Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1806 - Eclipse Throne First Clear

Chapter 1806: Eclipse Throne First Clear

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“The Boss is dead?”

“We did it! We won!”

Everyone cried out with joy when they saw Armas’s skeletal figure on the ground.

Although Armas had killed over 60 of their 200-man team, they still defeated the Final Boss of the Eclipse Throne in the end. Not even the various superpowers dared to challenge this Dungeon!

Zero Wing’s members were similarly ecstatic. Although they had trusted Shi Feng’s decision, they couldn’t help their excitement after actually watching Armas fall. After all, they had achieved a feat that not even God’s Domain’s current superpowers were capable of.

Everyone was particularly excited to see their names appear on the Dungeon’s Glory List, which had appeared in the center of the throne room in the form of a stone monument after Armas’s death. With this, their names would be permanently recorded and put on display for players that would clear the Hell Mode Eclipse Throne in the future.

Even Shi Feng breathed a sigh of relief. It had not been easy to defeat Armas and his two subordinates. He couldn’t use many of his tools in a super-large-scale Team Dungeon; the team had to rely on their weapons and equipment to take out the three Mythic Bosses.

System: Congratulations! You have obtained the First Clear of the Hell Mode Eclipse Throne. Rewarding Guild Popularity +20, Humanity Reputation +20, all loot doubled.[1]

System: Do you wish to release a congratulatory announcement to the public? If you do not make a decision within 30 seconds, the announcement will be made by default.

After giving the matter some thought, Shi Feng chose not to inform the public of their success.

While announcing Zero Wing’s success of clearing the Hell Mode Eclipse Throne would garner a lot of fame to the Guild, it would also attract more enemies. Furthermore, Zero Wing had stood out quite a bit lately thanks to Silverwing Town, earning a few superpowers’ envy.

If the various superpowers knew that Zero Wing also had the strength to raid a super-large-scale Team Dungeon, even if it had the help of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion and Unyielding Soul, they would definitely relate this success to Silverwing Town.

At that time, the various superpowers would likely do everything they could to capture the town.

Although Silverwing Town’s development was coming along quite nicely right now, its defensive capabilities weren’t strong enough yet More time was needed to fortify the town properly.

“Phoenix Pavilion Master, Vice Guild Leader Heart, I hope that you will keep this matter a secret for the time being. I don’t want too many people to know about what happened here,” Shi Feng said as he looked at Phoenix Rain and Unyielding Heart.

“That won’t be a problem. The people I’ve brought today are my trusted subordinates. None of them will speak a word about today’s raid,” Unyielding Heart said, nodding.

“There aren’t any problems on my side, either,” Phoenix Rain said, smiling.

Publicizing their success today would only be a detriment. After all, they still had important business with Shi Feng. If the various superpowers learned of the Dark Corrosion Set, an intense struggle over the set would definitely ensue.

Hence, both Unyielding Heart and Phoenix Rain welcomed the fact that Shi Feng wanted to keep today’s achievement confidential.

Shortly after Shi Feng decided against the congratulatory announcement, Armas’s golden throne abruptly shattered. A small mountain of items took its place, radiating a glow that illuminated the throne room.

At a glance, there were easily over 100 items in that pile.

The Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion and Unyielding Soul members stared at the loot with bulging eyes.

“Adventurers, thank you for your help in giving Armas the punishment he deserves,” Edward said sincerely as he walked up to Shi Feng. Edward held the golden crown that previously graced Armas’s skull. “Although Armas has died, his power has not vanished completely. Half of his power has gathered in one of his eyes, while the other half is stored in the sealed cage above the arena. If you wield his eye, you should be able to acquire his remaining power. Hopefully, it will be of some help.”

After Edward had said so, a magic array appeared beneath his feet. The Greatsword Saint then transformed into a streak of light and left the throne room.

