Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1799 - Another Magic Crystal Treasure Chest

Chapter 1799: Another Magic Crystal Treasure Chest

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“Guild Leader Black Flame, do you have more of these items?” Unyielding Heart could not help but ask after inspecting the All-rounded Device and Elven Silver in his hands. “If you have extras, I’d like to buy some.”

Ordinary players might not recognize the value of the All-rounded Device and Elven Silver, but they were absolute treasures to superpowers.

As players reached higher levels, they would encounter environments with low Mana density more often. Some severe environments even inflicted debuffs, yet these locations were often high-resource maps or the sites of high-ranked quests.

Dealing with such maps would often give the various superpowers painful headaches.

Yet, even now, they hadn’t found a solution.

The All-rounded Device and Elven Silver Shi Feng had just handed out just so happened to solve all of those problems.

Aside from the increased Mana density the Al卜rounded Device offered its user, it also provided a 5% increase ^


“I still have some left, but as they are very rare, they won’t be cheap,” Shi Feng said, smiling. “If you want to buy them, it’ll be 300 Magic Crystals for each AH-rounded Device and 100 Magic Crystals for each bottle of Elven Silver. How many do you want?”

Unyielding Heart’s interest in purchasing the All-rounded Devices and

Elven Silver Potions didn’t surprise Shi Feng in the slightest Superpowers had an extensive sphere of influence. Hence, they would encounter low-Mana environments more frequently than ordinary Guilds.

If Unyielding Heart wanted to buy them, he could also use this opportunity to make a small fortune.

“They’re so expensive?!”

Unyielding Soul’s members were astonished when they heard the two items’ prices. They were also surprised that Zero Wing had prepared so many All-rounded Devices and Elven Silver just to raid the Eclipse Throne.

“Alright. I want 100 All-rounded Devices and 100 bottles of Elven Silver,” Unyielding Heart answered without hesitation.

“You want that many?” Shi Feng was surprised by Unyielding Heart’s generosity. This transaction was actually worth 40,000 Magic Crystals.

“You don’t have that many?” Unyielding Heart’s brows furrowed slightly as he looked at Shi Feng.

Unyielding Soul had a great use for the All-rounded Device and Elven Silver, and Unyielding Heart judged that 100 of each should be enough for his Guild’s purpose.

“I don’t have that many in stock right now. I’m sure you recognize how valuable these items are. It isn’t so easy to acquire them. If you want that many, I’m afraid that I’ll need a few days to get them ready,” Shi Feng responded truthfully.

Both the All-rounded Device and Elven Silver took a long time to produce, and their production success rates weren’t very high. Currently, he only had a dozen of each remaining. It would take quite some time to craft 100 of each item.

“A few days?” After some mental calculations, Unyielding Heart said, “That’s fine. If you can acquire the stock within three days, I will offer you an additional 5,000 Magic Crystals!”

As soon as Unyielding Heart finished his statement, Phoenix Rain spoke up, “Guild Leader Black Flame, I also want 200 of each item, but I don’t have any time constraints. It is fine as long as you can get them ready for me.”

Hearing Unyielding Heart and Phoenix Rain’s offers, Shi Feng was at a loss for words.

His asking price was already incredibly high. He had never dreamed that Unyielding Heart and Phoenix Rain would be so interested in the All-rounded Devices and Elven Silver.

He had secured two massive orders just by revealing the two items in the Eclipse Throne. Once he filled these orders, he would earn over 100,000 Magic Crystals. This revenue flow was much faster than mining a Manatite vein for Magic Crystals.

Afterward, following Shi Feng’s command, everyone equipped the All-rounded Device and drank the Elven Silver they had received.

In the meantime, Shi Feng signed a contract with Unyielding Heart and Phoenix Rain, assuring that the two couldn’t go back on their word once he had crafted the items.

Not only did the team’s players feel much lighter after they had drunk the Elven Silver, but their five senses also recovered. Most importantly, their Stamina consumption rate had drastically decreased. Now, these players felt more confident as they watched the monsters waiting for them.

Once the team was ready, Shi Feng organized its formation.

Cola, Turtledove, and Ye Wumian would spearhead the team, while the other Tier 2 MTs would guard the team’s sides. The remaining melee players would be responsible for protecting the team’s ranged DPS and healers. Meanwhile, the ranged DPS would be responsible for pushing away and slowing down the incoming monsters with their Spells and Skills.

After the team had prepared and under Shi Feng’s command, these players charged for the castle’s main gate.

Without hesitation, Cola, Turtledove, and Ye Wumian slammed their shields into the corrosive monsters. As soon as they did, the Corrosive Zombies and Corrosive Abominations blocking their path were knocked aside, the Strength the three MTs displayed stunning the Tier 2 MTs from the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion and Unyielding Soul.

They were all Tier 2 MTs, so they knew what kind of strength a Tier 2 MT should wield.

