Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1816 - Level Suppression

Chapter 1816 – Level Suppression

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The Black Dragon had turned the armored giant that was undefeatable just a moment ago into a pile of ashes. This scene caused the Dark Hunters and Shadow Claw members to fall into a daze. Many seconds later, they still couldn’t wrap their minds around the fact that a Magic Soldier got killed.

In contrast, Zero Wing’s members were ecstatic.


“All hail the Guild Leader!”

The powerful Black Dragon rekindled the Zero Wing members’ hope of victory. With the Black Dragon’s strength, the remaining nine armored giants would be no problem. As for the other Dark players, these people had been at a disadvantage previously. If not for the armored giants’ interference, both the members of Dark Hunters and Shadow Claw would’ve long since been crushed already.

So, this is the trump card Black Flame has been hiding all this time? Unyielding Heart could not help his shock at the defeat of one of the armored giants. He had never thought that Zero Wing actually possessed such a powerful foundation. The Guild was revealing one trump card after another—each one more amazing than the former.

Although the Black Dragon summoned was only a High Lord, the strength it displayed was far superior to an ordinary High Lord’s of the same level.

“How is this possible?” A somber expression appeared on Veiled Spirit’s face the moment she saw Copper Ape die.

Had the Black Dragon spent a lot of time to defeat Copper Ape, she could have accepted this defeat. However, the battle had been so decisive that she simply couldn’t.

Copper Ape’s combat power as a Magic Soldier was at the peak of Tier 3, yet he had been overwhelmed, unable to retaliate. For a moment, Veiled Spirit even doubted the authenticity of the Magic Soldier she was looking at.

“Commander, what should we do now?” the female Cleric standing beside Veiled Spirit asked hurriedly when she saw the Black Dragon charging toward the other Magic Soldiers.

“Everyone, listen up! This Black Dragon is a summoned creature! As long as we kill its summoner, the Black Dragon will automatically disappear! Everyone, gather up and prioritize killing Black Flame!” Veiled Spirit commanded hurriedly.

In God’s Domain, most summoned creatures shared a common weakness, which was their summoner.

Now that the Black Dragon was proven to be an unstoppable existence, their only hope of getting rid of the menace was to kill Black Flame, its summoner. So long as they killed Black Flame, they would regain the upper hand in the battlefield.

After hearing Veiled Spirit’s words, the Dark Hunters and Shadow Claw members reacted quickly, staring fiercely at Shi Feng.

Previously, they had been too shocked by the Black Dragon’s prowess and had forgotten about the fatal flaw of summoned creatures. However, now that they had snapped out of their daze, they promptly charged at Shi Feng one after another. Meanwhile, three of the remaining nine Magic Soldiers moved to surround the Black Dragon to prevent it from helping Shi Feng.

“Kill him! He’s alone!”

“As long as he dies, victory will be ours!”

Suddenly, over a hundred players swarmed toward Shi Feng, killing intent radiating from their eyes.

“That’s right! As long as we kill you, this Black Dragon will disappear!” Iron Blade, the leader of the Iron Blade Team as well as the battle-axe-wielding armored giant that was fighting Shi Feng earlier, shouted as he glared at Shi Feng, who stood less than 15 yards away. He raised his battle axe into the air, then abruptly swung it down onto the ground before him. “Die!”


In the next moment, twelve earthen spears jutted out from the ground around Shi Feng and stabbed at the Swordsman, each earthen spear carrying the full Strength of the Magic Soldier.

Meanwhile, Iron Blade raised his greataxe and leaped into the air. He then slashed downward with his greataxe as he descended toward Shi Feng, his actions thoroughly sealing all of Shi Feng’s escape routes.

However, Shi Feng showed no intention of retreating. Instead, he activated Defensive Blade and swung his two swords to meet the approaching battle axe in battle.

After Shi Feng nullified the earthen spears and expended his Defensive Blade’s block count completely, his swords came into contact with Iron Blade’s battle axe. The Swordsman’s feet immediately sank deep into the ground.

When everyone saw the outcome of the clash, however, they were thoroughly stupefied.

Shi Feng had received less than -2,000 damage from the clash. To any player on the battlefield right now, this amount of damage was practically negligible. After all, they all had several tens of thousands of HP.

What’s going on? Why is his Strength so much more than before? Iron Blade stared at Shi Feng in confusion. He could not understand why Shi Feng had lost so little HP during their clash this time.

Sure enough, it still isn’t possible to match a Magic Soldier even with the Attribute bonus provided by Heavenly Dragon’s Breath. Shi Feng could not help but reveal a bitter smile when he looked at his vibrating swords.

When he summoned the Black Dragon, Dragon’s Domination had taken effect

For every Dragon present within a 1,000-yard radius, Dragon’s Domination increased all of his Basic Attributes by 500 points each. By performing Strength Combination in this buffed state, he had managed to drastically reduce the damage he took from Iron Blade this time. However, when going up against a Tier 3 Magic Soldier, he could execute Strength Combination only for defensive purposes; using the technique offensively was impossible.

