Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1817 - Eclipse Gate Shaken

Chapter 1817 – Eclipse Gate Shaken

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The Golden Giant and Rock Guardians’ sudden participation turned the situation around, giving the three Guilds an overwhelming advantage. After hearing Veiled Spirit’s command to retreat, both the Shadow Claw and Dark Hunters’ members scattered and fled the battlefield.

However, Shi Feng had no intention of letting the two adventurer teams get away, and he ordered his team to give chase and kill as many enemy players as possible.

If not for the fact that their team fully consisted of the three Guilds’ Tier 2 players, Zero Wing would’ve definitely suffered a severe loss from this ambush.

The Guilds had also gotten lucky that the two adventurer teams that had ambushed them weren’t capable of using their trump cards to their full potential. If the Dark Hunters had also brought 200 Tier 2 players, and they all consumed the Basic Dragon Potion, they would’ve been extremely difficult to deal with.

If Zero Wing’s members fought Tier 2 Dragonoid players, in Shi Feng’s opinion, only Gentle Snow, Fire Dance, Cola, Violet Cloud, Zhao Yueru, and Aqua Rose would be guaranteed to win a one-on-one fight. Everyone else would have a 50% chance at best.

Shadow Claw’s Magic Soldiers shouldn’t be underestimated, either.

Unless one amassed a large number of Magic Soldiers, they wouldn’t be able to exhibit their abilities in full.

Ten Magic Soldiers simply weren’t enough to display their true power. Magic Soldiers would only be able to activate the magic arrays on their armor when a hundred stood together. If those magic arrays activated, the 100 Magic Soldiers could even trample over twenty Tier 4 Mythic monsters of the same level.

At one point in the past, 100 Magic Soldiers had joined a battlefield of Tier 2 players. The Magic Soldiers had been killing machines, allowing a first-rate Guild to fend off a sieging superpower and defend its town successfully.

When players fought each other in God’s Domain, it was practically impossible for one side to push the other to the brink of extinction in a single battle. After all, the world of God’s Domain was not reality. Players could resurrect after dying. Hence, players generally had to undergo a long fight, whittling their opponent’s strength down until their opponent could no longer resist.

Although it was impossible to exterminate the adventurer teams, now that the two adventurer teams had scattered and run, Shi Feng needed to do everything in his power to weaken the adventurer teams. This way, it would take the two adventurer teams a lot more time to recover.

However, after the removal of Dark Precinct, it became extremely difficult to catch up with the escaping Dark Players. To make matters worse, the marshy forest’s layout was extremely complex. As a result, the fleeing Dark Players escaped the three Guilds’ pursuit very quickly. Only the Guilds’ Rangers and Assassins could continue the chase. The other classes had to watch on, powerless, as their targets disappeared.

In less than a minute, the two dark adventurer teams’ members had thoroughly disappeared into the dense forest.

“Commander, the other adventurer teams’ commanders say that they’ll arrive soon, and they’re asking about the battle’s situation,” the female Cleric following Veiled Spirit reported. “How should we respond to them?”

“What’s the situation?” Veiled Spirit frowned, fury on her face as she continued, “Tell them that they can fight all they want! Shadow Claw will take no part in this!”

The female Cleric was speechless. However, she more or less understood her commander’s mood. Shadow Claw had suffered severe losses in this battle. This was the first time their adventure team had suffered so drastically. Moreover, the information the Starline Corporation had given to them had been painfully inaccurate. It was only natural for Veiled Spirit to be furious.

The female Cleric immediately conveyed Veiled Spirit’s reply, word for word, to the commanders of the various approaching adventurer teams.

“Commander, it seems Shadow Claw’s commander is somewhat angry, saying thatShadow Claw is pulling out of this hunt, and that we can go ahead and continue the fight if we want. The Dark Hunters have also left the area. Should we continue forward?”

“This is interesting. It seems both Shadow Claw and Dark Hunters have suffered quite a loss at the hands of Zero Wing. Since that is the case, let us return.”

