Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1802 - Set Equipment of Astronomical Value

Chapter 1802: Set Equipment of Astronomical Value

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The moment World Projection activated, the Troll Hero paused. Meanwhile, due to Ring of Brilliance’s effect, everyone on the team felt a pleasant sensation course through their bodies, their Basic Attributes and physique instantly improving by 10%.

“What’s this? A magic array?”

“Didn’t they say that magic arrays are prohibited inside super-large-scale Team Dungeons?”

When these players noticed the Troll Hero’s Attributes decrease, they couldn’t help but turn to Shi Feng in astonishment.

How is this possible?! The Boss’s Basic Attributes fell by 20%?! Shock filled Unyielding Heart’s gaze when he noticed the change. Turning to Shi Feng, he thought, Is this the real reason that he is so confident in challenging a super-large-scale Team Dungeon?

Unlike Grand Lords, Mythic monsters had more resistance against magic array suppression and negative status effects. If one tried to suppress a Mythic monster in the fields with an Intermediate Magic Array, they would be very fortunate if the magic array suppressed the Mythic monster’s Attributes by 10%, much less 20%.

Although a 20% decrease in Basic Attributes did not seem like much, it decreased the raid’s difficulty by at least 30%. This also reduced the equipment standard requirements for MTs and the DPS requirement for damage dealers.

Sure enough, he came prepared. When Phoenix Rain sensed the ambient Mana density and the increase to her Basic Attributes, she shot Shi Feng a glance. Although she had assumed that Shi Feng had prepared more trump cards than those they had seen thus far, she couldn’t help but feel a little surprised once she actually saw them.

With this development, the Troll Hero was at a disadvantage. Now, Turtledove was able to stop all of the Troll Hero’s frenzied attacks all by herself. The Boss also recovered far less HP via its battle recovery.

As a result, the Troll Hero’s HP, which had barely moved thus far, began to fall at a steady pace.

99%… 96%… 92%…

When Turtledove’s Berserk Skill ended, Shi Feng had the other Tier 2 MTs activate their Berserk Skills to tank the Troll Hero. Unlike Turtledove, though, the other MTs struggled to hold the Boss by themselves. Hence, Shi Feng had two Tier 2 MTs tank the Troll Hero at the same time, with Cola and Ye Wumian offering support from the sides.

Time passed quickly.

After five minutes since the battle had begun, the Troll Hero received a small boost to its Strength and speed. Fortunately, the improvement was tolerable for the Tier 2 MTs.

Before 20 minutes had passed, the Troll Hero’s HP fell below the 1% threshold.

Seeing this, Shi Feng activated Divine Providence before activating Lightning Slash to land the killing blow. The Troll Hero then collapsed and transformed into particles of light, disappearing.

When the Boss faded away, a small mountain of items took its place. The loot’s brilliant glow made the players from the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion and Unyielding Soul drool.

The Boss of a super-large-scale Team Dungeon actually drops so many items? With a rough glance at the pile of items, Unyielding Heart determined that more than 50 items had dropped. That was more than double what dropped from a Level 50 large-scale Team Dungeon’s Boss.

The number of items before her surprised Phoenix Rain as well.

Shi Feng, however, didn’t share their reaction. Although a super-large-scale Team Dungeon and a large-scale Team Dungeon dropped roughly the same quality of items, the former tended to drop far more loot than the latter.

Following which, Shi Feng collected the items while the ream took a break.

The intense battle against the Troll Hero had lasted nearly 20 minutes. At this point, the healers had expended a considerable portion of their Mana. The fighters also needed a moment to relax.

“Guild Leader, how’s the loot?” Blackie, who rested on the ground nearby, asked Shi Feng.

“Not bad. We got a total of 63 items. Three are Level 55 Dark-Gold Weapons, one of which is a greatsword that adds Fire Resistance. Aside from that, we also got eight pieces of Level 55 Dark-Gold Equipment, three of which add Fire Resistance. Of the three pieces of Dark-Gold Equipment that add Fire Resistance, one is the Dark Corrosion Boots, a set piece for a Level 55 plate armor set, and another one is the Sundial Armguard, a set piece for a Level 55 cloth armor set. There are also seven pieces of Level 55 Fine-Gold Equipment, five of which add Fire Resistance. As for the other items, they’re mainly Magic Scrolls, potions, Mana Stones, and raw materials,” Shi Feng said as he shared the equipment statistics in the team chat for everyone to see.

“Crap! Level 55 Dark-Gold Set Equipment!”

