Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1812 - Light's Power

Chapter 1812: Light’s Power

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The commander got killed…”

“Is she a monster?”

Seeing Black Shark’s body disappear, the members of the Dark Hunters adventurer team were stunned. A few members had even forgotten to attack and took direct hits from Zero Wing and Unyielding Soul’s players.

How could the commander lose? Lonely Lamp could not bring himself to believe what he had just seen.

Black Shark’s strength had imprinted itself on Lonely Lamp and the other Dark Hunters’ minds long ago.

Not only were Black Shark’s combat techniques astounding, but he also wore the best equipment available at this stage of the game. Even if he faced Super Guilds’ old monsters, he could enter and leave the battlefield freely.

If a group of Tier 2 players had ganged up and killed Black Shark, Lonely Lamp could believe that his commander had died, but a single player had faced and killed Black Shark. Moreover, that player wasn’t a monster-level expert that had enjoyed many years of fame in the virtual gaming world. How could he possibly accept this fact as true?

How is she so strong? Unyielding Heart, who looked at Gentle Snow standing proudly in the distance, was at a loss for words when he saw what had happened. Both surprise and admiration filled his heart.

He was no stranger to the name ‘Gentle Snow.’ After all, she had once been a Guild Leader herself. Although her Guild had been disbanded due to the Blackwater Corporation’s intervention, it was an inescapable fact that Gentle Snow was a very talented player.

After Ouroboros had disbanded, Unyielding Soul had attempted to recruit Gentle Snow, and it hadn’t been the only superpower to reach out to her. According to Unyielding Heart’s knowledge, at least three superpowers had tried to recruit the Snow Goddess.

In the end, however, Gentle Snow had chosen to join Zero Wing, which had been an unknown Guild at the time. This decision disappointed the various superpowers.

During the earlier Dungeon raid, Unyielding Heart’s opinions about Gentle Snow had been reaffirmed. The woman was indeed extremely talented and would no doubt become a famous expert in God’s Domain in the future. Right now, however, Gentle Snow’s combat standard was still too rough. She relied entirely on her advantage in Basic Attributes to contend with the various superpowers peak experts.

Unyielding Heart had never imagined that just by switching to a new weapon, Gentle Snow would be able to display combat power on par with experts like himself. By relying on that horrific Skill of hers, her victory over Black Shark, who was very famous among the Dark Night Empire’s dark forces, had been overwhelming.

Unyielding Heart could not help but pity Black Shark. He also understood why Black Shark had lost. If he had to challenge Gentle Snow, he’d likely suffer a similar fate.

It was simply absurd that Gentle Snow could use a Skill with such high burst damage repeatedly within such a short time. This was no longer an attack that could be mitigated with techniques. Not even an Assassin, the class with the most Lifesaving Skills, would get away from Gentle Snow unscathed, much less a Ranger like Black Shark.

If Black Shark had to blame someone for his death, he could only blame himself for launching his ambush with such poor timing. He had actually attacked on the day Zero Wing raided the Eclipse Throne. Moreover, the ambush had taken place after Zero Wing had cleared the super-large-scale Team Dungeon. Thanks to the Dungeon’s loot, Zero Wing’s members had improved their weapons and equipment considerably.

What immense power. Just what is that weapon? Phoenix Rain was a little astonished as she looked at the Glorious Will Gentle Snow wielded.

Although she knew that any weapon from the Magic Crystal Treasure Chest would be extraordinary, she had never thought the weapon would be this powerful. Glorious Will had elevated Gentle Snow’s combat power to a whole new level. This was especially true for her PvP capabilities.

Moreover, Cola’s performance on the battlefield was also eye-catching.

Equipped with the Dark Corrosion Set, Cola’s entire body radiated a scorching aura. While in battle, this aura became even more intense. Any player that came close to the Guardian Knight would felt a stinging pain, losing their focus in the fight. Without enough Fire Resistance, players even took damage from this burning aura.

Even against multiple Tier 2 melee experts, Cola easily sent them all stumbling backward with a single charging assault When struck by a Tier 2 fire-type Spell, Cola would only receive around -2,000 damage. As for Tier 1 Spells, they did less than -1,000 damage. To Cola, who had over 85,000 HP, this was barely a scratch.

