Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1813 - Magic Soldier’s Descent

Chapter 1813: Magic Soldier’s Descent

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Such power! Shi Feng was a little astonished when he saw the crater Myth of Light had created. The Skill’s destructive power was even superior to Flame Domain’s. Flame Domain only caused massive amounts of damage; it couldn’t change the terrain like Myth of Light had.

While the ability to affect the surrounding terrain might not seem much, it had a lot of uses in specific situations. This ability was particularly useful during a siege battle. Myth of Light could decimate defensive structures. It was far more powerful than an ordinary war weapon since its ability to alter the terrain would damage targeted defensive structures’ Defense and defensive magic array, making them more vulnerable to attacks.

In the past, such items had been strategic resources for the various large Guilds.

A weapon like Glorious Will was no longer a weapon to be used against other players, but against towns and cities.

Moreover, despite causing so much destruction, the current Glorious Will wasn’t complete. When they gathered enough Magic Crystals and Sun Essences to upgrade it, the power of Myth of Light would increase further.

Shi Feng wasn’t the only person surprised by Myth of Light’s destructive power. Even Unyielding Heart and Phoenix Rain, who stood nearby, were stunned. The Dark Hunters that had intended to charge at Gentle Snow were frozen with shock.

“What is that Skill? How is it so powerful?”

Although they had seen quite a few high-tiered Spells that could change the terrain, none of those Spells had caused as much destruction as Myth of Light had. The 6-meter-deep crater’s walls had even turned into molten lava. The Skill’s power was astonishing.

After watching over 80 of their allies burn to ash, the remaining Dark Hunters hesitated, a little afraid.

At least they could attempt to dodge Gentle Snow’s Will of Light, but against such a super-large AOE, their deaths were guaranteed unless they had an Invulnerability Skill. They had no hope of dodging the attack.

The Dark Hunters quietly reexamined Gentle Snow. Although their greed hadn’t faded, fear was now the prevalent emotion in their hearts. Furthermore, the crater Myth of Light had formed prevented them from charging at Gentle Snow. The crater had also split their path of retreat in two. Now, all these players could think of was escape.

No one knew whether or not Gentle Snow could use Myth of Light again, as she had with Will of Light.

These players weren’t fools. While they weren’t afraid of death, they wouldn’t die for nothing.

If they died a natural death while under the effects of the Basic Dragonoid Potion, not only wouldn’t they lose any weapons or equipment, but they’d also only lose 50% EXP. However, if they were killed, they’d lose a weapon or equipment piece and a full level.

How does Zero Wing have such a powerful player? Veiled Spirit, who was in the midst of retreating, could not help her shocked when she saw the Dark Hunters’ fear.

According to the information Shadow Claw had gathered, while Zero Wing was very powerful, it definitely wasn’t this strong. Gentle Snow, in particular, was like a completely different person from what the reports had described. The female Berserker had single-handedly killed over a hundred Dark Hunters.

The Dark Hunters were not your average joe. They were experts that had been handpicked and recruited from among the various Dark Players. Moreover, they had received a lot of specialized training after joining the adventurer team. In addition, as Dark Players, they were adept at fighting other players. In PvP, they were much stronger than ordinary expert players of the same combat standard.

Yet, Gentle Snow had single-handedly killed off one-tenth of the Dark Hunters. This outcome was truly scary.

“Commander, the other adventurer teams’ commanders have messaged us, stating that they’re almost here. Two are very close and will reach us in around two to three minutes. They are hoping we can stall Zero Wing for a little while longer,” a Level 55 female Cleric wearing exquisite, blue robes and wielded a silver staff suddenly reported.

“Two or three minutes?” Veiled Spirit fell into deep thought upon hearing this. A brief moment later, she responded, “Notify the Dark Hunters and tell them that reinforcements will arrive soon. Tell them to do everything they can to stall for time.”

When trying to assassinate a Guild’s upper echelons, the first attempt was the most important as these upper echelons wouldn’t have prepared for an ambush. If the first attempt failed, subsequent attempts were even less likely to succeed.

Now that Black Shark had prohibited Zero Wing, Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, and Unyielding Soul’s teleportation abilities and physically prevented these upper echelons from leaving the Dark Precinct, this was the perfect opportunity to kill these three Guild’s upper echelons. They likely wouldn’t find another such opportunity.

As long as the dozen or so adventurer teams that belonged to Dark Soul gathered, the three Guilds’ experts would die here, even if they were more powerful.

“But, commander, Zero Wing’s people are too powerful. They are even slaughtering the Dark Hunters’ Dragonoid players.

I’m afraid that the Dark Hunters will be annihilated before reinforcements arrive. If that happens, we’ll be next,” the female Cleric said worriedly as she watched the Dark Hunters’ member count continue to decrease. “Moreover, the Dark Hunters should realize what fate awaits them if they stay and fight. They’ll never agree to the proposal.”

Although they were all members of Dark Soul, the organization’s adventurer teams were also rivals. None of them would willingly sacrifice themselves for another.

Veiled Spirit understood that her demand was outrageous and would undoubtedly get rejected. After pondering for another moment, she commanded, “I understand. Notify the Iron Blade Team; tell them that they don’t need to hold back any longer. Have them help the Dark Hunters pin down Zero Wing.”

