Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1803 - Greatsword Saint

Chapter 1803: Greatsword Saint

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The iron cage above the arena was as large as a house. Although the cage was covered in rust, the divine runes on the iron railings were visible.

Due to these divine runes, some kind of invisible energy constantly circulated the cage.

When Shi Feng landed on top of the iron cage, he discovered that he was unable to use any Skills or Spells. His body also felt heavy, his movements becoming sluggish.

What powerful suppression. Shi Feng felt the strange energy suppress his mind as he stood on the cage, becoming a little dizzy. If a Tier 1 player stood in his place, they’d likely pass out.

When Shi Feng tried to reach the cage’s lock, a powerful force shoved him away. He transformed into a blur as he crashed into the arena below.

“What’s going on?”

“Didn’t he already get a key?”

Phoenix Rain and Unyielding Heart were a little surprised when Shi Feng’s figure slammed into the ground.

From their position, they had only seen Shi Feng fly like a cannonball the moment he had reached the cage’s lock. They had never seen anything like it.

Once Shi Feng stood, he shook his head, still dizzy. He then fell into deep thought as he stared at the iron cage.

That one blow had dealt -60,000 damage. If a cloth armor or plate armor class with low HP had taken the blow, they would’ve died instantly.

“Guild Leader, is the key unable to open the cage?” Aqua Rose asked curiously as she looked at Shi Feng, whose HP had fallen to a critical level.

“No. We must be missing something,” Shi Feng said, shaking his head. He realized that they needed more than just the key. “I think the rest of the Bosses should have what we need.”

He hadn’t heard anyone mention a gigantic cage above the Troll Hero during his previous life, so he had no idea of what he needed to open it. However, since this was clearly a reward for the first team that challenged the Hell Mode Eclipse Throne, the following Bosses should carry what he needed.

After Shi Feng rested for a while, he led the team onward.

The Eclipse Throne’s castle was massive, and the Troll Hero was only the castle’s gatekeeper. Under Shi Feng’s command, the team slaughtered the patrolling monsters inside the castle. After nearly two hours, the team arrived at a garden. Along the way, the team had killed a large number of monsters. Overall, these monsters dropped a total of five pieces of Level 55 Fine-Gold Equipment and one Level 55 Dark-Gold Equipment piece. Since none of them provided Fire Resistance, Shi Feng decided to hold an internal auction for the Zero Wing members on the team. This made the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion and Unyielding Soul members jealous.

Even now, they did not have a single piece of Level 55 Fine-Gold Equipment, much less Level 55 Dark-Gold Equipment.

“Guild Leader, there’s a Boss ahead!” Fire Dance, who scouted for the team, reported through the team chat.

Hearing Fire Dance’s report, everyone went on high alert and ventured through the garden carefully. After about another minute, the team found a courtyard that could very well be described with the word ‘paradise.’

Surrounded by greenery and gorgeous flowers, a giant wolf lay slumbering beneath a large tree. The wolf was six-meters long and covered in crimson fur.

[Corrosive Wolf King] (Demonic Beast, Mythic)

Level 57

HP 400,000,000/400,000,000 “This Boss’s aura is so strong!”

“The corrosive gas this Boss is giving off is really dense, too. I can already feel my Stamina decreasing faster than before, despite standing so far away.”

The team members watched the Corrosive Wolf King with solemn expressions.

If the Corrosive Wolf King were similar to the Troll Hero, they would not have to worry. However, Bosses like the Corrosive Wolf King, which could cause constant damage or inflict debuffs, were the most troublesome. These Bosses would place an immense burden on the team’s healers. If the healers couldn’t keep up with the constant damage, it would only be a matter of time before the Boss annihilated the team.

“All MTs, form groups of three and stand in these specified locations! Melee DPS, split up into groups as well and stand beside the MTs! Healers and ranged DPS will run after the Boss throughout the raid! If there are no problems, let’s begin!” Shi Feng simply used the standard procedures for a Boss raid and had his team move out.

This left Phoenix Rain and Unyielding Heart speechless. Although they wanted to express their opinions about Shi Feng’s instructions, they held back and followed his orders when they recalled the Swordsman’s ability to adapt.