Everyone’s eyes glowed when they saw the statistics Shi Feng had shared. Both the Dark Corrosion Set and the Sundial Set were six-piece, Level 55 to Level 60 Dark-Gold Set Equipment. These two sets were easily the strongest set equipment they had seen thus far. If one equipped one of these sets, only players in full Epic Equipment could surpass them.

Shi Feng simply smiled in response to everyone’s exclamations. The Dark Corrosion Set and Sundial Set were some of the best sets available to players between Level 55 and Level 60. Not only did they provide superb Fire Resistance, but they also had effects that significantly enhanced fire-type damage. The full Sundial Set, in particular, would increase all Basic Attributes by 220 points and physique by 15%. The set provided a significant improvement in all aspects. No ordinary Dark- Gold Set Equipment could compare.

When they saw the Dark Corrosion Set and Sundial Set, Unyielding Heart and Phoenix Rain’s eyes turned slightly bloodshot. They hadn’t considered that the Eclipse Throne could drop such valuable Dark-Gold Set Equipment. If an MT equipped the Dark Corrosion Set, that MT could easily tank Bosses in fiery environments. Tanking Level 50 Mythic Bosses would also become much easier.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, if you can collect a complete Dark Corrosion Set, Unyielding Soul will purchase it for 15,000 Gold!” Unyielding Heart declared.

叮he Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion is willing to offer 17,000 Gold!” Phoenix Rain said

叮hen, Unyielding Soul offers 18,000 Gold!” Unyielding Heart hurriedly countered Phoenix Rain’s offer.

Seeing Unyielding Heart and Phoenix Rain competing over the Dark Corrosion Set, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion and Unyielding Soul members present were stunned. Even Zero Wing’s members had similar reactions. They never thought that the VIPs of two super-first-rate Guilds would fight so fervently over the Dark Corrosion Set.

“I’m sorry. While I can understand your interest in purchasing the set, but the Dark Corrosion Set is very important to Zero Wing, so I have no intention of selling it for now,” Shi Feng refused the offer immediately. “Of course, if Zero Wing obtains a second Dark Corrosion Set, I will be willing to sell it. However, the minimum bid I’ll accept per set is 24,000 Gold. Of course, you can also offer rare materials or Magic Crystals.”

Shi Feng’s team members gasped when they heard his price.

It was too expensive!

One could purchase a very good plot of Land in an imperial capital’s Central District for 24,000 Gold. It was even possible to construct a town with that kind of money, yet Shi Feng wanted 24,000 Gold for a single Dark-Gold Set Equipment.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, I believe you are aware that equipment has an effective time period. Although the Dark Corrosion Set is a Level 55 to Level 60 Dark-Gold Set Equipment, its value will decrease as time passes,” Unyielding Heart said. “If you gather a complete set within seven days, I am willing to spend 24,000 Gold to purchase it. However, if you offer the complete set after a fortnight or a month, I’m afraid that the Dark Corrosion Set will no longer be worth that price.”

Phoenix Rain nodded in agreement with Unyielding Heart’s words. As their levels and equipment improved, Bosses that they hadn’t been able to tackle would become easier to defeat. It was only a matter of time before they would acquire something similar to the Dark Corrosion Set. They were only willing to buy the Dark Corrosion Set now to jumpstart their plans, but as their time advantage shrunk, the set equipment’s value would decrease as well.

“Rest assured. Zero Wing should have no problems securing a second Dark Corrosion Set within seven days. If we fail to collect a second set, I will put the first up for sale,” Shi Feng said.

Although the Dark Corrosion Set was precious, its drop-rate in the Hell Mode Eclipse Throne was relatively high. He also had the Icarus’s Heart. Super-large-scale Team Dungeons reset once a week, and after another seven days, Zero Wing would have far more Tier 2 experts. While Zero Wing wasn’t guaranteed to acquire two Dark Corrosion Sets after two Dungeon raids, securing one shouldn’t be an issue.

After some negotiations, Shi Feng decided to hold an auction for the Dark Corrosion Set in ten days. The set’s final owner would depend on who offered the highest price, Phoenix Rain or Unyielding Heart.

Once Shi Feng had organized the loot, he turned his gaze to the Magic Crystal Treasure Chest in the gigantic iron cage above.

When the Troll Hero had died, it had also dropped a pitch-black key. This key, without a doubt, was related to the massive cage.

Shi Feng then activated Gale Domain and flew towards the hanging cage.