By himself, Cola had torn a hole through the Dark Hunters’ defensive net. The Dark Corrosion Set performed better than she had imagined.

After a brief moment of silence on the battlefield, the Dark Hunters adventurer team snapped out of their daze, but unexpectedly, the Dark Hunters didn’t turn and flee. Instead, they stared at Gentle Snow with greedy eyes.

“That woman’s combat standard is subpar at best The fact that she can kill the commander must mean that she has excellent equipment!”

“Her greatsword looks so cool! It’s definitely not some ordinary weapon!”

“She just finished a tough fight with the commander. She must’ve exhausted her Skills. If we kill her now, we can claim her equipment for our own!”

Desire dominated the Dark Hunters as they watched Gentle Snow, who currently stood alone within her enemy’s ranks.

“Have these people lost their minds? They’re actually eying Gentle Snow at a time like this?” Blue Phoenix was confused when she saw the Dark Hunters’ greed.

She simply could not understand what was going through these players’ minds. The Dark Hunters had lost their momentum, yet rather than trying to escape, these players wanted to waste precious time to surround and kill Gentle Snow…

“Kill her! Avenge the commander!”

“Right! Kill her for the commander!”

With a shout, 80 or so Dark Hunters near Gentle Snow charged at the female Berserker.

They had been in the process of retreating, and to kill Black Shark, Gentle Snow had reached their rear line by herself. She didn’t have a single companion nearby. This was their opportunity to take her out and plunder her items.

Moreover, they were all experts. They could tell that Gentle Snow had only defeated their commander because of the frightening Skill she possessed. In their experience, such a powerful Skill wasn’t from a Skill Book. There was an 80% chance that the Skill belonged to the weapons or equipment she used.

Many of the Dark Hunters had already consumed the Basic Dragonoid Potion. They were going to die sooner or later. If they could kill Gentle Snow and get a piece of top-tier equipment before they died, their death would be worth it.

Most importantly, there was a very high chance that they would succeed.

“Not good! Guild Leader Black Flame, we need to save her!” Unyielding Heart shouted as he watched the Dark Hunters surround the Snow Goddess.

However, as soon as Unyielding Heart finished his statement, Gentle Snow charged straight toward the 80-plus Dark Hunters approaching her. Five of these Dark Hunters were Tier 2 experts. Even Black Shark would be hard-pressed to survive if surrounded by such a force.

Yet, Gentle Snow showed no intention of running away. Instead, she simply raised Glorious Will. A moment later, the weapon began to cast a dazzling glow.

“She’s going to use that move again! Everyone, pay attention to dodging!” Lonely Lamp, who was part of the crowd charging at Gentle Snow, shouted.

As experts, the Dark Hunters reacted very quickly. They had also long since estimated Will of Light’s AOE and maintained a suitable distance from each other.

Meanwhile, seeing the Dark Hunters spread out, Gentle Snow could not help but smile, confusing her opponents.

However, before anyone could figure out what was going on, Gentle Snow brandished Glorious Will.

However, unlike before, Gentle Snow did not swing her greatsword downward. Instead, she thrust it into the ground before her. A dazzling beam of light then pierced the dusky sky and descended on Gentle Snow.

In the next moment, a magic array appeared beneath the approaching 80-plus Dark Hunters. The Dark Hunters caught within the magic array felt an intense pressure weigh them down as their movements became sluggish. They all felt the threat of death loom over them.

“No! This isn’t the same move! It’s another Skill!”

The Dark Hunters quickly realized that something was amiss, but it was too late to change their fate.

“Disappear from this place! Myth of Light!”

Before anyone could react, Gentle Snow tightened her grip around Glorious Will and pulled the weapon from the ground in an upward slash.

The sword light cut through the earth, shattering it. As the sword light moved forward, it rapidly expanded and devoured everything it touched. By the time the sword light disappeared, the fading light had revealed a 6-meter-deep crater that stretched out in a 50-yard cone before Gentle Snow. Ownerless weapons and equipment littered the crater…