Their equipment should be the best available at this stage of the game, and their Strength was only slightly higher than a High Lord of the same level. They still weren’t a match for a Great Lord of the same level, yet Zero Wing’s MT trio easily shoved aside the Great Lord ranked Corrosive Abominations. This proved how high the MT trio’s Strength was, much higher than the other MTs.

A moment later, one Grand Lord ranked Corrosive Earth Dragon charged towards the team, but despite the monster’s approach, Cola accelerated as silver divine runes lit up along his saber. He swung the blade to counter the Grand Lord’s approaching claw.


As the sound of an explosion echoed throughout the fortress, sparks scattered, dancing around Cola and his foe.

The Corrosive Earth Dragon stumbled back by three steps while Cola remained unharmed and in place, standing steady… This scene stupefied the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion and Unyielding Soul members, watching with dropped jaws.

Who is this Guardian Knight? Unyielding Heart could not believe his eyes.

Unyielding Heart wore multiple pieces of Epic Equipment and wielded a Magic Weapon. He was also a Berserker, the class famed for having the highest Strength in the game among the twelve main classes. However, despite all these factors, his Strength was only a match for a Great Lord of the same level even after he used an offensive Skill.

Yet, Cola had just forced back a Level 56 Grand Lord. Moreover, he had done so without using a Berserk Skill. This was the first time Unyielding Heart had met such a powerful Guardian Knight since joining God’s Domain.

However, this was a common occurrence for Zero Wing’s members. Cola held a Tier 3 Mana Weapon, and if he activated the weapon’s Skill, suppressing a Level 56 Grand Lord would be child’s play.

After the Corrosive Earth Dragon stumbled backward, the team followed after Cola and the others, steadily advancing.

Fortunately, the Rapidfire Ballistas’ attacks didn’t pose any threat to the team. Every member was an expert, and now that they had recovered their five senses, dodging the ballista attacks was easy.

Trailing after the MT trio, the team reached the castle’s main entrance in less than ten minutes.

Surprisingly, when they reached the gate, the corrosive beasts that had chased after them turned and fled. The monsters seemed oddly terrified of something.

“We reached the castle, just like that?” When everyone turned around to look at the thousands of retreating corrosive beasts, they found it hard to believe what was happening. It felt like some strange dream.

So, this is the Sword King’s strength? When Unyielding Heart glanced around the perfectly intact team, he, more or less, realized that Shi Feng hadn’t come to the Eclipse Throne to get himself killed. He was actually confident of succeeding here.

By Unyielding Heart’s estimates, it might have taken the team more than five hours to reach the castle gates if they had attempted to carve a path towards the castle, yet Shi Feng had shortened that time to seven minutes. Moreover, the team had reached the gates without a single casualty.

Unyielding Heart finally realized how Zero Wing had grown to the standard of a first-rate Guild so quickly without any background or support.

“Alright, that’s enough rest! We should continue forward!” Shi Feng stated after the team had mostly recovered from their brief run.

After entering the castle, the team had encountered far fewer monsters, although these monsters were of significantly higher quality. Most of the monsters inside the castle were Great Lords, with frequent appearances from Grand Lords. However, against 200 Tier 2 experts that were unaffected by the low-Mana environment and corrosive gas, these monsters were no trouble. The Grand Lords didn’t even last more than five minutes.

Naturally, the monsters’ loot was extraordinary. The most inferior items that had dropped were rare materials for crafting Fire Resistance items. If the team were lucky, the monsters would even drop Level 55 Fine-Gold Fire Resistance Equipment. By the time the team had reached the first Boss, a total of six such equipment pieces had dropped, inciting the Dragon- Phoenix Pavilion and Unyielding Soul’s envy.

Level 55 Fine-Gold Equipment was the equivalent of Level 50 Dark-Gold Equipment Despite these players position as their superpowers’ Tier 2 experts, they only had a few pieces of Level 50 Dark-Gold Equipment, much less Dark-Gold Equipment that increased Fire Resistance.

After fighting and advancing for over an hour, the team reached a large arena inside the castle. Tall walls and steel cages lined the arena, and standing in its center was a five-meter-tall humanoid monster. The monster was geared in crimson armor and wielded a one-handed axe in each of its two hands. Despite the monster’s immobile state, it radiated an intense aura that made the watching players afraid.

[Troll Hero] (Humanoid Creature, Mythic) Level 57

HP 500,000,000/500,000,000

Everyone involuntarily gulped upon seeing the Troll Hero’s statistics, permeated by their fear. Not only was the Troll Hero a bona fide Mythic monster, but it also had an Attribute boost due to its home being a Team Dungeon…

After the team members examined the Troll Hero for a moment, they noticed the steel cage hanging above the Boss’s head.

“What’s that? A treasure chest?”

“That should be a treasure chest! Though, I can’t tell its rank.”

“That’s not right! An ordinary treasure chest is either made of wood or metal, but that treasure chest is made entirely of Magic Crystals!”

The Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion and Unyielding Soul members fell into a heated discussion after discovering the treasure chest within the steel cage, but when Shi Feng noticed the treasure chest, his eyes glowed with excitement.

A Magic Crystal Treasure Chest!