Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1811 - Overpowered Equipment

Chapter 1811: Overpowered Equipment

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“So fast!”

The members of Dark Hunters couldn’t help their surprise as they watched Gentle Snow attack Black Shark.

Gentle Snow was simply too fast. Not only had she broken through their defensive lines without much effort, but she had also reached their commander in the blink of an eye. Her 16 Swords of Light also targeted Black Shark’s blind spots. Defending against so many attacks at once was impossible for a Ranger.

You want to kill me? Black Shark sneered at the 16 Swords of Light.

Before the Swords of Light struck the Ranger, Black Shark swung his longbow horizontally, forming a barrier of wind around him. The wind pushed all 16 Swords of Light away, and they harmlessly brushed past Black Shark. The Ranger did not receive a single point of damage.

Tier 2 Skill, Wind Armor!

Although Gentle Snow hadn’t harmed Black Shark with her two greatswords this time, he couldn’t attack while under Wind Armor’s protection.

When Wind Armor was about to disappear, Black Shark activated Backward Jump. He fired five arrows, which formed a magic array and shot towards Gentle Snow like a comet, while he soared backward through the air.

Tier 2 Skill, Starburst!

This was the Ranger class’s most powerful Tier 2 Skill. The Skill combined the power of five arrows, and the attack was even strong enough to force a Great Lord of the same level stumbling backward.

Despite the approaching attack, however, Gentle Snow didn’t bother to dodge. Instead, she countered the attack with a swing of Glorious Will.

Will of Light!

Buffed by Will of Light, Glorious Will released a golden brilliance as it transformed into a streak of light and clashed with Black Shark’s Starburst.


Gentle Snow’s counterattack sliced Starburst in half on the spot, stupefying the other players present.

From afar, it had looked like a beam of light slicing apart another beam of light. It was spectacular. A heartbeat later, an intense shockwave slammed into the surrounding players.

After cutting down Starburst, Glorious Will continued to slice the area in front of its wielder. The six Tier 1 Dragonoids caught in Gentle Snow’s 5*25-yard AOE died instantly.

“How is that possible? Hasn’t she used that attack already?”

“Could it be a bug?”

Some players, who had a good memory, noticed that the Skill Gentle Snow had just used was the same one that she had used to protect Zero Wing’s Shield Warrior and kill several Tier 1 Dragonoids earlier. Normally, such a powerful Skill should have a very long Cooldown, but even if it had a short Cooldown, there was no way that she could use it after just a few seconds.

But before anyone could figure out what had happened, Gentle Snow swung Glorious Will at Black Shark yet again.

Like before, Glorious Will released a golden light that extended towards Black Shark. Black Shark had just landed, and he had no way to dodge the attack.

Seeing the approaching sword light, Black Shark could not help but frown. Immediately, he pulled his ancient longbow’s bowstring. This time, however, he did not nock any arrows. He simply pulled an empty string.

However, a horrific amount of Mana gathered around the empty bow, forming an arrow of light. He then released the bowstring and sent the light arrow flying at the incoming sword light

Unlike before, Gentle Snow’s attack didn’t stop Black Shark’s arrow. On the contrary, the light arrow shattered the sword light as it continued towards Gentle Snow.

“Die!” Black Shark sneered as he watched the arrow come within 10 yards of his target.

This arrow of light wasn’t a result of a Ranger Skill. It was actually one of his bow’s Skills, Space Shattering Arrow. Not only could it enhance his attack by one tier, but it could also severely injure a Grand Lord of the same level.

Suddenly, the light arrow split into over 30 miniature copies.

Even Gentle Snow felt powerless for a moment as she watched the tiny arrows rain down. Meanwhile, the nearby Dark Hunters revealed victorious expressions.

They were all very familiar with their commander’s move. Each one of those miniature arrows carried 100% of Black Shark’s Strength. Even if just a few arrows found their mark, Gentle Snow would lose a significant amount of HP.

However, something unexpected happened suddenly. Once again, Gentle Snow raised Glorious Will high, and it released the same golden glow it had twice before…

Glancing at the 30-plus arrows flying towards her, Gentle Snow swung down Glorious Will.

Once again, a golden beam of light shot forth from the greatsword, instantly devouring every light arrow and continuing toward Black Shark. Responding quickly, Black Shark leaped out of the golden beam’s way in the nick of time. When the Ranger stood back up, he could not help but stare at Gentle Snow in utter shock.