System: Congratulations! You have completed the Epic Team Quest, “Sun Crown.” Total deaths – 63. Time spent – 47 minutes, 28 seconds. Awarding Grade A evaluation, +30% EXP, four Legacy Skill Points, and one Armas’s Eye.

“Grade A?” When Shi Feng read the system notification, he was satisfied with the outcome, seeing as they had challenged Hero Mode. He then plucked Armas’s Eye from the ground and inspected it.

[Armas’s Eye] (Necklace, Epic Rank Item)

An Eye of Time formed of nearly half of the Great Lich Armas’s power. The Eye of Time can view both the past and the future.

Level 50 – Level 100

Equipment Requirement: Intelligence 1,200, Vitality 800 Intelligence +57, Vitality +54, Endurance +44 (Level 50)

Casting speed increased by 15%;

All Spell effectiveness increased by 15%;

Cast range +2;

Spell Completion Rate increased by 1%.

Additional Skill 1-

Eye of Future: When activated, allows the user to maintain an hour of simulated combat.

Cooldown: 10 hours Additional Skill 2-

Eye of Past: Tracks the target’s movement and location for three hours.

Cooldown: 6 hours

What heaven-defying Skills! Shi Feng was astonished after reading Armas’s Eye’s Attribute Panel.

Armas’s Eye’s Basic Attributes were average at best, but the two Skills were incredible. Eye of Future, in particular, was simply heaven-defying.

With the Eye of Future, players could participate in a system-simulated battle before the actual fight If this Skill were used to raid Bosses, players could test various strategies without sacrificing team members.

If used in a PvP battle, although the Main God System wouldn’t be able to replicate enemy players’ movements perfectly, it could mimic players with an 80% to 90% accuracy. If players could practice against their simulated opponents before the actual battle, they would be more confident during the actual battle.

Most importantly, Eye of Future could reveal an enemy’s true strength. Meanwhile, the simulated player would remain wholly ignorant of their trump cards’ exposure.

The only downside was that Eye of Future had a very long Cooldown. Even so, it was amazing.

After Shi Feng finished marveling over Armas’s Eye, he examined the rest of the loot.

A total of 131 items had dropped from the throne. Over half were rare materials, Magic Crystals, and Mana Stones. Only 23 items were weapons and equipment.

Among the weapons and equipment dropped, the best was the Epic Weapon, Nether Scepter, a top-tier staff for Summoners. The staff enhanced summoned creatures using Nether Spirit, which increased their Basic Attributes by 25%. The staff could also summon a squad of Nether Guards, consisting of one captain and nine soldiers. The captain was a High Lord, while the nine soldiers were Lords.

Shi Feng had also obtained the chest piece for the Dark Corrosion Set, the last piece he needed to complete the Dark-Gold Set Equipment. Including the set effects, the Dark Corrosion Set granted a total of 180 points of Fire Resistance. With such high Fire Resistance, players would have no trouble against a fire-type Boss. Moreover, the set offered higher Basic Attribute bonuses than ordinary Dark-Gold Set Equipment of the same level.

Shi Feng had Cola equip the Dark Corrosion Set without hesitation. Upon equipping the set, Cola’s Basic Attributes skyrocketed. His HP also reached 87,000.

“With this Fire Resistance, a Tier 1 players’ fire-type attacks will likely have no effect on me,” Cola said, astonished when he saw his Fire Resistance. He now had more than 200 points.

Wearing the red and black metallic armor, Cola looked like a war god that had just stepped off a battlefield of fire. Heat wafted off of him in waves. Seeing this, Unyielding Heart and Phoenix Rain raised their evaluation of the Dark Corrosion Set.

Shi Feng didn’t leave the Team Dungeon immediately after he tidied up the loot. Instead, he led the team back to the castle’s arena.

Now that Armas was dead, as Edward had said, he could retrieve the other half of Armas’s power, which was inside the locked steel cage.

When Shi Feng thought about the Glorious Will Replica, his heart pounded with elation.