Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1804 - Epic Team Quest

Chapter 1804: Epic Team Quest

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Shi Feng had never thought that he would actually come across the Greatsword Saint Edward in the Eclipse Throne.

From what he remembered, the Greatsword Saint was stationed at the Ruined Mountain Range in the continent of God’s Domain.

Although the Glorious Will was the easiest of the Ten Great Legendary Weapons to come by, even after ten years, no player had managed to acquire the real Glorious Will.

There had been a player that managed to acquire a Replica of the Glorious Will, who had been titled the Glorious Sword Saint.

Rumors had it that the Glorious Sword Saint had acquired the Replica from a quest. Other rumors claimed that the Replica came from the loot of a powerful Field Boss. There were also some that stated it was a commission made by a Famed Smith.

Although the Glorious Sword Saint had eventually revealed that the Glorious Will Replica came from a quest given out by Greatsword Saint Edward, nobody believed him. The reason for this was that many players had tried increasing their Favorability with Greatsword Saint Edward after the revelation. However, no matter how high their Favorability reached, the NPC did not offer them the same quest. Hence, everyone concluded that the Glorious Sword Saint had lied to conceal the origin of his weapon.

Could that person’s weapon have come from here? Shi Feng thought as he looked at the Greatsword Saint Edward lying quietly against the doors to the throne room.

When he raided the Hell Mode Eclipse Throne in his previous life, he had never come across Edward. Now that the NPC appeared in the Dungeon in this life, Shi Feng could not help but suspect that the quest the Glorious Sword Saint had mentioned back then was related to the Edward before him right now.

This discovery thrilled Shi Feng.

The Glorious Will was one of the Ten Great Legendary Weapons in God’s Domain. Even its Replica was something that countless players dreamed of obtaining. Otherwise, the owner of the Glorious Will Replica wouldn’t have become the Glorious Sword Saint in the past.

“Guild Leader, should we approach this NPC?” Aqua Rose asked.

“Of course,” Shi Feng replied, nodding before walking up to the NPC.

When Shi Feng got within 20 yards of Edward, the resting NPC abruptly opened his eyes.

“Adventurers, this isn’t a place any of you should come to. Armas has stolen the Sun Crown. His strength exceeds your imagination. You all had best turn back now,” Edward said, somewhat exhausted.

Upon hearing Edward’s words, Shi Feng immediately connected the dots and concluded that the quest to acquire the Glorious Will Replica came from this Edward.

“Lord Edward, we are not afraid of danger. If there is anything we can help you with, please say so,” Shi Feng declared.

“Since you are determined, so be it. Brave adventurers, Armas has only recently stolen the Sun Crown. He has yet to absorb its power completely. I hope that you can help me reclaim the Sun Crown,” Edward said after giving the matter some thought

System: Do you wish to accept the Epic Team Quest “Sun Crown”?

Quest content: Help Edward reclaim the Sun Crown that Armas stole. Rewards unknown.

Shi Feng accepted the quest without hesitation.

Everyone else in the team gaped in shock when they read the notification. They had never thought that they could receive an Epic Team Quest in such a place.

This situation made Phoenix Rain and Unyielding Heart envy Zero Wing even more.

This Epic Team Quest was essentially a Dungeon-raiding quest Successfully raiding the Dungeon meant the completion of this quest It was basically a bonus reward to Zero Wing.

“Brave adventurers, follow me. It is time for this Evil Lich to receive his due!” Edward said as he stood up. He then pushed apart the tightly shut steel doors and stepped into the throne room.

“Everyone, follow the NPC!” Shi Feng commanded.

Everyone trailed Edward into the throne room.

Upon entering the throne room, everyone felt as if they had gone outdoors at nighttime. The ceiling of the throne room resembled the starry sky at night At the far end of the throne room, seated high up on the throne was a two-meter-tall skeleton dressed in midnight robes, wearing a fiery crown on its skull and holding a golden staff. This skeleton was none other than the Lich Armas. Currently, Armas was gazing down at Shi Feng and the others as if he was the King of the Underworld.

Meanwhile, standing on one side of Armas’s throne was a suit of pitch-black armor that was missing its head, and on the other side was a six-meter-tall beast that had the body of a scorpion.

[Armas] (Lich, Mythic)

Level 60

HP 500,000,000/500,000,000 [Headless Knight] (Undead, Mythic)

Level 59

HP 360,000,000/360,000,000 [Scorpion-Snake King] (Demonic Beast, Mythic)

HP 420,000,000/420,000,000

The statistics of these monsters had everyone gasping. The confidence built up from their success thus far promptly disappeared.

“Is this a joke?”

“Three Mythic monsters?! The system is too shameless!”

“So, this is Hell Mode?”

“No, that can’t be right! Even Hell Mode shouldn’t be this difficult! This must be due to the Team Quest!”

Everyone’s hearts stopped as they stared in despair at the three Mythic monsters at the far end of the throne room.

It already took everything they had to fight one Mythic monster. Fighting three Mythic monsters at the same time was beyond a 200-man team of Tier 2 players.

Phoenix Rain and Unyielding Heart currently wore somber expressions as they looked at the three Mythic monsters. They felt that the system was playing a big joke on them.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, this quest is a little outside of our capabilities. Why don’t we abandon this quest? With our team’s current strength, it is simply impossible to go up against three Mythic monsters simultaneously,” Phoenix Rain suggested.

Unyielding Heart nodded his head in agreement.

This was no longer a feasible challenge for current players. At the very least, their entire 200-man team needed to be fully equipped in Level 55 or even Level 60 Dark-Gold Equipment, with the main members of the team having multiple pieces of Epic Weapons and Equipment. Only then could they cope with three Mythic monsters at once.

At this moment, Shi Feng had a gloomy expression.

He had never imagined that the Epic Team Quest would be so vicious. If there were only two Mythic monsters, he still had the means to deal with them. However, with his current team, challenging three Mythic monsters simultaneously was asking too much.

Must I give up? When Shi Feng thought about how much he had gone through to obtain this quest, reluctance filled his heart. No, if even my current team can’t complete this quest, how could the Glorious Sword Saint’s team possibly have completed it?

As the first team to conquer the Hell Mode Eclipse Throne, the Glorious Sword Saint’s team might be slightly superior to Shi Feng’s current team in terms of equipment standards, but there was definitely a limit to the difference. Not to mention, he had the Ring of Gospel to improve his team’s Basic Attributes and suppress the Mythic monsters’.

At this moment, the sound of a system notification suddenly entered everyone’s ears.

System: You have accepted the Epic Team Quest “Sun Crown.” Please select your challenge difficulty.

System: There are three difficulties available: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Depending on the difficulty selected, the final reward will also be adjusted. Please choose carefully. The difficulty cannot be changed once selected!