“Let the Iron Blade Team take action? Commander, isn’t it a little early to expose this trump card?” the female Cleric asked in astonishment.

Every adventurer team in Dark Soul had their own secrets. The Dark Hunters’ Basic Dragonoid Potion was one example. If the Dark Hunters hadn’t used the potion in this battle, Shadow Claw would’ve remained ignorant of its existence.

Although Shadow Claw did not possess an item like the Basic Dragonoid Potion, it had its own trump card.

“It’s fine. Holding Zero Wing’s members back is more important right now,” Veiled Spirit said as she waved off her subordinate’s concern.

If they did not stop Zero Wing now, their dream of obtaining Zero Wing’s weapons and equipment would shatter. She could recognize that Zero Wing’s upper echelons used far better weapons and equipment than what the adventurer teams’ commanders, like her and Black Shark, used. If Shadow Claw could get its hands on these items, it would have a chance of completing some of the quests that it had been forced to set aside for some time.

“Understood!” the female Cleric replied. She immediately notified the Iron Blade Team, whose members currently fought the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, of the changed orders. At the same time, she had the retreating Dark Hunters stall for time.

Fortunately, the Dark Hunters did not oppose Shadow Claw’s request. They realized that, even if they started to flee now, Zero Wing’s members would claim many of their lives. Rather than dying pointlessly, they might as well fight it out and hopefully buy enough time for reinforcements to arrive.

For a time, the Dark Hunters engaged in a running battle with Zero Wing and Unyielding Soul’s members, using hit-and-run tactics. They avoided any prolonged fights as much as possible, significantly reducing their casualty rate.

On the other side of the battlefield, a 100-man team from Shadow Claw split away from the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s members and encroached on Zero Wing’s battlefield. Ten of these 100 players were Tier 2, while the rest were Tier 1 players. This team was a relatively powerful expert team.

However, this small detachment from Shadow Claw paled in comparison to Zero Wing’s members, who were all Tier 2 players.

Yet, these Shadow Claw members did not hesitate to face Zero Wing’s members in a frontal clash. They showed no signs of fighting a running battle like the Dark Hunters. In fact, these Shadow Claw members charged straight at Shadow Sword’s vanguard unit.

“Interesting. They want to pick a fight?” Shadow Sword raised his brows in surprise when he noticed the approaching 100- man team. He selected a dozen or so players and moved to meet this new enemy.

When less than 50 yards separated both sides, the Shadow Claw members grinned playfully. Each of them then took a Magic Array Scroll from their bags and unfurled the scroll without hesitation.

Suddenly, ten magic arrays appeared on the battlefield, each maintained by nine Tier 1 players and one Tier 2 player.

A moment later, the Tier 1 players standing in each of the ten magic arrays went pale, their Basic Attributes plummeting. In contrast, the Tier 2 players saw their auras’ intensity rapidly increase. They also began to grow larger. In the blink of an eye, the ten Tier 2 players had become five-meter-tall giants. They were covered in pitch-black armor, which had been enchanted with magic runes.

“It’s time for you people from Zero Wing to learn of the Shadow Claw’s greatness! Magic Soldier’s Descent!” the Berserker leading the Iron Blade Team said, laughing as he looked at Shadow Sword and the small team the enemy Berserker led before swinging down the battle axe in his hands.

Reacting quickly, Shadow Sword activated Whirlwind Slash before the gigantic axe could reach him.


With the sound of metal on metal, Shadow Sword was thrown over 20 yards away, and he wasn’t the only one. The other enlarged players had also sent the dozen or so Zero Wing experts that had accompanied Shadow Sword flying, instantly dealing over -5,000 damage. The players that had taken a direct hit, however, had instantly lost over half of their HPs…

This scene stupefied the three Guilds’ members.

Not only were Zero Wing’s experts no match for these giants in a head-on collision despite both sides being Tier 2 players, but they had also lost over 5,000 HP. These colossal players had even more Strength than a Great Lord of the same level.

Magic Soldier’s Descent? When he noticed them, Shi Feng flashed the ten armored giants a surprised look.

Magic Soldier’s Descent was a Taboo Magic Array that sacrificed multiple players’ Attributes to enhance one of their comrades. Even the Basic Magic Soldier’s Descent could strengthen a player to the Tier 3 standard. However, the target had to be a Tier 2 player.

Due to the ten giants, the remaining Dark Hunters regained some confidence as they began to launch attacks alongside the giants.

Unyielding Heart and Phoenix Rain watched the ten gigantic players with somber expressions. Even an MT as powerful as Cola could only tank one of these giants. The only other player in Zero Wing that could do so was Gentle Snow.

After a brief clash, Zero Wing’s members began to retreat

Just before the giants shattered the formation of Zero Wing’s vanguard, splitting it in two, a figure appeared before one of the massive enemy players. It was none other than Shi Feng.

Shi Feng swung Killing Ray at the giant before him.

Lightning Slash!

Seeing the massive lightning bolt approaching him, the armored giant, who had the physique of a Tier 3 player, reacted very quickly and raised his battle axe to block the attack.


The impact shoved the armored giant back by over 20 yards, the armored giant taking over -7,000 damage…