Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1797 - Hell Mode

Chapter 1797: Hell Mode

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“The Eclipse Gate?” Phoenix Rain’s eyes widened in shock as she stared at Shi Feng. “That’s a neutral map’s super-large- scale Team Dungeon!”

Although she did not have a particularly good understanding of the Eclipse Gate, she knew that super-large-scale Team Dungeons found in neutral maps were generally far more challenging than their counterparts in kingdoms and empires.

If the super-large-scale Team Dungeons were ranked based on difficulty, then neutral maps’ Team Dungeons would be Intermediate rank or higher.

None of the current superpowers even dared to harbor thoughts of raiding such an arduous Team Dungeon.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, although Unyielding Soul has agreed to help Zero Wing, I must make it clear that Unyielding Soul has dispatched our best experts to do so. If you wish to raid a super-large-scale Team Dungeon, we are willing to make the attempt twice at most Any more and it would affect our leveling speed too much,” Unyielding Heart stated the bottom line for his assistance. Shi Feng’s declaration had left him similarly astonished.

Even raiding the super-large-scale Team Dungeons within a kingdom’s borders was problematic. Trying to raid a neutral map’s super-large-scale Team Dungeon was simply ludicrous.

At this point, the various superpowers had only succeeded in killing the first few Bosses in Level 50 large-scale Dungeons; they had failed to clear the Dungeon itself. However, if they tried to raid a kingdom’s super-large-scale Team Dungeon, they’d likely fail to defeat the first Boss. Even if they had a full team of Tier 2 players, they had less than a 20% chance of getting past the first Boss in a neutral map’s large-scale Team Dungeon.

Although players wouldn’t lose an entire level of EXP when they died in a Dungeon, they would lose 10% of their EXP if they die inside a super-large-scale Team Dungeon.

After reaching their levels, even expert players, who had an impressive leveling speed, would need seven or eight hours to earn 10% EXP. If Unyielding Soul accompanied Zero Wing into death’s embrace three to five times, Unyielding Soul’s main force would fall behind the other superpowers’ main forces by one or two days.

“That’s fine.” Shi Feng nodded.

Naturally, no Guild would lend its Tier 2 players to another team unconditionally; it was understandable that Unyielding Heart had set certain limits. In fact, Phoenix Rain had already informed Shi Feng of her bottom line.

“It’s fine?” Shi Feng’s composure surprised Unyielding Heart a little.

The point of his statement regarding his limits was to inform Shi Feng that he wouldn’t tolerate meaningless ventures and that Zero Wing’s Guild Leader should cherish this opportunity. However, Shi Feng’s response was utterly void of anxiety; the man hadn’t even frowned. It was as if this limitation wasn’t a problem at all.

Even Phoenix Rain carefully observed Shi Feng’s reactions. She was curious as to why Shi Feng was wasting such a good opportunity on such an impossible task.

With their three Guilds’ combined strength, they’d have very high chances of success even in a Level 50, 100-man Team Dungeon, yet Shi Feng had decided to attempt the impossible.

“Since everyone’s here, I’ll reform the team. I’ll also handle the team’s leadership. Do either of you have any issues with that?” Shi Feng asked Phoenix Rain and Unyielding Heart.

Neither of the two Guild Leaders had any particular opinions on the arrangement. Both Guilds had come to offer their assistance, after all. The most they could do was support Zero Wing.

Very quickly, Shi Feng created a new team of 200 Tier 2 players. He then led the team to a Flying Ship that was headed for the Eclipse Gate.

Meanwhile, inside a high-class restaurant in Star-Moon City…

A large group of cloaked players drank and bantered. Intense killing intent wafted from every one of these players, and some even radiated a dense bloodlust.

“Commander, our scouts have just reported back, stating that Zero Wing’s main force members and upper echelons have boarded a Flying Ship for the Eclipse Gate. Should we move out? Or should we notify the other adventurer teams?” Lonely Lamp excitedly asked Black Shark, who was currently enjoying a glass of Blazing Fruit Wine.

“They’ve finally left their nest?” Taking a big gulp, Black Shark smiled and said, “Forget about the other adventurer teams.

I’m not in the habit of sharing such golden opportunities. Notify our team; tell them to bring those items and set out immediately. We must not let the other adventurer teams get ahead of us.”

“Understood!” Lonely Lamp replied. He had waited for this moment for a long time.

Shortly after, the Dark Hunters adventurer team set off toward the Eclipse Gate.

Eclipse Gate, Sun Chasing Fortress:

The Sun Chasing Fortress was the only safe zone NPCs guarded in the Eclipse Gate. A large number of Flying Ships docked in the fortress each day, and since the fortress was a hub for multiple kingdoms’ forces, the Sun Chasing Fortress’s player population was even higher than a kingdom’s capital.

When Shi Feng’s team exited the airport, they were greeted by the sight of players hawking their wares and forming teams by the street The fortress was no less lively than Star-Moon Kingdom’s Star-Moon City.

However, although the Sun Chasing Fortress was very popular, the various large Guilds weren’t particularly fond of this place since players couldn’t purchase Lands in an NPC fortress. Instead, it had become a hub for independent players, and there were far more of these players than those from Guilds.

