, it was nowhere near enough to deal with Shi Feng. To Shi Feng, their experts were no different than the team's elite players. The Swordsman could kill them all with one hit.

"We don't have any other choice. Have everyone slowly retreat. We can't afford another loss. Get ready to use the Tier 3 Group Instantaneous Teleportation Scroll to send the main force away from this place. Everyone else should spread out and run. Absolutely do not fight Black Flame," Singular Burial said, gnashing his teeth.

The Tier 3 Group Instantaneous Teleportation Scroll was extremely valuable, an item he had obtained after completing a difficult Team Quest. It was also the only lifesaving tool he had to save his team. However, the teleportation scroll could only teleport a maximum of 100 players. He couldn't transport his entire team.

"I understand." Daybreak Fog nodded. She then took a silver Magic Scroll from her bag and eyed Shi Feng's every movement. If she noticed the slightest change, she'd activate the scroll immediately.

However, Shi Feng, who sat on the leading transport carriage, had finally finished carving an expulsion magic array on a crystal shard. He then tossed the crystal to the ground before him and started chanting an incantation. Very quickly, the crystal merged with the earth. A slightly incomplete magic array then formed beneath Shi Feng's feet. Seeing this, Shi Feng took out several light-blue crystals to complete the array.

Once complete, a blue ripple of light radiated out from the array.

As if something had frightened them, the Level 70-plus Orcs and monsters, which had been busy fighting the NPCs, fled from the caravan. Even the Orcs and monsters several hundred yards away from the caravan began to back away.

The spectating crowd nearby stared with dropped jaws.

"What did he just do?"

The several thousand Orcs and monsters that had previously occupied the road had retreated by over 500 yards, watching the road in terror. Every monster as far as the eye could see did the same. Not one dared to approach the road.

Once Shi Feng finished his work, he collected the leftover materials. As he returned to the transport carriage, he noticed a 1,000-man legion backing away from his position.

Singular Burial?Shi Feng quickly spotted Singular Burial among this 1,000-man legion. However, his old enemy watched him cautiously. Seeing this, Shi Feng could not help but sigh inwardly.

Currently, Singular Burial wore a mix of Level 50 Secret-Silver and Fine-Gold Equipment. Aside from the man's longbow, Shi Feng could easily discern the rank of his other items. Looking at him now, it was hard to believe Singular Burial had once been the Guild Leader of an almighty Guild in Star-Moon Kingdom.

This was the cruel reality of God's Domain. In God's Domain, one's success was built atop the sacrifice of thousands.

After a glance at Singular Burial, Shi Feng climbed back onto his transport carriage and had the convoy continue down the road. If he did not complete the trade route quickly, the expulsion magic arrays he had already set up within the empire would begin to disappear. This was the time limit players had to endure. The system would not allow players to take their sweet time when establishing a trade route.

As for killing Singular Burial and the others, he had no interest in such a task. Moreover, with Singular Burial's current state, he didn't consider the man a threat.

After realizing that Shi Feng was leaving without a fight, Blackwater's members breathed a deep sigh of relief.

"Commander, Black Flame left!" Daybreak Fog could not help but cry out with joy when she saw Shi Feng drive his transport carriage away.

When Shi Feng had turned to look at them, she had nearly used the precious Group Instantaneous Teleportation Scroll out of anxiety.

"Yes, he left…" Singular Burial wore an expression of mixed indignation and sadness as he watched Shi Feng leave. He had noticed a hint of pity in Shi Feng's eyes. This discovery had dealt an unprecedented mental blow.Is he trying to say that I don't even qualify to face him now?