Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1805 - Skyrocketing Combat Power

Chapter 1805: Skyrocketing Combat Power

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“There are three different difficulties?” Shi Feng, more or less, understood how the Glorious Sword Saint had completed this quest in the past after seeing the system notification.

Bronze rank was no doubt the easiest. It was also very likely that the Glorious Sword Saint had chosen this difficulty to complete the Epic Team Quest.

However, the only problem right now was that the system did not clearly state the difficulties’ standards.

If players had to fight all three Mythic monsters at once, which difficulty was it?

If Bronze difficulty had that requirement, then even Shi Feng had to admit defeat. When he had raided the Hell Mode Eclipse Throne during his previous life, Armas had been the only Boss at the end of the Dungeon. The Lich hadn’t had any subordinates at his side. With his current team, it was simply impossible to take on Armas and his two subordinates simultaneously.

If, however, the challenge before him was Gold rank, then he could attempt Bronze or Silver.

“This difficulty selection really is troublesome. The system actually refuses to provide any information about our options. It’s impossible to make a good decision.” Phoenix Rain frowned as she watched Armas and his two subordinates.

Without any information as a benchmark, they would waste all of the effort they had put into this Dungeon raid thus far on the off chance that they made the wrong selection.

“Brave adventurers, Armas and his subordinates are very strong. If you can’t hold on after the battle begins in a moment, you can gather around me. Although I haven’t fully recovered my power yet, I can unfold a Domain around me. The Domain will, more or less, weaken their power,” Edward suddenly said.

Power hasn’t fully recovered yet? Unfold a Domain? Shi Feng could not help but turn to look at Edward upon hearing the NPC’s words. So, that’s the case!

“Guild Leader, did you figure something out?” Aqua Rose asked curiously when she saw Shi Feng’s smile.

“I now understand this quest’s difficulty standards,” Shi Feng said as he gestured to Edward. “The challenge difficulty doesn’t refer to the three Bosses. It refers to the support Edward can provide. The more difficult the challenge, the more limited Edward’s help will be.”

Hearing Shi Feng’s words, realization dawned on the team. They all felt that Shi Feng’s guess was likely the right one. However, a gloomy atmosphere descended on the team again. Even if Edward could help, his assistance had a limit

Moreover, after all was said and done, they still had to face three Mythic monsters simultaneously…

After giving the matter some thought, Shi Feng decided to choose the Silver rank difficulty. He felt that his team’s overall combat power was higher than the Glorious Sword Saint’s raid team in the past. If the Glorious Sword Saint had been able to clear the Bronze challenge, then his team should have a high chance of clearing the Silver challenge.

Although the Gold challenge’s rewards might be abundant, Shi Feng didn’t think it was worth the risk. Since the system notification had clearly stated that one could not change their difficulty selection once they had made their choice, it was likely that they’d only have one opportunity to challenge this quest. If they failed the quest, they’d walk away with nothing.

Hence, Shi Feng decided on the Silver challenge.

System: You have chosen to challenge the Silver difficulty.

System: It is detected that you are challenging the “Sun Crown” quest for the first time. Difficulty selection may be altered to Normal Mode or Hero Mode. For Normal Mode, the Bosses’ Attributes will be weakened by 20%. Based on your performance in the battle, the reward will range between Bronze rank and Silver rank. For Hero Mode, the Bosses’

Attributes will be weakened by 10%. Based on your performance in the battle, the reward given will range between Silver rank and Gold rank. This privilege is only available on the first challenge. You may also forsake this opportunity and choose the standard difficulties. Please choose wisely.

“Privilege for the first challenge?” Shi Feng could not help his grin. He now realized how the Glorious Sword Saint had completed the quest Following which, Shi Feng chose Hero Mode.

If all three Mythic monsters’ Basic Attributes fell by 20%, it would undoubtedly be of great help to the team. It was no wonder why the Glorious Sword Saint’s raid team had defeated all three Mythic Bosses. Although Hero Mode only weakened the Bosses by 10%, he should be able to reduce the Mythic Bosses’ Basic Attributes by nearly 30% with the Ring of Gospel’s suppression. With Cola, Turtledove, and Ye Wumian’s strength, plus the other Tier 2 MTs, they should be able to keep all three Bosses in check.

Hero Mode? Unyielding Heart was speechless when he saw Shi Feng’s selection. Is he insane?

Phoenix Rain was similarly surprised. Shi Feng’s initial decision to choose the Silver challenge was understandable since they had so little information to work with, and regardless of their choice, they still had to face three Mythic Bosses at once. However, now that they had concrete numbers, Shi Feng had chosen Hero Mode. This decision was confusing.

While she understood that with Shi Feng’s Ring of Gospel, it was possible to suppress the three Bosses further, but the biggest problem wasn’t whether or not the team’s MTs could tank the Bosses. It was whether or not the team had enough DPS.

Moreover, since they had to fight three Mythic Bosses simultaneously, the pressure on the team’s healers would be unprecedented. When the raid began, the healers’ Mana expenditure would be massive. If their healers ran out of Mana in the middle of the raid, they’d definitely team-wipe.

They had to reduce the Bosses’ maximum HP as much as possible to ensure a greater chance of success. Although there was only a 10% difference between Normal Mode and Hero Mode, the three Bosses had a combined 1,280,000,000 HP. A 10% difference meant that their team had to deal with an additional 128,000,000 HP. Moreover, there was the matter of battle recovery. This would undoubtedly extend the raid’s duration by a significant amount of time, which would increase the risk of the team’s healers running out of Mana mid-battle.

