Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1800 - Violent MT

Chapter 1800: Violent MT

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“This is the first time I’ve ever seen such a treasure chest. What rank is it?’

“This is a super-large-scale Hell Mode Team Dungeon. No matter how you look at it, that treasure chest should be Dark- Gold rank. It might even be an Epic Treasure Chest.”

The team started to discuss their guesses as they gazed at the Magic Crystal Treasure Chest with bloodshot eyes. Even Phoenix Rain and Unyielding Heart felt a pang of envy when they glanced towards the treasure chest.

Although they didn’t know the treasure chest’s exact rank, it shouldn’t be anything insignificant.

Treasure chests often offered better loot than the items that dropped from a Boss. In other words, securing that treasure chest was on par with killing an additional Boss in this super-large-scale Team Dungeon.

Of course, Shi Feng was ecstatic. Unlike his teammates, he knew just how valuable a Magic Crystal Treasure Chest was. It was definitely far more valuable than an Epic Treasure Chest. Moreover, this Magic Crystal Treasure Chest glowed with golden light. Even superpowers would go mad over the items inside.

Could this be a reward for being the first team to raid the Eclipse Throne? Shi Feng wondered as he looked at the Magic Crystal Treasure Chest He hadn’t seen a treasure chest in the Dungeon during his visits in the past, even when he had raided the Hell Mode version.

After the team finished its debate about the Magic Crystal Treasure Chest, they shifted their attention to the Troll Hero standing in the arena. No matter how much they desired the treasure chest, they couldn’t reach it since it had been locked away in a cage. To open the cage, they’d need a key, and it was obvious that they could only obtain that key by defeating the Boss before them.

However, when the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion and Unyielding Soul’s members looked at the motionless Troll hero, they couldn’t help but gulp audibly, fear returning to their gazes.

Despite having reached Tier 2, they still had an instinctive fear of Mythic monsters. Their previous encounters had been traumatizing. Monsters at this rank were simply undefeatable.

Moreover, as one of a Hell Mode Dungeon’s Bosses, every aspect of the Troll Hero had been boosted, especially its HP. Compared to Hard Mode, the Hell Mode Troll Hero should have at least an additional 40% HP. This increased the pressure the team had to face by a considerable margin.

However, in contrast to the reactions of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion and Unyielding Soul’s members, Zero Wing’s members seemed relatively relaxed before the Troll Hero. They were as calm as usual.

Unyielding Heart was surprised to see such a lack of reaction from Zero Wing’s members.

All of Unyielding Soul’s members present had their fair share of tough battle experiences, but despite the wealth of experience, they couldn’t help their anxiety about facing the Troll Hero. And yet, Zero Wing’s members were so calm.

Do they think they can beat the Troll Hero? Examining Zero Wing’s members for a moment, Unyielding Heart realized that not only weren’t they anxious, but they even watched the Boss like hunters tracking prey.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, how should we go about raiding this Boss? Should we test its Skills and combat method first?” Phoenix Rain asked.

Normally, when going up against a Boss monster that could potentially annihilate an entire team in a single attack, players would send in a small number of players to probe the Boss for its combat method and Skills so that they could set up a better foundation for the actual raid.

“It’s best that we don’t do that. This is a Mythic Boss. If we send in too few players, we won’t learn anything at all. Instead, we’d be wasting EXP. Let’s just start the raid,” Shi Feng said, shaking his head. He then commanded, “Cola, Turtledove, you two will take turns tanking the Boss! Other MTs, prepare to replace them at any time! Melee DPS, stay back and leave the attacks to the ranged DPS for now! Only go in after we ensure that it’s safe!”

“This…” Phoenix Rain could not help but be appalled at Shi Feng’s instructions. His commands felt too halfhearted. It seemed as if he had given up on the battle already.

Unyielding Heart gave Shi Feng a similarly confused look. He could not figure out if Shi Feng were an expert or a fool.

