Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1796 - Extraordinary Foundation

Chapter 1796: Extraordinary Foundation

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Inside the sports arena-sized main lobby, the appearance of Shi Feng’s group triggered an uproar among the players present.

“Is this real? These people are all equipped with Level 50 Fine-Gold Equipment at the very minimum!”

“Why is Zero Wing here?”

“Crap! Zero Wing actually has more than ten people at Level 56! How are they leveling up so quickly?!”

When the players inside the lobby saw Zero Wing’s team of 86, their eyes nearly fell out of their sockets.

Although the various large Guilds were making excellent progress in raiding Level 50 Team Dungeons, most of the equipment they acquired were only Level 50 Secret-Silver Equipment. Level 50 Fine-Gold Equipment were so rare that only the upper echelons of large Guilds had a few pieces on them.

Nevertheless, every one of Zero Wing’s team of 86 was geared in Level 50 Fine-Gold Equipment at the very minimum. This was simply inconceivable.

The levels of Zero Wing’s members were even more incredible. Currently, most expert players were only at Level 53. Only experts that leveled up extremely quickly would be at Level 54. As for those capable of reaching Level 55, they were top- ranking existences in Star-Moon Kingdom and could rank within the top 20 or top 30 in empires. Although the various large Guilds usually had some experts that would choose not to reveal their levels, they still wouldn’t be too far ahead, yet Zero Wing actually had more than ten players at Level 56.

In other words, if Zero Wing wanted to, it could easily monopolize the top 10 positions of the Ranking List of an empire.

The members of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion and Unyielding Soul were similarly shocked when they saw Shi Feng and the other members of Zero Wing.

“Why does Zero Wing have so many Tier 2 players?” Both Phoenix Rain and Unyielding Heart were astonished when they finished counting Zero Wing’s members. The shock they felt from this revelation was much greater than that from the sight of Zero Wing’s equipment.

Currently, first-rate Guilds would be fortunate to have even twenty Tier 2 players. After all, the Tier 2 Promotion Quest was no walk in the park. Moreover, in view of future promotions, most players would choose to challenge the Hard Mode Tier 2 Promotion Quest at the very minimum, which had considerably high requirements for a player’s equipment standard and combat standard. With the current level and equipment standard of players, completing the Hard Mode Promotion Quest would be extremely difficult.

One of the reasons why their two super-first-rate Guilds had so many Tier 2 players at this stage of the game was the many peak experts in their Guilds. Another reason was that they gave their peak experts priority when allocating resources. These two factors were how their Guilds managed to nurture so many Tier 2 players.

Yet, despite Zero Wing being such a small Guild, it actually boasted over 80 Tier 2 players—a number only slightly lower than what their two super-first-rate Guilds possessed.

“Sorry for the delay. I had to make some preparations,” Shi Feng said, smiling as he looked at Phoenix Rain and Unyielding Heart.

“You came just in time. However, Guild Leader Black Flame, this is such a surprise. I never thought that you would be leading the Dungeon raid personally,” Phoenix Rain said, her gaze filled with curiosity and surprise as she looked at Shi Feng.

Her curiosity was because Black Flame was in attendance. He rarely made an appearance himself, leaving such matters to Ye Feng, Aqua Rose, and Gentle Snow. As for her surprise, it was due to the feeling Black Flame was giving her. Right now, she picked up intense lethality from the man as she stood before him. This feeling was much more intense than when she last met face-to-face with Black Flame.

“I am Unyielding Heart, Unyielding Soul’s Vice Guild Leader. Guild Leader Black Flame, you are even more amazing than the rumors make you out to be,” Unyielding Heart said. After he evaluated Shi Feng and the other experts of Zero Wing briefly, indescribable shock flooded his heart.

In his opinion, the Guild Leader capable of developing Zero Wing to the point where it could rival veteran first-rate Guilds was definitely a very capable administrator. Even if Black Flame was as strong as rumored, in his opinion, Black Flame should be only as strong as the peak experts of superpowers like Unyielding Soul. However, right now, Unyielding Heart was actually feeling the threat of death from him—something he had rarely come across since entering God’s Domain.

Moreover, he also felt a considerable threat from several other players from Zero Wing.

