Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1798 - Fortress Assault

Chapter 1798: Fortress Assault

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“Hell Mode?” Unyielding Heart stared at Shi Feng in disbelief. Only after taking some time to process Shi Feng’s statement did he ask, “Guild Leader Black Flame, you must be joking, right?!”

He had barely been able to accept the fact that Shi Feng wanted to raid a neutral map’s super-large-scale Team Dungeon, but raiding the Dungeon’s Hell Mode was too much. This was beyond foolish courage; it was plain suicide.

The Hell Mode of a Level 50, large-scale Team Dungeon was already difficult enough that the various superpowers couldn’t even get past the first Boss, let alone the Hell Mode of a Level 50, super-large-scale Team Dungeon.

Moreover, a super-large-scale Team Dungeon’s Hell Mode was far more severe than Hard Mode. Each death would take 15% of the player’s EXP. Two deaths in Hell Mode was the equivalent of three deaths in Hard Mode.

Even Phoenix Rain frowned at Shi Feng’s declaration.

She had to admit that Shi Feng was too full of surprises. Although she doubted that the man would execute a plan that he wasn’t confident in, raiding the Hell Mode of a Level 50, super-large-scale Team Dungeon at this time simply wasn’t realistic.

“Hell Mode might seem difficult, but it isn’t impossible. As long as we cooperate well enough and react quickly enough, the Dungeon won’t pose much of a threat,” Shi Feng explained.

He was very familiar with the Eclipse Throne; it was one of the few Dungeons that dropped top-tier Fire Resistance equipment. He had raided the Dungeon more than 20 times in his previous life, and he had raided the Hell Mode roughly seven or eight times. He knew how to dominate this Dungeon.

Moreover, he had specifically invited the experts from two super-first-rate Guilds. How could he possibly settle for the Hard Mode Eclipse Throne with such a rare opportunity?

“Not much of a problem?” Phoenix Rain was at a loss for words. It seemed as if Shi Feng were treating the Eclipse Throne like some six-man Party Dungeon.

However, with things as they were, she couldn’t really argue with Shi Feng’s decision. Not only had Zero Wing invited the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, but it had also secured Unyielding Soul’s help. In the end, she decided to leave the decision of how to utilize this chance to Zero Wing.

Following which, Shi Feng chose the Eclipse Throne’s Hell Mode. His team members wore skeptical expressions as they followed the man into the horrific skeletal head that had appeared before the ancient fortress’s entrance.

“Hell Mode?! Am I seeing things?!”

“Are Zero Wing’s members insane? They actually want to raid the Hell Mode Eclipse Throne? Most of the various superpowers are still struggling to get the First Clear of Level 50, 100-man Hard Mode Team Dungeons!”

“Well, Zero Wing is Star-Moon Kingdom’s number one Guild. Since they dare to enter the Dungeon, they should have some confidence of clearing it.”


“That can’t be possible, right? That is the Hell Mode of a 200-man Team Dungeon we are talking about, not a 50-man Team Dungeon.”

After the adventurers in the jungle watched Shi Feng’s team disappear into the Dungeon, they broke into a heated discussion. They were all very confused as to why Zero Wing would take such a huge risk to raid the Hell Mode Eclipse Throne.

Meanwhile, inside the Eclipse Throne…

Once Shi Feng and the others entered the fortress, they felt their five senses dull. Corrosive gas surrounded them, steadily depleting their Stamina. The ambient Mana was also significantly less dense than outside of the fortress. This decreased the players’ efficiency with their Skills and Spells.

Although the dense corrosive gas and thin ambient Mana was alarming, those factors became of little significance once they saw the corrosive monsters roaming the Dungeon.

[Corrosive Zombie] (Undead, Lord)

Level 56

HP 13,000,000/13,000,000

[Corrosive Abomination] (Undead, Great Lord)

HP 37,000,000/37,000,000

[Corrosive Earth Dragon] (Undead, Grand Lord)

HP 90,000,000/90,000,000

There were easily over ten thousand corrosive monsters wandering down the streets before them. Moreover, these monsters had formed patrol squads and marched down the streets.

Aside from the large number of monsters, Rapidfire Ballistas had been set up on the castle walls ahead. Multiple Corrosive Zombies manned each of these war weapons, and as long as those monsters discovered their team, they would face an intense bombardment.

These players felt as if they were on a crusade against an army of corrosive monsters, not a Dungeon raid.

“Why is the difference so massive?” Phoenix Rain wore a solemn expression as she watched the corrosive army that surrounded the castle.

She had challenged a super-large-scale Team Dungeon before, but her team had quickly given up the attempt once they realized that they were no match for the first Boss.

Her team had at least been able to clear out the mobs and reach the first Boss. Here, however, she wasn’t even sure that they could get through the mobs…

Although the super-large-scale Hard Mode Team Dungeon she had challenged had been occupied by a lot of monsters, her team hadn’t had to face such an exaggerated number as they did now. Here, a single patrol squad easily had over 300 monsters.

The weakest among these monsters was a Lord. Even a 200-man team of Tier 2 experts would have a hard time against 300-plus Lords, Great Lords, and Grand Lords. Furthermore, this Dungeon’s environment prevented players from exhibiting their full combat power.

They also had to worry about the war weapons mounted on the castle’s walls. If they accidentally lured a second wave of monsters, they’d have no choice but to flee.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, we’re not going to fight our way through this army, are we?” Unyielding Heart felt an intense pressure bear down on him as he surveyed the monsters and Rapidfire Ballistas, but seeing Shi Feng’s previous confidence, the man should have a method to get past these obstacles in mind.

“Of course not,” Shi Feng said, shaking his head. “We’re charging into the castle.”

“Charging straight through those monsters?” Unyielding Heart asked, flabbergasted as he pointed at the monsters on the streets before him. For a moment, he even wondered if Shi Feng were truly Zero Wing’s Guild Leader. “Are you certain?”

“Yes. If we try to clear out these monsters slowly, we’ll run out of Stamina before we even get to the first boss,” Shi Feng said, determined. “But before we move out, I want everyone to use these items.”

Saying so, Shi Feng took out the All-rounded Devices and Elven Silver Potions he had prepared and distributed them to every member on the team.

If players wished to raid the Hell Mode Eclipse Throne, they needed to restore their five senses, Mana, and Stamina. Otherwise, they’d be annihilated before they even met the first Boss.

Raiding a super-large-scale Team Dungeon was different from a large-scale Team Dungeon. Rather than a Dungeon raid, it was more appropriate to call it a miniature war. Most importantly, a team was limited to 200 players. Trying to clear the Dungeon with brute force while at such a massive numerical disadvantage would be nearly impossible. At the very least, such a feat was impossible with his team’s current standard.

When brute force wasn’t a viable option, a team would have to raid the Dungeon by using their numbers and making appropriate sacrifices at the right times. By doing so, clearing the Dungeon was possible, albeit a little cruel.

This time, though, Shi Feng did not intend to use such a method. Rather, his plan was a little more forceful.

Although Phoenix Rain and Unyielding Heart were still willing to believe in Shi Feng’s confidence, they couldn’t help but wonder if they were as safe as Shi Feng claimed as they watched the monsters cover the streets.

“What’s this?”

When Phoenix Rain, Unyielding Heart, and the other team members received the All-rounded Devices and Elven Silver, they didn’t understand what Shi Feng intended.

However, gasps escaped them after they inspected the two items’ Attribute Panels.