Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1801 - Sturdy Team

Chapter 1801: Sturdy Team

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As they watched the Troll Hero fly 20 yards across the arena and slam into the ground, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion and Unyielding Soul members watching from a distance were stunned.

“She sent it flying?!”

“That’s a Mythic Boss we’re talking about! Just how much Strength does she have?!”

“Is she really a Guardian Knight?”

For a time, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion and Unyielding Soul members fell into a heated discussion. None of them could believe their eyes. Unyielding Heart was particularly shocked.

Not even Unyielding Soul had an MT with such astonishing Strength.

Finally, Unyielding Heart, more or less, understood where Zero Wing found the confidence to raid the Hell Mode Eclipse Throne.

MTs played a crucial role in Dungeon raids. Oftentimes, a failed Dungeon raid wasn’t a result of a lack of DPS; rather, the team’s MTs weren’t able to survive against the Bosses long enough. However, as long as a team had an MT that could tank the Boss, even if the first raid attempt failed, the team would use the next few attempts to probe the Boss for weaknesses and would eventually defeat its.

The reason that the various superpowers didn’t dare to touch a Level 50 super-large-scale Team Dungeon at this stage of the game was the lack of capable MTs.

How did her strength improve by so much? Phoenix Rain was wrought with confusion as she watched Turtledove.

When she had met Turtledove last, the female Guardian Knight had already been very powerful, easily tanking a Grand Lord by herself. However, after not seeing Turtledove for some time, the female Guardian Knight had grown to become capable of throwing a Mythic Boss. The speed at which Turtledove grew stronger was simply terrifying.

Even after this shocking revelation, however, Zero Wing’s members were still unsurprised.

They knew that Turtledove had upgraded her Steel Crown to Epic rank. Meanwhile, the Steel Crown’s Additional Skill, Steel Impact, had also improved. Now, instead of increasing her Strength by 300% and speed by 100%, the Skill increased her Strength by 400% and speed by 150%. With such a boost, it was only natural for her to send a Level 56 Mythic Boss flying.

After the Troll Hero’s clash with Turtledove, it’s HP fell by over 150,000. Turtledove had secured the Troll Hero’s aggro. With an angry roar, the Boss’s muscles bulged, and it stomped on the ground before transforming into a blur as it charged at the female Guardian Knight.

Fortunately, since the Troll Hero’s axes were still stuck in the ground behind Turtledove, it didn’t pose much of a threat. In fact, Turtledove did not even bother to avoid the charge. Instead, she thrust the point of her shield into the ground and prepared to receive the Troll Hero’s charge head-on.

Tier 2 Skill, Backfolding!

Backfolding was a Tier 2 Skill Turtledove had recently acquired from the Primordial Divine Ruin. It was a super-rare Skill that could reflect an incoming attack from the front.


When the Troll Hero crashed into Turtledove’s shield, its massive frame stumbled three steps backward, a damage of over -500,000 appearing above its head.

“Good! Ranged players, attack!” Shi Feng commanded one he saw that Turtledove had solidified her aggro.

Spells and arrows bombarded the Troll Hero, and damages of over -10,000 appeared above the target’s head, one after another. Occasionally, damages exceeding -40,000 also floated above the Boss’s head. These damages originated from Zhao Yueru, who wielded Frostflame’s Wrath. Her attacks were particularly prominent among the bombardment.

Her ice- and fire-type Spells were clearly stronger than the other Tier 2 Elementalists’ Spells on the team.

“What a high damage! Zero Wing actually has such a powerful Elementalist?” Unyielding Soul’s magical-class players were stupefied by Zhao Yueru’s performance.

They were bona fide Tier 2 players and wore the best equipment available at this stage of the game. The fact that they were able to deal over -10,000 damage to a Mythic Boss was already impressive and would attract the awe of many expert layers. However, Zhao Yueru’s attacks had utterly changed their views on the world.

Not only did Zhao Yueru’s attacks consistently deal over -40,000 damage, but some of her attacks also dealt twice that without a critical hit. Her DPS alone could rival the total DPS of five of them…

Unyielding Soul’s magical-class players couldn’t figure out what was happening. Despite the fact that they were all Tier 2 players, the difference between them was massive!