Unyielding Heart found it truly unbelievable that a Guild that had no backing would be capable of acquiring so many experts.

“Vice Guild Leader, I just used an Advanced Identification Skill on them. Aside from Black Flame, quite a few players from Zero Wing possess weapons and equipment of indiscernible rank,” a male Cleric standing beside Unyielding Heart said, shuddering. “I believe these weapons and equipment are either Magic Weapons or Epic rank, and they number over 40.”

“Over 40? Are you sure about this?” Unyielding Heart could not help being surprised once again.

Unyielding Soul was a super-first-rate Guild. However, thus far, it only had roughly 40 Epic Weapons, Epic Equipment, and Magic Weapons in total. Zero Wing actually surpassed Unyielding Soul in this aspect.

How was such a thing possible?

Although Unyielding Soul was no longer as strong as it was during its peak, it was still much stronger than the ordinary super-first-rate Guild. At the very least, it was still slightly stronger than the current Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, which, according to its investigations, only had around 30 Epic Weapons, Epic Equipment, and Magic Weapons. Even if the Pavilion managed to hide some, it would be a miracle if the Pavilion had 35 of such items.

“I’m absolutely sure of it,” the male Cleric said, a bitter smile forming on his face.

He, too, had hoped that he had seen wrong or was hallucinating. However, he had already checked this information multiple times using his Advanced Identification Skill.

Not to mention, he could not read a single piece of information from Black Flame. All he got was a bunch of “Unknown” when observing the man—a fact that he did not reveal.

When he looked at Black Flame, he even suspected that his Identification Skill was malfunctioning. However, when he tried inspecting Unyielding Heart’s equipment, his Skill worked as normal.

He also refrained from saying that, Black Flame aside, Fire Dance, Aqua Rose, Gentle Snow, Cola, Turtledove, and Violet Cloud actually possessed more unidentifiable items than Unyielding Heart.

When looking at Fire Dance and the others, Cycling Light even got the impression that the team he was looking at right now was the main force of a superpower rather than one of a first-rate Guild.

“Is Zero Wing really just at the standard of a first-rate Guild?” Cycling Light muttered to himself.

In reality, Cycling Light wasn’t the only one having such thoughts. Unyielding Heart did as well.

Setting aside other factors, the combat power of Zero Wing’s main force was already on the level of super-first-rate Guilds.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, may I know which super-large-scale Team Dungeon you have called us here to raid? Is it the Flaming Ruins or Silent Castle?” Phoenix Rain asked curiously. “If we know which Dungeon we’re raiding, we’ll be able to plan ahead.”

In Star-Moon Kingdom, there were only two Level 50 super-large-scale Team Dungeons that were relatively easy to raid: the Flaming Ruins and Silent Castle. Among super-large-scale Team Dungeons, these two Dungeons could be considered Basic Dungeons. All the others were of the Intermediate difficulty. Raiding an Intermediate super-large-scale Team Dungeon before even raiding these Basic Dungeons would be tough.

Meanwhile, raiding super-large-scale Team Dungeons required players to switch to equipment that was more suitable to the environment inside the Dungeon. Only, as Zero Wing had refused to reveal its target Dungeon all this time, her side was not able to make any proper preparations. Now that they were about to set off to their target Dungeon, she naturally had to ask.

Raiding a super-large-scale Team Dungeon? Unyielding Heart could not help his surprise as he looked at Shi Feng. He felt that Zero Wing was a little too crazy.

Currently, the various superpowers were still trying to raid large-scale Team Dungeons. As for raiding super-large-scale Team Dungeons, they did not even bother with such thoughts, as they all felt that the returns were not worth the cost. After all, although the difficulty of a super-large-scale Team Dungeon was much greater than that of a large-scale Team Dungeon, the quality of the loot one could acquire from both types of Dungeons was mostly the same.

Yet, while the various superpowers had not even managed to obtain the First Clear of a Level 50 large-scale Team Dungeon, Zero Wing actually wanted to raid a Level 50 super-large-scale Team Dungeon.

“No, neither of those two Dungeons are our target,” Shi Feng said, shaking his head. He then pointed at the large Flying Ship that was approaching from the distance and said, “Our target is the Eclipse Gate’s Eclipse Throne!”