As soon as the raid began, Shi Feng activated Ring of Brilliance. This time, though, he did not activate World Projection. Ring of Brilliance only cost 2,000 Magic Crystals, whereas World Projection cost 5,000 Magic Crystals. Meanwhile, the biggest problem with the Corrosive Wolf King was the low Mana environment, which weakened the effects of Skills and Spells. There was no actual need to suppress the Boss’s Attributes.

Following which, under Shi Feng’s orders, the team shaved off the Corrosive Wolf King’s HP. Whenever too much corrosive gas contaminated the MT group that tanked the Boss, Shi Feng ordered another MT group to take its place. By replacing the MTs responsible for tanking the Boss, the contaminated MTs had enough time to recover.

As for the healing aspect of the raid, Shi Feng wasn’t worried thanks to Violet Cloud’s Holy Prayer and his Life Domain. By alternated these two AOE heals, the team’s healers were able to conserve their Mana.

In the end, it took less than half an hour to defeat the almighty Corrosive Wolf King. When the Corrosive Wolf King had died, it had also dropped a pile of items, including the head and leg parts for the Dark Corrosion Set.

The team then proceeded toward the third Boss, the Corrosive Dryad. As with the last Boss, Shi Feng used the standard raid procedures, splitting the MTs into groups to deal with the Corrosive Dryad’s numerous tendrils. Meanwhile, the melee players would open up a path for the ranged DPS to bombard the Dryad with fire-type Skills and Spells. During this raid, Zhao Yueru, with her Frostflame’s Wrath, shone brightly. Like the Corrosive Wolf King, it took less than 30 minutes for the Corrosive Dryad to fall.

Meanwhile, the Corrosive Dryad dropped five pieces of Level 55 Dark-Gold Equipment and eight pieces of Level 55 Fine- Gold Equipment, all of which added Fire Resistance. Among the five pieces of Dark-Gold Equipment, two were set pieces for the Dark Corrosion Set, specifically the armguards and belt.

By the time the team defeated the Corrosive Dryad, including the two other Bosses and mobs they killed, everyone on the team had gained roughly 20% more EXP. Their leveling speed in the Dungeon was much faster than grinding elsewhere.

This left the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion and Unyielding Soul’s members speechless. They currently raided a Level 50, super- large-scale Team Dungeon’s Hell Mode, yet not only hadn’t they died and lost EXP, but their experience bars had also increased faster than grinding monsters outside of the Dungeon. If they were to retell this tale, nobody would believe them.

What surprised these super-first-rate Guilds’ members the most was the fact that they had only used the standard raid procedures to defeat every Boss they had encountered. Despite facing Mythic monsters, they had managed to defeat these Bosses, one after another, without so much as suffering a single casualty…

Since when were standard raid tactics so effective in super-large-scale Team Dungeons?

The Bosses they had raided thus far were much easier compared to the Bosses in large-scale Team Dungeons.

However, unlike their companions, Phoenix Rain and Unyielding Heart realized what was happening.

Their team hadn’t defeated these powerful Mythic Bosses so easily because the standard raid procedures were so effective in this Dungeon, but because Zero Wing’s MTs, healers, and DPS were astoundingly powerful. There was also Shi Feng’s heaven-defying Ring of Gospel, which could weaken the Bosses and enhance their entire team. Without these factors, all of these Boss fights would’ve been incredibly difficult or ended in a team-wipe.

The Eclipse Throne had a total of four Bosses. Now that they had killed three, only the Final Boss remained. Both Phoenix Rain and Unyielding Heart felt as if they were in a dream.

Following which, under Shi Feng’s command, the team soon reached the throne room housing the Final Boss. The throne room was also on the castle’s top floor.

When the team reached the throne room, they encountered a young man lying before the room’s tightly shut doors. The young man wore golden armor and carried a greatsword that radiated a holy light on his back.

If one inspected this young man, they would discover that he was a Level 60 Mythic NPC.

When Shi Feng saw this NPC youth’s name, he was stunned.

Why is he here? Shock filled Shi Feng’s eyes as he gazed down at the Mythic NPC.

At this stage of the game, most likely no player, other than himself, knew about this NPC, but during his previous life, every God’s Domain player would recognize the youth. This man had been reputed as the Greatsword Saint, known by players as the strongest entity below Tier 6.

However, the main reason for this NPC’s fame was the weapon he wielded. It was also the easiest weapon to find among the Ten Great Legendary Weapons.

The Glorious Will!