Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1809 - Wrong Opponent

Chapter 1809: Wrong Opponent

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The sudden appearance of over a thousand players put Shi Feng and the others on high alert.

The thousand-plus players that had just emerged from the marshy jungle were by no means ordinary players. The lowest- leveled player among them was Level 53, and the weakest piece of equipment they wore was Level 50 Secret-Silver rank. Quite a few of these players even had Level 50 Fine-Gold Equipment At this stage of the game, this was an equipment standard could only be found in expert teams.

“Vice Guild Leader, this is bad. They used a Darkness Seal. We won’t be able to use our Return Scrolls for the next two hours,” Cycling Light commented worriedly as he eyed the middle-aged man carrying the ancient, pitch-black bow.

Compared to the thousand-plus players that had emerged from the forest, Cycling Light deemed this middle-aged man to be most concerning.

This was because this middle-aged man was Black Shark, the commander of the Dark Hunters adventurer team. Black Shark had fought Unyielding Soul’s members many times before. Not only did the Ranger possess superb combat standards, but he also had the ability to transform into a monster. Not even Unyielding Heart, Unyielding Soul’s Guild Leader was capable of defeating Black Shark.

In addition, the Dark Hunters adventurer team also had quite a few monstrous existences. According to Unyielding Soul’s investigations, Dark Hunters should possess around 300 troublesome experts.

With a glance at the thousand-plus players surrounding their team, Unyielding Heart could see that the Dark Hunters had come prepared. Including the fact that they were caught in a Darkness Seal, they’d have to fight if they wanted to leave this place. Immediately, he warned Shi Feng through the team chat, “Guild Leader Black Flame, these people are from the Dark Hunters, a dark adventurer team with many powerful players. Some are even capable of transforming into monsters and drastically increasing their combat power. Even if they are at Tier 1, they have enough strength to face ordinary Tier 2 players.”

Although their side currently had 200 Tier 2 players, they shouldn’t take on the Dark Hunters carelessly.

After the Dark Hunters’ Tier 1 players transformed into monsters, although they couldn’t compare to Tier 2 players in Basic Attributes, they could employ certain unorthodox combat methods. If one weren’t careful with these players, they could easily take a hit. Furthermore, the Dark Hunters had a decent number of Tier 2 players.

Normally, this ambush wouldn’t have been much of an issue, but their team had just finished a demanding battle and had used their Berserk Skills already. Fighting a force of transformed Tier 2 players in such a state would be troublesome.

“They’re the Dark Hunters?” Phoenix Rain gave Black Shark a second look after hearing Unyielding Heart’s introduction.

Although she did not know exactly how powerful the Dark Hunters adventurer team was, she knew that the adventurer team was one of the reasons for the Starline Corporation’s rapid rise in God’s Domain based on the few reports she had received. The corporation used the Dark Hunters as a trump card to destroy and assassinate its opponents. Crimson Emperor and Unyielding Soul had also suffered significant thanks to the adventurer team.

Although the Dark Hunters seemed to have the numerical advantage, their 200-man team wasn’t to be trifled with. Their team was the combination of three powerful Guilds’ main force members. An adventurer team like the Dark Hunters couldn’t do much to them.

While both sides cautiously eyed each other, a sweet, melodious voice rang out from the jungle.

“What a lively scene! How could you possibly leave Shadow Claw out of the fun?”

A moment later, a woman in beautiful, dark-blue mage robes slowly stepped out from the forest, leading a group of weH- equipped experts. Like the Dark Hunters, this group had well over a thousand members.

“Why is she here?” Unyielding Heart frowned when he saw the woman in dark-blue.

Others might be unfamiliar with this beauty, but he knew her well.

This woman was named Veiled Spirit, the leader of the dark forces plaguing the Copper Eagle Kingdom, which neighbored the Dark Night Empire. She was also the commander of Shadow Claw, a dark adventurer team.

He knew of this woman because Veiled Spirit had personally destroyed Unyielding Soul’s subordinate first-rate Guild, which used to rule over the Copper Eagle Kingdom.

As one of Unyielding Soul’s subordinated Guilds, Unyielding Soul had dispatched many experts to assist the first-rate Guild. In the end, however, Unyielding Soul failed to change the first-rate Guild’s fate. On the contrary, Veiled Spirit’s Shadow Claw adventurer team had slaughtered the dozen or so peak experts Unyielding Soul had sent and the legion of several thousand players that had accompanied them…

“Spirit, your timing sure is impeccable,” Black Shark said as he eyed the approaching woman.

