Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1815 - Black Dragon’s Might

Chapter 1815: Black Dragon’s Might

Translator: Hellscythe_ Editor: Lucky Old Cat

The Black Dragon’s sudden appearance forced a gasp from the players on the battlefield.

Although the Black Dragon was a lot smaller than an actual Dragon, its aura was terrifying. Everyone could feel the massive difference between their Life Ratings and the Black Dragon’s, a difference they had never felt from any creature they had encountered thus far in God’s Domain.

Although most of the players present had likely never come across a real Dragon, the various kingdoms and empires’ libraries contained detailed records on Dragons.

Dragons had wiped out many kingdoms and empires throughout God’s Domain’s long history. When a Dragon appeared in an area, the area would instantly become a forbidden land for humans.

Yet, a living Black Dragon stood before them. Moreover, when players tried to use an Identification Skill on the Black Dragon, the result confirmed that it was indeed a Dragon. Why wouldn’t these players be shocked and afraid?

[Black Dragon] (Dragon, High Lord)

Level 67

HP 24,000,000/24,000,000

“Wait! This Dragon is only a High Lord!”

“That’s right! Although the Dragon is high-leveled, it’s only in the upper standards of Tier 2. It isn’t even a Great Lord.”

“That spooked me. I really thought that someone had summoned a powerful Dragon. It turns out it’s only a High Lord. Even our party can easily kill it.”

The Dark Hunters and Shadow Claw members who had trembled slightly with fear quickly realized that although the Black Dragon was a real Dragon, it wasn’t like the Dragons in the records they had read. According to historical records, real Dragons were Tier 4 Mythic creatures at the very minimum.

If such a Dragon actually appeared before them, they’d likely run for their lives. None of them would’ve dared to linger.

But since this was only a High Lord, the adventurer teams’ members discarded their worry. They had slain countless High Lords, including High Lord ranked Archaic Species.

“And here I thought you had summoned some kind of amazing monster, but it’s just an immature Dragon!” Copper Ape said, revealing a confident grin as he swung his greatsword at the Black Dragon. “Scram!”

The black smoke around the greatsword formed a crescent as it sliced towards the Black Dragon.

Tier 3 Skill, Explosive Slash!

The crescent energy beam tore through space itself as it moved. From afar, it looked as if the crescent beam had just cut through a sheet of black paper. The attack’s immense aura was even stifling to nearby players.

Just before the crescent beam devoured the Black Dragon, the creature extended a scaled claw to meet the attack. Pitch- black flames then emerged and enveloped the massive claw.

When the crescent beam crashed into the flaming claw, it seemed as if the beam had slammed into an adamantine wall. Not only had the attack abruptly halted, but the Black Dragon’s claw also remained unharmed and stationary. Following which, the Black Dragon lightly pinched the crescent beam…


Suddenly, the crescent beam shattered and dissipated as if it had never existed.

“That… That is impossible!” Shock filled Copper Ape’s gaze as he watched his target nullify his Explosive Slash.

He had just executed a Tier 3 Skill. With his current Strength and physique, he could easily suppress a Great Lord of the same level, much less a High Lord.

He had believed that, in the worst-case scenario, his attack would shake the Black Dragon slightly.

Yet… the High Lord ranked Black Dragon before him had forced his attack to a stop. Moreover, the Black Dragon had shattered his Tier 3 Skill.

How could such a thing be possible?

“What’s up with that Black Dragon? How did it receive that kind of attack without taking any damage?” Veiled Spirit, who watched from afar, stared with wide eyes.

“So, this is a Dragon’s power?” Unyielding Heart and Phoenix Rain were similarly thunderstruck when they saw the Black Dragon shatter the energy beam with a pinch.

They could be considered quite knowledgeable about Dragons, but even they were surprised. Now, they fully understood why Dragons were destruction incarnate.

Sure enough, a Dragon’s Strength is really amazing! As Shi Feng controlled his doppelganger, he could feel an inexhaustible power course through his entire body. He then turned to the Magic Soldier before him and said, “Your Strength should be at the peak of Tier 3. Unfortunately, you’re not a high enough level. Otherwise, you would’ve posed a threat. Since you’ve finished your attack, it’s my turn.”

A Dragon was invincible among creatures of the same tier.

Even though the Black Dragon was only a High Lord, it was still a Level 67 High Lord. In addition, the Black Dragon’s Life Rating was incredibly high. It gained a massive amount of Attributes with each levd-up. Meanwhile, the player before him was only Level 55. With 12 additional levels, even a player’s strength would undergo a qualitative transformation, not to mention a Dragon.

The Level 67 High Lord ranked Black Dragon was already more powerful than a Level 55 Great Lord ranked Black Dragon, and since Dragons were invincible among the same tier, how could a Tier 3 Magic Soldier possibly be a match for such a creature?

Furthermore, the Magic Soldier was an ancient weapon only meant to deal with high-tiered monsters. Before a true Dragon, a Magic Soldier was garbage.

When Shi Feng finished speaking, he controlled the Black Dragon to open its maw and inhale a mouthful of air. A gigantic magic array then formed before the creature, gathering a massive amount of Mana.

A moment later, the Black Dragon released a deafening roar.

Dragon Breath!

Immediately, pitch-black flames devoured Copper Ape, extending up to 200 yards away from the Black Dragon. In the blink of an eye, a huge portion of the battlefield transformed into a fiery hell. Agonized screams echoed across the field as streaks of white light rose from the fiery hell.

A single breath attack had burned over a hundred players to ash…

Once the flames dissipated, a huge divide tore the ground, forming a far more frightening hole than the one Glorious Will’s Myth of Light had created.

Even Shi Feng, who was responsible for the attack, was surprised by the power of the Black Dragon’s Dragon Breath.

While the Magic Soldier before him was still alive, the armored giant had less than 100,000 HP remaining. The Magic Soldier’s tough, black armor sported visible cracks.

The battlefield had become deathly silent after witnessing the Black Dragon’s horrific power.

When Copper Ape gazed at the monster before him, fear filled his eyes.

However, before Copper Ape could respond, Shi Feng controlled the Black Dragon to pounce on and attack the gigantic player with a claw swipe. When the Black Dragon’s claw slammed into Copper Ape’s helmet, the player fell on his side, shattering the armor piece. Copper Ape instantly lost over 30,000 HP. Flames then erupted on the Black Dragon’s other claw before the monster thrust it into the Magic Soldier’s armored chest. The flaming claw penetrated the armor like a hot knife through butter, and Copper Ape screamed in pain as the Black Dragon’s blazing claw thrust into him.

Flames devoured Copper Ape’s entire body, his remaining 44,000 HP plummeting.

In the blink of an eye, Copper Ape’s HP vanished, his body transforming into fire before it vanished. When the flames eventually subsided, only a deep crater remained…