Who is she? When Black Shark looked at Gentle Snow now, he did so without his previously complacent expression.

He was a Ranger, a class that focused on ranged attacks, yet despite facing a Berserker like Gentle Snow, he was at a disadvantage…

This was simply unbelievable.

Even Veiled Spirit, who commanded her allies in battle, wore a somber expression as she looked at Gentle Snow.

She was quite familiar with Black Shark’s strength. Even when Black Shark had fought Unyielding Heart, Unyielding Soul’s number one Berserker, he had suppressed the man easily as long as he didn’t allow the Berserker within melee range, yet a different Berserker had suppressed him in a ranged battle.

During the brief moment while Gentle Snow had both Black Shark and Veiled Spirit distracted, a series of screams rose from the Dark Hunters’ army. To be precise, they came from the MTs that had transformed into Dragonoids.

Despite having transformed into Dragonoids, a single female Assassin was slaughtering the Tier 1 MTs. Moreover, the female Assassin was only using Tier 1 Skills to kill the full-HP MTs.

Elsewhere, a female Elementalist hurled one Spell after another, the ice- and fire-type Spells instant-killing any player who was not an MT. When three Tier 2 players tried to stop this Elementalist, she split into three clones. Each copy easily suppressed the three Tier 2 players that assaulted her, and in the end, she killed all three in fewer than five moves.

This startled the nearby Dark Hunters.

A short distance away, a Guardian Knight rampaged among the Dark Hunters’ frontline. With a single charging attack, the Guardian Knight sent more than ten players flying. Even when the player took Tier 2 attacks directly, the Guardian Knight only lost a little over 2,000 HP. The Guardian Knight’s Defense was even higher than the Dragonoid players’.

So many of Zero Wing’s members displayed ridiculously high combat power. Just one of these Zero Wing members could contend with two or three Tier 2 Dark Hunters.

Because of these Zero Wing players, the Dark Hunters, which had the upper-hand initially, suffered constant casualties.

So strong! Cycling Light, who currently fought a Tier 2 player, was stunned when he saw Fire Dance and her companions fight from the corner of his eye.

“Shark! We can’t let this continue! Even if we win, we’ll likely suffer severe losses! We should wait for the other adventurer teams to arrive and take action together,” Veiled Spirit messaged Black Shark through a private chat. “Several other adventurer teams have heard about our ambush. I doubt it will be long before they arrive.”

While it was true that they had been hired to annihilate Zero Wing, they had stated one precondition for taking this job; they couldn’t afford too heavy of a loss. Otherwise, the rewards weren’t worth the cost.

“Alright! Let’s retreat!” Black Shark said, gritting his teeth as he agreed to the temporary withdraw. Although he was reluctant to run from his fight with Gentle Snow, the situation right now in the three Guilds’ favor. Moreover, the Basic Dragonoid Potion his allies had consumed lasted half an hour. That was more than enough time for the other adventurer teams to arrive and assist them in a second assault.

Following which, Black Shark ordered his army to pull back.

“You want to leave?” Realizing that Black Shark was trying to widen the distance between them, Gentle Snow used Will of Light once more.

Damn it! How many times can she use that Skill?! Black Shark felt as if he were going a little mad when he saw the approaching beam of light. Despite the fact that Gentle Snow was only a Refinement Realm expert, she had suppressed him thoroughly in a ranged battle with her powerful Skills and Basic Attributes.

There was too little distance between them, and Black Shark had no time to dodge the incoming attack. As a result, he was forced to use a Lifesaving Skill to protect himself.

After using his Lifesaving Skill, however, Black Shark noticed Gentle Snow radiate a rainbow glow. In the next moment, a powerful pressure weighed him down, reducing his speed. Now, he had lost the advantage in speed he should normally have.

Before Black Shark noticed, three sacred spears flew towards him. Black Shark desperately tried to block the attack with his bow.

However, the moment one of the sacred spears encountered his ancient bow, Black Shark felt as if he had been hit by a truck. Unable to resist the powerful force, Black Shark stumbled backward, his HP instantly falling by over 3,000…

While Black Shark dealt with the three sacred spears, Gentle Snow, who was less than 15 yards away, executed Will of Light, whose Cooldown just so happen to have ended.

This time, Black Shark had no spare energy to stop the approaching beam of light. The attack devoured him, and his body transformed into particles of light as he vanished from the battlefield…