Shi Feng’s instructions during the start of the raid had been precise and effective, yet the man was barking out such cursory commands now. Although starting the raid without probing would spare their Guild members, avoiding unnecessary deaths that could compromise their participation, blindly sending the team into battle was both reckless and counterproductive.

However, what Phoenix Rain and Unyielding Heart did not know was that Shi Feng was already familiar with the Troll Hero’s Skills and combat method.

The Troll Hero was a pure warrior. It didn’t wield any Spells, but it did have frightening Strength and agile movements. Most importantly, it possessed the Passive Skill, Self-regeneration. This Skill was the reason the Troll Hero had earned the title of Eclipse Throne’s Undying Gatekeeper.

Self-regeneration allowed the Troll Hero to recover rapidly from heavy injuries. This Skill ensured that the Troll Hero’s combat power couldn’t be affected. Moreover, unlike normal Bosses, whose battle recovery restored 1% of their HP every five seconds, the Troll Hero regenerated 2% of its HP every five seconds. The longer it fought, the more Strength it would gain, as well. Fortunately, it could only use this power-up once every five minutes, but there wasn’t any upper limit…

Due to this Passive Skill, countless teams’ progress in the Eclipse Throne had slid to a halt.

No other Boss in the Eclipse Throne tested a team’s raw power like the Troll Hero. Technique wasn’t as important when raiding this Boss. Players simply had to attack with everything they had and pray that they had enough DPS.

Without waiting for Unyielding Heart and Phoenix Rain’s comments, Cola and Turtledove charged forward. Seeing this, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion and Unyielding Soul’s MTs exchanged a few hesitant glances before helplessly following after the two Zero Wing MTs.

When Cola and Turtledove were less than 100 yards away from the Troll Hero, the latter abruptly opened its eyes. When its gaze landed on the two MTs, the Boss revealed a sneer and roared, “Foolish challengers! Do you believe you can defeat the strongest warrior in Lord Armas’s army?”

The Troll Hero then threw its axes at Cola and Turtledove.

Shua! Shua!

The two four-meter-long axes flew from the Troll Hero’s hands, transforming into spinning blades as they soared towards Cola and Turtledove. As the axes sliced through the air, they left behind long, pitch-black lines…

“Dodge!” Unyielding Heart shouted in panic.

Attacks that caused spatial tears could even threaten Mythic monsters of the same level. If current players received such an attack, even powerful MTs like Cola and Turtledove, they’d likely die instantly.

However, just before the axes reached these MTs, Turtledove slid in front of Cola. Releasing a black aura, her Attributes skyrocketed as she activated Power of Darkness.

Following which, she swung her sword at the two flying axes.

Silver divine runes illuminated Turtledove’s longsword, which formed a dazzling arc as it cut the two colossal axes down. Boom! Boom!

With two explosions, the axes crashed to the ground. As for Turtledove, she had been forced to take three steps back to stabilize her stance. At the same time, two damages exceeding -20,000 appeared above her head. However, to Turtledove, who had 140,000 HP after activating Power of Darkness, the damage was tolerable.

Meanwhile, the rear line healers, who had long since prepared for this moment, released several Healing Spells, instantly restoring Turtledove’s HP to full.

叮his… This… What is going on? She blocked both attacks all by herself?”

“I’m not seeing things, right?! How did she stop those attacks so easily?! Is that really a Mythic monster?”

“Didn’t you notice that she activated her Berserk Skill?”

“Even if that’s the case, she shouldn’t be able to stand against a Mythic monster! Moreover, the Boss used a Skill! Those attacks had definitely been enhanced!”

Both the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion and Unyielding Soul’s members gaped at Turtledove, who had resumed her charge towards the Boss.

When the Troll Hero charged at her in return, Turtledove smiled brightly.


When less than 30 yards separated both sides, Turtledove activated the Steel Crown’s Additional Skill, Steel Impact. Suddenly, her speed doubled. Raising her shield, she transformed into an afterimage. A moment later, she appeared before the Troll Hero and slammed her shield into the Boss.

Immediately, the Troll Hero flew back by over 20 yards…