Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1807 - Glorious Will’s Replica

Chapter 1807: Glorious Will’s Replica

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Once more, Shi Feng stood before the rusted cage in the bloodlust-saturated arena.

The mysterious power that previously protected the cage was now gone. This allowed Shi Feng to approach the cage and unlock it with the key he had acquired from the Troll Hero.


After opening the cage, the Magic Crystal Treasure Chest appeared before Shi Feng in full. Curiosity overwhelmed the other players in the arena after seeing Shi Feng unlock the cage. They were all eager to learn what the treasure chest contained.

After all, this Magic Crystal Treasure Chest was the Epic Team Quest’s true reward.

Please let the Glorious Will Replica be inside! Shi Feng inwardly prayed as he carefully opened the Magic Crystal Treasure Chest.

Although the Glorious Sword Saint had claimed that he had acquired the Replica from a quest, he hadn’t stated which quest. It was possible that he hadn’t obtained the Replica from this Team Dungeon. Hence, Shi Feng wasn’t certain that he would find the Glorious Will Replica in this Magic Crystal Treasure Chest.

As the loading bar slowly filled, Shi Feng grew increasingly nervous.

After the 20-second activation progress completed, the Magic Crystal Treasure Chest’s lid slowly lifted on its own. Golden light then illuminated the entire arena. The arena’s ambient Mana even grew slightly denser.

“What’s going on?! Opening the treasure chest can actually increase the arena’s Mana density?!”

“This treasure chest is amazing! Could it be a Legendary Treasure Chest?!”

“How is that even possible? Why would the system award players with a Legendary Treasure Chest just for completing an Epic Team Quest? At the very least, you’d have to complete a Legendary Quest to get something like that.”

“I guess that’s true. Even so, that chest definitely has an Epic item.”

“That’s right! I had never thought that it was possible to acquire such a huge harvest by raiding a super-large-scale Team Dungeon. We got so many more items than we could from a large-scale Team Dungeon. Zero Wing struck gold this time. With all of the weapons and equipment it earned from this raid, its main force will definitely become a lot stronger. Zero Wing will have a much easier time raiding super-large-scale Team Dungeons in the future.”

As the light from the Magic Crystal Treasure Chest started to dim, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion and Unyielding Soul members chatted among themselves.

They could already see Zero Wing growing even stronger in the future. Even if the Guild had a numbers problem right now and would not be able to raid other super-large-scale Team Dungeons for some time, the Guild should have no problems raiding large-scale Team Dungeons in kingdoms and empires with all of the loot it had acquired from the Eclipse Throne.

“Cycling, once we return, notify the Guild’s upper echelons and tell them that I’m holding an emergency meeting,” Unyielding Heart whispered to the male Cleric beside him.

“Vice Guild Leader, you couldn’t possibly be thinking of…inviting them, right?” Cycling Light asked in surprise. “Isn’t that a little too risky? Aside from the other Vice Guild Leaders, I’m afraid the Guild Leader won’t agree to it.”

“Zero Wing might be an outsider, but you’ve witnessed the Guild’s strength personally. Zero Wing’s main force is no weaker than a super-first-rate Guild’s. I believe that with this strength, the Guild Leader will be very happy to get Zero Wing’s assistance,” Unyielding Heart said, smiling. “We truly have to thank Lingsha for this. If she hadn’t sent us to help Zero Wing, we’d likely remain ignorant of Zero Wing’s strength.”

“Indeed. We really have to thank Miss Lingsha.” Cycling Light nodded. “Miss Lingsha likely discovered Zero Wing’s strength a while ago, so she asked us to do everything we could to help the Guild.”

He hadn’t understood why Mu Lingsha had wanted them to help Zero Wing, but now, he had to admire her excellent insight. It was no wonder why Unyielding Soul’s Board of Directors had voted to make Mu Lingsha the Guild’s current Honorary Elder.

When Mu Lingsha was first conferred the position, the decision had displeased many of the Guild’s upper echelons and Elders. After all, Mu Lingsha was simply too young. She also wasn’t very familiar with God’s Domain, and she wasn’t particularly famous in the virtual gaming world. It simply wasn’t fair that she should have so much authority in the Guild.

Looking at it now, however, Cycling Light thought that Mu Lingsha definitely deserved the position.

Standing nearby, Blue Phoenix glanced at Unyielding Heart and Cycling Light.

“Big Sis Rain, it seems Unyielding Heart has become very interested in Zero Wing,” Blue Phoenix said quietly.

“That’s normal. The power Zero Wing displayed truly exceeded everyone’s expectations. Zero Wing’s strength is nothing like what a first-rate Guild should have,” Phoenix Rain said, chuckling. “Nine Dragons Emperor is still trying to find a way to eliminate Zero Wing. I’m really curious to see what kind of expression he’ll make once he learns that Unyielding Soul wants to deepen its relationship with his rival.”

The struggle for the position of Great Pavilion Master had grown more intense lately, and thanks to the wonderful misunderstanding that Zero Wing was one of her subordinates, she had gained the upper-hand in the competition for the position. Although she had tried multiple times to refute the misunderstanding, she no longer felt that it was a bad thing to let the misunderstanding continue.

The stronger Zero Wing became, the greater her chance would be of becoming the next Great Pavilion Master.

However, she was surprised when she considered how fast Zero Wing developed. When she had first encountered Zero Wing, it had been just another small Guild in the kingdom. Now, however, even a veteran super-first-rate Guild like Unyielding Soul considered Zero Wing important This development speed was a little scary.

Meanwhile, when the Magic Crystal Treasure Chest opened fully within the iron cage, Shi Feng was stunned by what he saw.

He had to admit that a Gold Magic Crystal Treasure Chest was indeed amazing. The items inside were far more impressive than the contents of an Epic Treasure Chest Although this Gold Magic Crystal Treasure Chest didn’t have as many items as the one he had found in the Lost Town, the items’ quality was just as high.

There were a total of five items inside the treasure chest

The first was an Epic Consumable called Frost Hell. It was a Domain tool that could be used to alter the weather. However, it could only be used five times.

The second item was a Warrior Summoning Order. When used, it would gather a group of powerful NPCs. Players could then choose a Personal Guard from among these NPCs, the weakest of which would be Secret-Silver rank. If one were lucky, one of the NPCs could be Fine-Gold rank. The Warrior Summoning Order was easily worth tens of thousands of Gold.

The third item was an Advanced Smithy Design. As an Advanced Construction, the Advanced Smithy possessed abilities that a Basic Smithy definitely did not. For example, the Advanced Smithy had the ability to invite NPC Master Forgers to run it Meanwhile, players could periodically commission the invited Master Forger to produce weapons and equipment for them. Although the cost was extremely high, players could obtain a highly-compatible weapon or equipment piece.

The fourth item was the Tier 4 Continuous-use Magic Scroll, Vulcan’s Sigh. The Magic Scroll was slightly special due to its multiple uses, though players would have to spend Magic Crystals to replenish the scroll’s Mana. Typically, a Continuous-use Magic Scroll could be used four to six times. It was easily worth more than a piece of ordinary Epic Equipment.

The final item was a cool, dazzling golden greatsword. It was the most valuable item among the five inside the treasure chest and the item Shi Feng had hoped to find the most.

The Replica of the Glorious Will!