What these players didn’t know was that Frostflame’s Wrath improved its wielders’ ice- and fire-type Spells by one tier. Now that Zhao Yueru was Tier 2, her Tier 2 Spells had been upgraded to Tier 3.

Not even Shi Feng was confident of beating out Zhao Yueru’s DPS.

When the team saw the Flame Witch’s damage, they became far more confident of defeating the Troll Hero.

Under the unceasing magical bombardment, the Troll Hero rapidly lost HP. However, after five seconds, something happened that stupefied the team.

The Boss instantly healed all of the damage the team’s ranged players had caused…

“What’s going on? Why did it fully recover its HP?”

“Didn’t we take more than 1% of its HP in the last five seconds?”

These players were dumbfounded as they stared at the unharmed Troll Hero. They couldn’t understand how the Boss had recovered all of its lost HP.

“A Passive Skill?”

Unyielding Heart and Phoenix Rain quickly reached the conclusion that this disconcerting issue had been caused by one of the Boss’s Skills. There was no other way to explain how the Boss had recovered more than 1% of its HP in the last five seconds.

This turn of events extinguished the little confidence everyone had gained from Zhao Yueru’s performance.

“This Boss’s combat method is very simple. If the Boss takes about one second to charge up when it lifts both axes into the air, it’ll execute an AOE attack. You’ll be safe from this AOE attack as long as you remain more than 15 yards away from the Boss. If it charges up for only half a second, it’ll execute a straight-line attack. In that case, you’ll be safe if you maintain a distance of more than 25 yards from the Boss. So, pay attention to dodging! When you’re attacking, you’ll have a higher chance at hitting the Boss if you execute two-part attacks,” Shi Feng commanded through the team chat. “If everyone’s ready, then melee players, join the assault!”

He’s learned the Boss’s attack method already? Unyielding Heart could not help his surprise as he watched Shi Feng calmly issue commands.

Normally, a raid team would need two or three minutes to figure out a Boss monster’s attack pattern. Depending on the attack pattern’s complexity, a raid team may even need over ten minutes to figure it out.

Yet, despite fighting for a few short seconds, Shi Feng had already figured out this Boss’s attack method…

Hearing Shi Feng’s orders, the team sprung into action.

As Shi Feng had stated, although the difference between a 1-second and 0.5-second charging time was subtle, the team’s expert players easily recognized the difference. Hence, practically no one died when the Boss used its two AOE SKills. Moreover, when everyone assaulted the Boss according to Shi Feng’s requirements, their hit rate was extremely high. As a result, the Troll Hero’s HP steadily decreased.

Once the melee players included their DPS, the Boss lost HP even faster.

Because of this, these players had a newfound admiration for Shi Feng’s leadership.

If a team had such a capable commander, the team’s overall combat power would no doubt rise by a small margin. While the improvement might not be significant, this small difference could become a deciding factor in whether or not a team could clear a Dungeon.

After another five seconds, the team managed to shave off a little over 2% of the Troll Hero’s HP. However, when the Troll Hero’s Self-regeneration took effect, it instantly recovered 2% of its total HP, healing most of the damage.

It was evident that the team was in for a long battle of attrition.

Not even this is enough to beat it? Phoenix Rain thought, frowning. With the team’s current DPS, it was possible to whittle the Boss down and kill it eventually, but at the current rate that the healers were burning through their Mana, they wouldn’t last until the battle ended.

Unyielding Heart had come to the same realization.

It might be fine if they were raiding a 50-man Team Dungeon, but in super-large-scale Team Dungeons, players were prohibited from using magic arrays to suppress the Boss. Players had to rely on their own strength to defeat the Dungeon Bosses. This was also why the various superpowers couldn’t raid super-large-scale Team Dungeons yet.

At this rate, it was only a matter of time before the Troll Hero annihilated the team…

Sure enough, it is too much to ask for current players to defeat this thing. Shi Feng could not help but reveal a bitter smile as he watched the Troll Hero’s HP bar. He then took out the Ring of Gospel from his bag and injected 7,000 Magic Crystals.

World Projection!

Ring of Brilliance!