Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1824 - Strong Legion

Chapter 1824: Strong Legion

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Shortly after the ten Secret-Silver Transport Carriages being pulled by Lightning-horned Earth Dragons appeared on the streets of Star-Moon City, the sight quickly sent the entire city into an uproar.

The adventurer teams that made a living by delivering items were green with envy as they looked at the transport carriages.

Transport carriages might not seem particularly important in the game right now, as players could simply store items inside their bag spaces and teleport to other cities. However, as players reached higher levels, transport carriages would become increasingly relevant.

The number of items that could not be stored inside players' bag space would increase as players progressed further into the game. Such non-bag space items were extremely valuable, and the only way to transport them was via transport carriages.

Meanwhile, the adventurer teams could purchase only horse-drawn transport carriages. On the other hand, the Secret-Silver Transport Carriages had Great Lord ranked Lightning-horned Earth Dragons pulling them. There was simply no comparison between the two. Just the aura of the Earth Dragons was enough to scare away the mobs one would normally come across out in the fields. Not to mention, the transport carriage itself was like a huge house. One could easily imagine how many non-bag space items the transport carriage could store in such a huge transport carriage.

"As expected of Star-Moon Kingdom's number one Guild. I wonder when our adventurer team will be able to obtain a transport carriage like that?"

"That's right! If we have a transport carriage like that, we can earn over ten Gold per delivery trip."

The adventurer team members seated on the Advanced Transport Carriages parked along the streets cast covetous looks at the Lightning-horned Earth Dragons.

Currently, the minimum price in the delivery business for transporting a non-bag space item was 1 Silver Coin. The price scaled up depending on the distance traveled. Meanwhile, the adventurer team members estimated that the Secret-Silver Transport Carriage could carry over 100 non-bag space items. This assumption was because the Advanced Transport Carriages they owned were only the size of an ordinary horse carriage but could already carry a maximum of 60 non-bag space items. No matter how they looked at it, the house-sized transport carriages should be capable of transporting at least 100 non-bag space items.

Only Shi Feng knew that the value of the Secret-Silver Transport Carriage was actually not the slightest bit inferior to a Secret-Silver Speedboat.

The Secret-Silver Transport Carriage could carry 350 non-bag space items and 30,000 bag space items. The ten transport carriages lent to him this time were meant to convey the materials needed to carve special magic arrays. Each of these materials took up one non-bag space slot.

Moreover, in terms of speed, the Lightning-horned Earth Dragons were superior to even Dark-Gold Mounts.

While the players on the streets were talking about the Secret-Silver Transport Carriages, the Lightning-horned Earth Dragons took only a few seconds to disappear from everyone's sight as they galloped toward the city's main gate.

Although some members of large Guilds tried to follow Shi Feng and investigate his actions, their Mysterious-Iron Mounts could only eat the Earth Dragons' dust as they watched the Secret-Silver Transport Carriages disappear from view.

Sure enough, Secret-Silver Transport Carriages are really fast! If Zero Wing can acquire one, transporting Diamond Wood and Seven Luminaries Crystals on land would be a lot easier.Shi Feng could not help but be astonished as he looked at the scenery rapidly flashing by.

If a transport carriage possessed such speed, even robbing it would become a very tough proposition.

However, during his previous life, first-rate Guilds would be very fortunate if they could acquire even Bronze Transport Carriages, let alone Secret-Silver Transport Carriages.

After traveling for about half an hour, Shi Feng arrived at a crossroads. He then stopped the caravan and had all the NPCs stand guard.

Someone traveling from Star-Moon City to Silverwing Town on a Dark-Gold Mount wouldn't be able to complete the journey even after traveling continuously for five or six days. Not to mention, one would have to cross many high-level regions during the journey. Fortunately, he was only setting up a trade route, so he didn't need to travel its entire length.

All he had to do was connect some trade routes that previously were unconnected. By doing so, he would be able to bypass a few high-level regions and carve out a trade route to Silverwing Town that would come across monsters no higher than Level 80.

If this task were left to a first-timer, creating such a safe path without several days' worth of research would be impossible, due to a lack of familiarity with the existing trade routes of Star-Moon Kingdom.

