Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1810 - Taboo Potion

Chapter 1810: Taboo Potion

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Why is this Domain Skill so powerful? Black Shark was astounded as he watched his Attributes fall.

Not only had his Basic Attributes decreased by 20%, but his Movement Speed and reaction speed had also decreased considerably. Most importantly, the Dark Precinct he had used failed to suppress this Domain Skill.

Dark Precinct was far more powerful than a Domain Skill because the magic array formed a separate world within itself. No Domain Skill could compare.

Yet, Dark Precinct had failed to suppress the effects of Shi Feng’s Domain Skill, and the Domain Skill had reduced their Attributes by as much as 20%.

However, Black Shark didn’t know that Frost Hell was slightly unique. While it was considered a Domain Skill, it was also a Weather Spell that could change an area’s weather. Moreover, Frost Hell was a Tier 4 Domain Skill, so it was still effective despite Dark Precinct.

Thanks to Frost Hell, the Dark Hunters and Shadow Claw’s strength had decreased significantly. Although Dark Precinct still gave the 300-plus transformed players more strength than normal, overall, the two dark adventurer teams no longer posed as much of a threat to the three Guilds’ main force members.

Unyielding Heart and Phoenix Rain breathed sighs of relief because of this turn of events.

They had come here to help Zero Wing raid a Team Dungeon. They hadn’t brought any powerful tools essential for team battles, such as Domain Magic Scrolls, with them.

Fortunately, Shi Feng had the foresight to carry a Domain Magic Scroll. Otherwise, this upcoming battle would’ve been disastrous.

“Black Shark! Do you still want to fight?! Your trump card has been suppressed! Both of our sides are roughly equal in combat power. Nobody can say for certain who will win this battle,” Unyielding Heart stated, hoping to scare Black Shark into backing off.

“I’ll admit that I underestimated you, but do you really think that I only prepared one trump card?” Black Shark said, sneering. “I had planned to save this for a more suitable stage, but I’ll let you have the first taste.”

In the next moment, several normal Dark Hunters pulled dark-blue potions from their bags, consuming them. These Dark Hunters then roared with excitement.

Their skin began to turn dark-blue as tough scales grew all over their bodies. Tails sprouted from these players rears. These players now looked like Dragonoids, not humans.

Looking at these Dragonoids, the members of Zero Wing, Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, and Unyielding Soul were stupefied. They couldn’t believe their eyes.

“What is going on? These people…” Phoenix Rain was shocked as she stared at the players with tails.

Even as one of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s Pavilion Masters, this was the first time she had seen anything like this.

The Dragonoid players radiated violent auras that felt like some wild beast. Aside from the increased Attributes, Phoenix Rain could sense that these players now had higher Life Ratings than hers.

She could explain the Dark Hunters’ ability to transform into monsters as a result of a class unique to Dark Players. After all, Dark Players had their own unique development path, but she had never heard of a potion that could transform a player into a Dragonoid.

“Everyone, charge! You may claim any item that you get from your kills!” Black Shark shouted as he readied his longbow.

Hearing Black Shark’s command, the Dark Hunters revealed crazed expressions. Without hesitation, they split up and charged at Zero Wing and Unyielding Soul’s members. Unwilling to fall behind, Veiled Spirit took out a Tier 3 Buff Scroll and activated it, increasing her team members’ Basic Attributes, raising them to their original values, although her people’s mobility was still affected. After receiving the buff, Shadow Claw’s members charged at the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion members.

Less than 200 yards had separated the combatants. Ignoring Frost Hell’s influence, all of the ranged players began to exchange blows.

For a time, Spells and arrows filled the space between the two sides, causing a series of explosions.

Although the three Guilds’ attacks contained more raw power, they were still vastly outnumbered.