Meanwhile, after Shi Feng had selected the fight’s difficulty, the three Mythic Bosses lost 10% of their Attributes.

“Good! Cola, Turtledove, Ye Wumian, each of you will tank one of the Bosses! The other MTs will support them! Prioritize the Scorpion-Snake King!” Shi Feng said. He then took out the Bible of Darkness and summoned a Tier 3 Demon. “Everyone, release the limiter on your weapons altogether!”

For the raid, he had armed every participating Zero Wing member with Tier 2 and Tier 3 Mana Weapons, especially the Tier 2 Mana Weapons. Of the 85 Zero Wing members he had with him this time, he had armed each with at least three Tier 2 Mana Weapons. Initially, he had only planned to use the Mana Weapons when the team lacked firepower.

Now that they were required to go up against three Mythic Bosses simultaneously, he couldn’t afford to be stingy with the Mana Weapons.

Hearing Shi Feng’s words, Zero Wing’s members, who had felt a little gloomy, revealed excited expressions.

Thus far, only the MTs had been allowed to liberate their Mana Weapons’ power; the rest of them hadn’t been allowed.

Now that Shi Feng had given them permission, they could use their Mana Weapons’ Skill whenever they wanted to exhibit immense power.

“What’s going on with Zero Wing’s members?” The Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion and Unyielding Soul members were confused to see Zero Wing’s members brim with confidence and fighting spirit.

However, after Shi Feng used World Projection and Ring of Brilliance, and Cola, Turtledove, and Ye Wumian had stabilized their aggro, the scenes that followed thoroughly dumbfounded Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion and Unyielding Soul members…

After Edward activated his Domain, the Domain reducing the three Bosses’ reaction speed by 30% and Attack Power by 20%. This greatly reduced the pressure Cola and the others faced.

After the Scorpion-Snake King and Headless Knight lost nearly 30% of their Attributes, the two Bosses were a joke. Even the team’s regular Tier 2 MTs could tank the two Bosses’ fierce assaults on their own, let alone Turtledove and Ye Wumian. This allowed the DPS to attack the two Bosses freely.

The Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion and Unyielding Soul’s Tier 2 experts were fortunate if their attacks dealt more than -10,000 damage, yet Zero Wing’s experts dealt over -30,000 damage with each attack. The latter’s magical class experts even landed multiple attacks that dealt over -50,000 damage. The damage Zero Wing’s members dealt was simply ridiculous!

Moreover, a Tier 3 Demon bombarded the Bosses in a frenzy, rapidly devouring their HP. This stupefied the players from the two super-first-rate Guilds. They had never thought that Zero Wing could summon a Demon that was as strong as an ordinary Grand Lord of the same level.

After the team defeated the first two Mythic Bosses and focused on Armas, the raid became considerably more difficult Armas was a Lich that could use spells of all of the four major elements. Each of his Spells could instant-kill a non-plate armor class. Hence, even though Armas’s Attributes had been suppressed, he was extremely difficult to deal with.

Fortunately, Shi Feng had his Forbidden Domain to stop the occasional large-scale destruction Spell the Lich cast. On the rare occasions when Forbidden Domain was on Cooldown, the other players disrupted the Lich’s spellcasting with powerful Skills and Spells, significantly reducing the threat Armas posed.

When Armas’s HP fell to 30%, however, the Lich began to double-speed-cast, catching everyone offguard. As a result, over a dozen players died in the blink of an eye.

The rest of the players were startled.

How is this possible? The Boss actually knows howto double-speed-cast? Phoenix Rain and Unyielding Heart were just as stunned.

Double-speed-casting was a technique that many expert players found extremely difficult to accomplish, but once they could execute the technique, they’d undergo a qualitative transformation. Players would be able to enhance their offensive and defensive capabilities.

“Everyone, activate your Berserk Skills! With the exception of MTs, I want everyone to keep moving around! Do not let the Boss lock on to you!” Shi Feng hurriedly commanded after seeing Armas going berserk.

Hearing Shi Feng’s command, the team went into action. Everyone activated their Berserk Skills and ran in random patterns, making it difficult for Armas to target them with his Spells. As a result, the Lich could only target the relatively immobile MTs. This allowed the team to reduce the risk of casualties.

“The Boss doesn’t have much HP left! Attack with everything you’ve got!” Shi Feng said before activating Lightning Slash.

Gentle Snow also used her Tier 2 Skill Bladestorm, while Zhao Yueru used Frostflame Space and attacked the Boss alongside her doppelgangers. As for Aqua Rose, she used her Domain Skill, Aqua Precinct.

Everyone on the team used their strongest Skills and Spells available.

Even the weakest attacks inflicted over -50,000 damage, while the stronger ones dealt over -100,000 damage. Armas’s HP plummeted as a result

20%… 10%… 5%…


When Armas’s HP fell below 1%, Shi Feng, who had Power of Darkness activated, used Divine Providence and Flame Burst. Miniature suns bombarded Armas, one after another, devouring the Boss’s remaining HP.


As the team watched, Armas’s skeletal body crumbled to the ground. The surviving members then heard a series of system notifications.