Shi Feng, however, knew the trade routes present within the kingdom like the back of his hand. After all, back when he was serving as Shadow's Guild Leader, he had been the one responsible for setting up the majority of the trade routes owned by Shadow. Hence, he was well aware of which existing trade routes would get him from Star-Moon City to the borders of the Orc Empire safely and swiftly.

Shi Feng spent about ten minutes to carve out a magic array in the middle of the crossroads. When he activated the magic array, a blue ripple spread out from the magic array and stopped only after covering a 30,000-yard radius. The monsters close to the crossroads immediately started distancing themselves from it. After a short moment, a safe path was established between the route he currently stood on and a nearby trade route.

After completing this task, he led his caravan toward the nearest NPC town. He then used the teleportation array there to travel to another NPC town and continued connecting other independent trade routes.

Throughout his journey, he caused quite a commotion across the entire Star-Moon Kingdom. The various major powers based within the kingdom grew restless and confused at Shi Feng's actions, unable to figure out what Zero Wing was trying to do.

After running around for a day or so, Shi Feng successfully created a new trade route that connected Star-Moon City and the border between Star-Moon Kingdom and the Orc Empire.

For the remainder of the trade route, due to the absence of existing trade routes within the Orc Empire, Shi Feng had no choice but to create an entirely new one by himself.

When the various Guild players grinding and questing in the Orc Empire's outer area saw the Secret-Silver Transport Carriages approaching, they involuntarily gaped in shock.

Compared to the Lightning-horned Earth Dragons pulling the transport carriages, the Level 60 Orcs trying to stop the carriages were nothing more than jokes. The Earth Dragons sent every Orc that stood in their path flying with a single headbutt. In the end, the Lightning-horned Earth Dragons took only a brief moment to break through the blockade of several thousand Orcs.

Then, after reaching an empty section of the road, the convoy of carriages suddenly came to a halt. In the next moment, Level 70-plus Orcs and monsters appeared out of nowhere and charged at the cloaked man that just alighted from the lead carriage. The man was sporting a six-winged emblem.

As the Orcs and monsters closed in on the man, groups of NPCs got off the other carriages and took up a defensive formation. These NPCs were all Level 80 and above, and even the weakest among them was Tier 2. Despite facing an army of several thousand monsters, these NPCs remained steadfast as they defended the cloaked man. Meanwhile, the dozen or so Tier 3 NPCs fighting in the front lines sent groups of Lord ranked Orcs and monsters flying with a casual attack.

Among these NPCs was a golden-haired beauty that summoned a Great Lord ranked Golden Giant, which thoroughly suppressed the Great Lord ranked Orc leading the assault on the caravan. Meanwhile, every offensive Spell cast by the golden-haired beauty wrenched a cry of pain from the Great Lord ranked Orc, whose HP decreased rapidly.

The army of several thousand Orcs and monsters were utterly helpless against this 100-man team. The monsters couldn't even get within 30 yards of Shi Feng before dying at the NPCs' hands. The horrific scene made the spectating Guild players nearby shudder in fear.

Meanwhile, the spectating Guilds included the Blackwater Guild, which Shi Feng was very familiar with. Currently, there was a 1,000-man team from Blackwater present led by Singular Burial.

At this moment, however, Singular Burial no longer had a tyrannical air around him. After suffering consecutive defeats, he had lost all his corporate backing, which left him in an extremely awkward position in the Blackwater Guild. Now, he was only an inconspicuous Elder in Blackwater. Moreover, he was only Level 53 right now. He looked nothing like the almighty Guild Leader of Heaven's Burial.

"Who is that person? How is he able to control so many NPCs?"

"Wait a minute! Isn't that female NPC one of Black Flame's Personal Guards?"

"She is! That's Anna! Crap, doesn't that mean that player is Black Flame?!"

"Not good! Black Flame is looking over…"

At this moment, when Blackwater's members looked at Shi Feng, fear flooded their hearts because they were all fully aware that he could command the NPCs around him to reap their lives at a whim. Meanwhile, they would be utterly powerless to do anything about it.