Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1818 - Comparable to a First-rate Guild?

Chapter 1818 – Comparable to a First-rate Guild?

Translator: Hellscythe_ Editor: Lucky Old Cat

Dark Night Empire, Lightshadow City[l]:

A lofty tower sat in the middle of the city, and hovering above this tower was a gigantic, dark-purple crystal. The crystal created a magic barrier that enveloped the city, and the crystal could be seen clearly by the large number of players walking throughout the streets. There were also a large number of NPCs and Dark Creatures, such as Demons, Abyssal Demonkin, Vampires. The multi-racial population in Lightshadow City far surpassed that of kingdoms’ Dark Cities.

Many neutral race NPCs hawked their wares along the city streets, a sight that was even rare in other empires’ Dark Cities.

Lightshadow City was no less prosperous than Dark Night City, the Dark Night Empire’s capital. Moreover, Lightshadow City had a wider variety of races.

Meanwhile, a luxurious, five-story-tall mansion stood in the city’s lively Central District. A large number of players came and went from the mansion, and all of them were either extravagantly dressed merchant players or Level 54-plus experts.

When the players in line outside of the mansion saw these merchant and expert players, they couldn’t help but feel a little envious.

“These players’ levels and equipment are amazing! They’re even better than the experts in first-rate Guilds!”

“That’s only natural. Although Dark Soul is an alliance, not a Guild, it periodically raids Team Dungeons. The alliance also frequently plunders the various large Guilds’ elite teams and main forces. Of course, its members have excellent weapons and equipment Moreover, despite such banditry, the various large Guilds are utterly powerless to do anything about it. For example, one first-rate Guild went all-out to deal with Dark Soul, but in the end, the alliance had annihilated its army, and the Guild was eventually forced to disband.”

“That’s right! It was due to that success that Dark Soul is holding a mass-recruitment. When I heard about it, I dropped what I was doing and came here. It would be great if I could join the alliance.”

“If we get to join Dark Soul, we’ll be able to move through the Dark Night Empire and the several neighboring kingdoms unhindered. Even the various Dark Guilds will have to treat us with respect In addition, if we join one of the top five adventurer teams after joining Dark Soul, such as Shadow Claw, the Copper Eagle Kingdom’s number one dark adventurer team, or Dark Hunters, which has recently become famous in the Dark Night Empire, we’ll be set for life.”

“I hope I can get into one of the top five adventurer teams, too. It’s a pity that the requirements are extremely high. At the very least, you’ll need to reach the Trial Tower’s sixth floor or reach the fifth floor’s late stage and have a specialty.”

The several thousand Dark Players outside of the mansion quietly discussed their desire to join Dark Soul.

In the Dark Night Empire and its several neighboring kingdoms, Dark Soul enjoyed a status rivaling that of super-first-rate Guilds and Super Guilds. Moreover, unlike most Dark Guilds and dark adventurer teams, Dark Soul wasn’t afraid of a confrontation with the various large Guilds. It even dared to challenge two super-first-rate Guilds simultaneously.

To Dark Players, who were always forced into hiding, this was a freedom they hungered for.

Now that Dark Soul was recruiting members, independent Dark Players like themselves couldn’t miss this opportunity.

Meanwhile, inside an office on the mansion’s top-most floor, a young man stood by the office’s window. As the young man observed the independent players outside of the mansion, a grin spread across his face.

This man was none other than Tiger Breaker, Dark Soul’s Alliance Master.

“Alliance Master, since we announced the recruitment, over 2,000 players have passed our test already. In addition, over 30 well-known adventurer teams have applied to join us. With these new recruits, once we receive the resources the Starline Corporation promised, we’ll be able to nurture two or three well-equipped expert legions quickly,” a Level 55 male Elementalist wielding a withered wooden staff reported.

“Good! Pathless, you’ve done well this time! As long as the other adventurer teams deal with Zero Wing, we won’t have any problems acquiring the promised resources,” Tiger Breaker said, smiling.

“Alliance Master, you can rest assured. I’ve heard that Black Shark and the others have discovered the whereabouts of Zero Wing’s upper echelons. The Dark Hunters and Shadow Claw have already left to set up the ambush. I believe Zero Wing will suffer severely. Once we receive the confirmation, the Starline Corporation will definitely be satisfied with our performance and pay us a portion of the agreed resources upfront,” the Level 55 Elementalist named Pathless said, smiling.

Once the Starline Corporation delivered the promised resources, Dark Soul would become the Dark Night Empire’s dark overlord. Once it achieved that goal, Dark Soul could then secure its sovereignty over all of God’s Domain’s dark forces.

While Tiger Breaker and Pathless conversed, Pathless received a message. After reading it, however, his complexion paled.

“Has something happened?” Tiger Breaker asked curiously when he noticed Pathless’s gloomy expression.

“I just received a message stating that… the adventurer teams that went to Star-Moon Kingdom to deal with Zero Wing are preparing to return…” Pathless said.

“Return? They’ve dealt with Zero Wing already?” Tiger Breaker could not help his surprise. “No, that’s not right. Zero Wing is a large Guild, comparable to a first-rate Guild. It is impossible to deal with it so quickly! What happened?”

“Zero Wing…has dealt a heavy blow to the Dark Hunters and Shadow Claw. Both adventurer teams have lost over half of

their people. According to Veiled Spirit, the information Starline provided was horrendously inaccurate. The Zero Wing they encountered was an entirely different Guild than what the reports had mentioned. Due to this unexpected development, the various adventurer teams’ commanders have decided to return to Lightshadow City and discuss the matter further,”

Pathless said quietly.

“How is that possible? That’s Dark Hunters and Shadow Claw we’re talking about. They simply left to deal with Zero Wing’s main force. How could they possibly lose? They even lost over half of their teams…” Tiger Breaker stared at Pathless in shock. “Also, what does Veiled Spirit mean that Zero Wing is a different Guild?”

“Alliance Master, these are the battle videos some of the players had recorded. Why don’t you take a look?” The situation confused Pathless as well. Following which, he forwarded the videos he had received from his subordinate to Tiger Breaker.

“Battle videos?” Tiger Breaker began to examine the videos after he received them.

The first video showed the 2,000-plus members from the Dark Hunters and Shadow Claw adventurer teams using trump cards that even surprised Tiger Breaker. Another video showed a female Berserker killing Black Shark in a matter of seconds. Said female Berserker had also killed nearly a hundred players with one attack. The final video showed Shi Feng summoning a Black Dragon and killing a Magic Soldier in just a few seconds. The Swordsman had also summoned his Personal Guard, rampaging and slaughtering the two dark adventurer teams and forcing them into a disadvantageous position.

“This is Starline’s so-called ‘comparable to a first-rate Guild?'” Tiger Breaker’s face flushed with anger as he watched the videos. “Are Starline’s intelligence members sleeping on the job?! How is this comparable to a first-rate Guild?! A first-rate Guild’s main force can wipe out two of Dark Soul’s top-ranking adventurer teams?! Pathless, contact Lu Xingluo and tell him that if he wants to get rid of Zero Wing, he’ll have to triple the pay we agreed on! Otherwise, this transaction is over!”

“Understood. I’ll contact him right away.” Pathless was just as furious after watching the videos. He felt that the Starline Corporation had toyed with Dark Soul.