To avoid attracting too much attention, Shi Feng had his team members don their Black Cloaks before leaving the fortress on the backs of their Mounts. Even so, their group still earned sidelong glances from the payers they passed.

The Eclipse Throne was an ancient fortress in the Eclipse Gate’s inner region. Corrosive Behemoths roamed around Eclipse Throne, and a corrosive fog, which would numb players’ senses and slow their reactions, was ever-present around the Dungeon. Because of these factors, very few players were willing to grind here.

Fortunately, this also meant that the monsters in this area had a higher chance of dropping Energy Essence, so a few players still wandered the area.

“Old Three, be careful not to lure those Corrosive Spiders.”

“Commander, are you that distrusting of my abilities?”

A 20-man team occupied itself by grinding Corrosive Scorpions in the dense, wet jungle. The team’s Level 53 Shield Warrior maneuvered through the forest while over 100 Level 54, Special Elite ranked Corrosive Scorpions chased after him. Meanwhile, the team’s three healers maintained the Shield Warrior’s HP, while the remaining ranged players bombarded the scorpions with one AOE attack after another.

With over ten players launching AOE Skills and Spells simultaneously, the Corrosive Scorpions’ HP rapidly decreased. After a short moment, the Corrosive Scorpions began to fall. Very quickly, every monster chasing the Shield Warrior had died. At this time, an Assassin, which had followed the Shield Warrior stealthily, collected the scorpion’s loot.

“Hahaha! Commander, we got one! An Energy Essence dropped!” the Level 53 Assassin exclaimed as he picked up a dark- green crystal.

“Good! Lure more monsters!” the Level 54 Elementalist leading the team this time commanded, nodding approvingly. He was very satisfied with the loot acquired from this batch of monsters.

As this Assassin prepared to head off to lure more monsters, he noticed a team of players swiftly moving through the jungle ahead. This team completely disregarded the monsters around them as they made a beeline for the ancient fortress.

As a result of these players’ recklessness, they had lured many of the jungle’s monsters.

After getting a better look, the Assassin discovered over a thousand monsters running after these strange players. Among them were over a dozen Level 55 Great Lord ranked Corrosive Behemoths and over a hundred Level 55 Lord ranked Corrosive Spiders…

“Crap! What are these people trying to do?!” The Level 53 Assassin gaped.

Although the Corrosive Behemoths were only Level 55 Great Lords, the corrosive gas their bodies released was extremely powerful. MTs weren’t able to approach these monsters because of that Any team that visited this jungle did their best to avoid the Corrosive Behemoths as much as possible. Although the Corrosive Spiders’ gas wasn’t as detrimental as the behemoths’, they could also launch spiderwebs to seal players’ movement.

Having to face a force that included both the Corrosive Behemoths and Spiders would be an absolute nightmare for players.

However, before the Level 53 Assassins could say anything, one of these reckless players, a man, halted the team before the fortress walls. The man then swung his blue longsword.

Suddenly, golden divine swords fell from the sky, restricting the Corrosive Spider, which led the monster army, to a specific area. Towering pillars of fire then rose from the ground, engulfing the trapped Corrosive Spiders. At the same time, the other team members launched one AOE attack and large-scale destruction Spell after another.

For a moment, the jungle shook with the bombardment

Before two minutes had passed, every monster chasing the reckless team was dead. Even the dozen or so Corrosive Behemoths lay motionless on the ground. This scene dumbfounded the 20-man adventurer team that grinded Corrosive Scorpions some distance away.

“Who are those people?!”

“By the looks of them, they seem to be Guild players.”

“The Guild Emblem the guy in the lead is wearing, I think it belongs to Zero Wing! They should be Zero Wing’s members!” “What’s going on? Why are Zero Wing’s members here?”

Shock overwhelmed the adventurer team’s members as they watched Shi Feng and the others loot the fallen monsters.

Just as these adventurers wondered what Shi Feng’s group was trying to do, Shi Feng arrived before the passage leading into the ancient fortress.

“Are we not going to rest first?” Phoenix Rain asked curiously.

“No, we don’t have the time for that. As long as we are surrounded by this corrosive gas, our Stamina will continuously deplete, and the corrosive gas in our bodies would become denser. If we waste too much time here, we’ll run out of Stamina sooner or later. We need to hurry,” Shi Feng said, shaking his head.

“Surely we don’t need to be in such a rush, right? We still have plenty of Stamina. At the rate that we’re losing Stamina, we should have more than enough even if we’re raiding a super-large-scale Team Dungeon,” Unyielding Heart said after briefly

estimating his Stamina consumption. He felt that Shi Feng was trying to move too fast. They were going to challenge a super-large-scale Team Dungeon. It would be wise to let the team rest, so they could fight in peak condition.”

“If we’re only talking about the Hard Mode Eclipse Throne, then, of course, we’ll have enough Stamina for the raid, but we’re here for Hell Mode. The corrosive gas is much stronger inside. Being inside the Dungeon will further agitate the gas, and we’ll lose Stamina far more quickly. We need to hurry!” Shi Feng explained.