Strength Combination was a very sophisticated technique. Even the slightest mistake could lead to failure. Meanwhile, the Tier 3 Magic Soldier possessed a Tier 3 physique. What with Iron Blade being a Flowing Water Realm expert, the Berserker could deal with an offensive Strength Combination very easily. Trying to use the technique in an attack would only do Shi Feng more harm than good. Not to mention, his Defense and HP were significantly lower than Iron Blade’s. Facing off against Iron Blade in a direct clash would only bring on an earlier death.

“I want to see just how many times you can block my attacks!” Iron Blade also understood Shi Feng’s present state. Right now, all he needed to do was one thing: maneuver his attacks through the Swordsman’s defenses. Strength Combination was an extremely complex technique. Trying to use it in a high-speed battle only made the technique even more difficult to execute. The moment Shi Feng slipped up, he would die.

“I am indeed unable to block your attacks that many times. However, you can’t possibly be thinking that this is a one-on-one duel, right?” Shi Feng said as he looked at Iron Blade’s battle axe approaching him once again. He used Divine Steps and switched positions with the farthest doppelganger, then retrieved a scroll from his bag and activated it.

A moment later, a golden-haired beauty wearing long, silver robes and holding a crystalline staff appeared before Shi Feng.

Due to the presence of this woman, the density of the ambient Mana increased slightly. Meanwhile, the woman herself gave off a pressure that instilled fear in those enveloped in it.

This new arrival was none other than Anna, Shi Feng’s Personal Guard.

As Personal Guards also took up a slot when entering a Team Dungeon, Shi Feng couldn’t summon Anna to his raid team of 200 players while raiding the Eclipse Throne, which was a 200-man Team Dungeon. More importantly, if Personal Guards participated in a Team Dungeon raid, a successful clear would not count as a First Clear. Hence, Shi Feng had not bothered bringing Anna and Kite out even though both of them would have been powerful helpers. However, now that he was out of the Dungeon, such restrictions no longer applied.

At this point, Anna was already a Level 85, Tier 2 NPC. Aside from her Basic Attributes, the powerful pressure she exerted on the players present was due to level suppression.

“Get rid of them!” Shi Feng commanded, pointing at the Magic Soldier before him.

“As you wish!” Anna nodded and started chanting an incantation.

Reacting to the situation, Iron Blade immediately swung his battle axe at Anna. In response, Anna lightly tapped the butt of her staff on the ground. A golden barrier spread out from her staff, pushing Iron Blade over twenty yards away. By the time Iron Blade shattered this barrier, Anna had already summoned a Level 85 Golden Giant and ten Level 85 Rock Guardians. She then proceeded to buff their Attributes.

With just one punch, the Level 85 Golden Giant sent the Level 55 Magic Soldier stumbling backward by several steps. The disparity in Strength resulting from the difference in levels was massive.

The enemy players charging toward Shi Feng gasped involuntarily at this scene.

Meanwhile, the ten Level 85 Rock Guardians stood guard around Shi Feng, their posture daunting the approaching Dark Hunters and Shadow Claw members, who halted their charge.

Although the level suppression system had been tuned down over several system updates, it had not weakened to the point of negligibility. After the difference exceeded fifteen levels, the effects of level suppression would become significant. Meanwhile, there was currently a gap of 30 levels between the Dark players and the Rock Guardians.

“Do you think you all can come and go as you please?” Shi Feng sneered as he glanced at the members of the two dark adventurer teams that were previously charging at him. “All of you should just stay here forever!”

He then had the ten Rock Guardians attack the backtracking players.

Faced with a bunch of Level 50-plus, Tier 1 Dragonoid players, the Level 85 Rock Guardians were able to send a couple flying with every punch. Due to the level suppression, the players’ Defense had weakened considerably. Even Tier 1 Shield Warriors and Guardian Knights couldn’t withstand the blows of the Rock Guardians and were sent flying with a punch.

Meanwhile, after fighting for some time, the Black Dragon Shi Feng controlled finally killed one of the three Magic Soldiers pinning it down. Now, the Black Dragon thoroughly suppressed the two remaining Magic Soldiers, each of its normal attacks taking away over 20,000 HP from the Magic Soldiers and over 50,000 if it used a Skill.

At the moment, the Magic Soldiers and the other players belonging to the two dark adventurer teams were getting massacred.

“Commander, we’ve lost nearly half of our members already. Are we still going to continue fighting?” the female Cleric standing beside Veiled Spirit asked.

From Black Shark’s death until now, only a little over a minute had passed, yet they had already lost so many of their members. By the time reinforcements arrived, their entire adventurer team would be annihilated.

After pondering for a brief moment, Veiled Spirit gritted her teeth before reluctantly shouting, “Retreat! Have everyone pull away from the battlefield as quickly as possible!”

The report they’d received regarding Zero Wing was outrageously inaccurate. Right now, she wanted nothing more than to charge into the Starlight Corporation’s Guild Hall and choke the members of the corporation’s intelligence unit to death. Zero Wing’s current performance was completely different from what was reported, so much so that she suspected the report was actually about an entirely different Guild.