“Three powerful Guilds’ main forces have gathered here. How could Shadow Claw possibly miss such a rare opportunity?” Veiled Spirit said, chuckling.

“Fine. I’ll leave the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s members to you. I’ll take Zero Wing and Unyielding Soul’s members,” Black Shark said.

“Is that alright? That’s the main force of two large Guilds we’re talking about,” Veiled Spirit asked, flashing Black Shark a confused look.

Although their two adventurer teams greatly outnumbered their opponents, their opponents had quite a few players wearing Tier 2 Class Insignias. The enemy team should have some Tier 2 players who weren’t wearing their insignias as well. Such a team should not be easy to defeat.

“Relax. None of them should even think of escaping!” Black Shark said confidently as he licked his lips.

During his previous investigations, he had learned that the three Guilds had come together to raid a Dungeon, so he had come prepared.

In fact, his original plans had never taken Shadow Claw’s participation into account. He had been fully intent on devouring all three Guilds. Now that Shadow Claw had arrived, he’d have an easier time taking down Zero Wing and Unyielding Soul’s forces, although he would have to share some of the profits due to the alliance’s rules.

“Fine, then. I’ll take a little loss this time,” Veiled Spirit said, nodding after she saw Black Shark’s confidence.

Although she wasn’t all too willing to let Black Shark monopolize the items of Zero Wing and Unyielding Soul’s members, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s Phoenix Rain and other experts weren’t exactly easy opponents.

After Black Shark and Veiled Spirit reached an agreement, the Dark Hunters and Shadow Claw’s members began to tighten their circle around Shi Feng and his companions.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, dealing with both dark adventurer teams will be very difficult. You could say that Unyielding Soul and these adventurer teams are old rivals. I’ll have my men open a path in a moment. Use the opportunity to get out of the encirclement,” Unyielding Heart hurriedly said as he watched the approaching Dark Players.

As far as he was concerned, this ambush was definitely related to Unyielding Soul. The Guild was, after all, waging an all-out war with the Starline Corporation. Expert assassination attempts were expected.

“You want to escape?” Black Shark smiled when he noticed Unyielding Heart prepare to break past his people. “Do you think the Dark Hunters would ambush you without preparing?

“Move out!”

As soon as Black Shark said so, over 300 Dark Hunters transformed into monsters. Meanwhile, another 100-plus Dark Hunters took ancient scrolls from their bags and began to chant an incantation.

A layer of dark fog blocked out the sun, forming a massive barrier that trapped everyone inside.

Dark Precinct!

In the next moment, the 300-plus transformed players inside the barrier doubled in size, and their Attributes skyrocketed. Their HPs, in particular, had tripled. These players no longer looked human. They had completely transformed into monsters.

“Today, none of you shall escape! You will all die here!” Black Shark, who had also transformed, said, laughing.

Seeing the 300-plus, three-meter-tall transformed players and sensing their frightening auras, Unyielding Heart and Phoenix Rain’s expressions darkened.

They could sense that the transformed players’ Basic Attributes had increased by at least 50%, likely due to the magic barrier. Even the transformed Tier 1 players had higher Attributes than theirs. The difference between their Basic Attributes and the 20-plus transformed Tier 2 players was even worse.

Not even Unyielding Soul was confident of charging ahead.

Veiled Spirit, who stood beside Black Shark, was also slightly surprised. She hadn’t expected Black Shark to have such a trump card. It was no wonder why the man was confident that his adventurer team could take on three Guilds’ main forces by himself.

“Is that so?” Shi Feng said as he glanced at the Dark Precinct that had formed around him. He then took out Frost Hell, the Epic Consumable he had just acquired from the Dungeon, and continued, “It’s a pity that you’ve picked the wrong opponent.”

After saying so, Shi Feng activated Frost Hell. Suddenly, the world around him turned snowy-white as the temperature plummeted. The wetlands ahead visibly froze, and the Dark Hunters and Shadow Claw’s members felt an intense pressure weigh on them. Not only did their movement become sluggish, but their Stamina also began to fall so sharply that others could clearly sense the change. Even their Attributes rapidly decreased…