When the other approaching adventurer teams received Veiled Spirit’s reply, they all gave up on the thought of encircling Zero Wing.

Both Shadow Claw and Dark Hunters were top-ranking adventurer teams in Dark Soul. If even these two adventurer teams had suffered a major loss after attacking Zero Wing, then their adventurer teams would definitely fail. Naturally, there was no longer a need to assault Zero Wing.

Meanwhile, before the forest surrounding the Eclipse Throne…

“Guild Leader, they are simply too fast. They’re like monkeys. We lost track of them as soon as they entered the forest,” Blackie said, stomping his foot in frustration and anger when he could no longer see the two dark adventurer teams. “This really is awful. I barely managed to kill twenty people.”

Hearing Blackie’s words, Unyielding Soul and Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s members shot the Cursemancer scornful looks.

Every one of their opponents had been an expert, not an ordinary player. They had been fortunate to kill three to five players in this battle. Defeating an expert and actually killing one were two different things. Normally, one would be hard-pressed to stop an expert’s escape. Some experts even had lifesaving tools to help them flee dangerous situations.

If the two adventurer teams heard Blackie’s words, they’d cough blood in anger.

“Alright the battle’s over. Everyone, loot the battlefield quickly. It’s best if we don’t linger,” Shi Feng said through the team chat.

He knew a little about the Dark Hunters and Shadow Claw, both of which belonged to the Dark Alliance known as Dark Soul.

The adventurer teams capable of joining Dark Soul were all top adventurer teams. During its peak, Dark Soul had included over 40 adventurer teams. The alliance had been stronger than any one of the Six Great Dark Guilds in God’s Domain in the past.

Although Dark Soul had yet to reach its peak, it should have around ten or so adventurer teams at the very least. Since two of Dark Soul’s adventurer teams had appeared here, he could not rule out the possibility that the alliance’s other adventurer teams would as well. His team was already exhausted. There were fewer than 140 players still alive. Trying to fight several more dark adventurer teams now would result in greater losses.

Unyielding Heart and Phoenix Rain nodded in agreement. They then instructed their subordinates to clean up the battlefield swiftly and leave the area.

Shortly after Shi Feng’s team left the area, several dozen players emerged the dense forest. However, these players were from the various dark adventurer teams. Rather, they were independent players that had come to the jungle to grind Energy Essence.

“Zero Wing is too amazing! That was the first time I’ve seen such an amazing battle!”

“Indeed. Despite only having a 200-man team, Zero Wing repelled an army of over 2,000 experts. This result is simply absurd.”

“Rumors really can’t be believed. Zero Wing is way stronger than the rumors make it out to be. Some of my friends have been urging me to join a first-rate Guild, but looking at it now, it seems that Zero Wing would be a better choice.”

“Hahaha! I recorded the entire battle! Once I return, I’m going to boast the heck out of this at the bar!”

These independent players’ eyes glowed with excitement as they looked at the direction Shi Feng and the others disappeared to.

While they did not know the identities of the two adventurer teams that attacked Zero Wing’s team, they knew that those players had been experts based on their combat standards.

Yet, despite these 2,000-plus experts revealing one trump card after another, Zero Wing’s victory had been decisive.

Naturally, the independent players had no intentions of keeping the battle a secret. Immediately, they posted the videos they had recorded on the official forums, allowing every player in the Eclipse Gate to view them.

“What’s going on? Two superpowers are fighting near the Eclipse Throne?”

“Wait, isn’t that Zero Wing? Did some superpower try to ambush their team?”

“Zero Wing’s Gentle Snow is so strong! She killed nearly a hundred people in one hit!”

When the public saw the independent players’ video, their blood boiled with excitement. The standard of the battle between Zero Wing and the two dark adventurer teams was unprecedented. The battle had completely shattered their understanding of Guild wars. Other kingdoms’ independent players, in particular, gained newfound recognition of Zero Wing. They had never thought that Star-Moon Kingdom’s ruling Guild would be so powerful. News of this battle also reached the various major powers’ intelligence members. These intelligence members relayed the information to their respective upper echelons immediately.