Ordinary players’ ranged attacks were relatively easy to dodge, but none of these players were ordinary. Even dodging their ranged attacks was quite difficult

Moreover, the Dark Hunters’ Defense had increased significantly after transforming into Dragonoids. Even when they received a Tier 2 Spell, they only took around -8,000 damage. In contrast, the Tier 1 Dragonoids’ Spells dealt nearly -6,000 damage to the three Guilds’ members. Their damage was only slightly lower than Tier 2 players’. Meanwhile, due to the disparity in numbers, the Guild players lost more HP during the exchange.

The Basic Dragonoid Potion? Shi Feng was astonished after seeing the Dragonoids’ combat power. Why do the Dark Hunters have this kind of Taboo Potion? Could they have someone capable of brewing it already?

At first, he hadn’t been certain that the potion the Dark Hunters had used was the Basic Dragonoid Potion, but after seeing their Defense and Attack Power, he was sure that they had used that exact potion.

The Basic Dragonoid Potion was capable of turning humans into Dragonoids, and the purer the potion was, the closer one would become to a true Dragonoid after consuming it. It was an extremely rare potion.

Basic Dragonoid Potions did not provide much in terms of Basic Attributes. They generally only provided a 10% to 15% increase. However, the potion provided a significant boost to reaction speed, kinetic vision, Defense, and Attack Power.

As for Intermediate Dragonoid Potions, not only would the potion increase its user’s size, but it also provided considerable improvement in terms of Basic Attributes. An Intermediate Dragonoid Potion generally provided a 25% to 30% increase.

However, at the end of the day, humans were still human. A human’s body couldn’t endure the violent power of a Dragonoid. Any human that consumed a Dragonoid Potion, whether they were an NPC or a player, was guaranteed to die after half an hour. Hence, Dragonoid Potions were considered Taboo Potions.

However, since players were immortal, they’d only lose half a level of EXP after they died from drinking a Basic Dragonoid Potion, not an entire level. Hence, many crazy players loved the potion.

Shi Feng had never dreamed that the Dark Hunters would have so many Basic Dragonoid Potions. Moreover, he hadn’t expected them to use it without hesitation.

With the increased Defense and Attack Power provided, three to five Tier 1 Dragonoids working together would be more than enough to defeat a Tier 2 expert It was also very difficult to kill Dragonoid players quickly. To make matters worse, there were the 300-plus monster players that were capable of unorthodox attack methods.

After a brief clash between the enemy ranged players, Zero Wing and Unyielding Soul’s members felt their disadvantage, and several of their members had already died. In contrast, the Dark Hunters had only lost a dozen or so members.

Moreover, every one of these members was only a Tier 1 player. The adventurer team’s two dozen or so Tier 2 players were still alive and kicking.

“Good! Prioritize the healers and magical classes! Do not let them break through the encirclement!” Black Shark instructed when he saw his melee members close in on the enemy ranks.

After saying so, Black Shark knocked his bow and released nine arrows simultaneously. All nine arrows targeted one of Zero Wing’s Shield Warriors, and each had the power of a peak Tier 2 attack. Moreover, Black Shark had accurately aimed for the Shield Warrior’s blind spots. Even if the Shield Warrior tried to block the arrows with his shield, he would be monetarily paralyzed. The several Dragonoid players before him would then take advantage of the gap, and the Shield Warrior would fall.

Just before the arrows struck, a white light flashed before him. Like a barrier of light, the flash struck down the nine arrows, and several Tier 1 Dragonoid players lost all of their HP instantly.

“How is this possible?!” Black Shark’s expression darkened when he saw his Tier 1 members die.

He knew just how much HP and Defense a Tier 1 Dragonoid possessed. Not even he could kill a Tier 1 Dragonoid player with one hit, yet several of them had died in the blink of an eye…

Before Black Shark could react, another golden flash blinded him. In the next moment, a lithe figure wielding two greatswords appeared before him. One of those greatswords was dark-blue and radiated a freezing chill, while the other greatsword was a radiant gold and had a cool appearance. Rotating behind this figure were 16 Swords of Light

This figure was none other than Gentle Snow, who had just learned Titan’s Hand and equipped Glorious Will.


Swinging Glorious Will, Gentle Snow sent 16 Swords of Light flying at Black Shark.