Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1795 - Gathering of Heroes

Chapter 1795: Gathering of Heroes

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Star-Moon Kingdom, Zero Wing’s Residence in White River City:

Silence dominated the crowded Guild Hall due to the group of the Guild’s main force members resting in the lobby. The lowest-leveled player among this group was Level 54, Tier 2, and the weakest equipment they wore was Level 50 Fine-Gold rank. The players who led the group even wore multiple pieces of Epic Equipment.

These people were none other than Fire Dance, Cola, Shadow Sword, Blackie, Turtledove, Ye Wumian, Violet Cloud, Minor Wind, and Flying Shadow. Most of these players had been in the Guild since its founding and had participated in countless Guild wars and expeditions alongside Zero Wing’s Guild Leader.

Zero Wing had already become the number one Guild in Star-Moon Kingdom both in terms of financial power and strength. Countless players in the kingdom studied Fire Dance and the others’ battle videos. Unknowingly, they had become idols in Star-Moon Kingdom.

“Flaming Rose Fire Dance! Tyrant Bear Cola!”

“Why have all of these celebrities gathered here? Is our Guild about to embark on some important operation?”

“They’re too cool! When can I become a core member and join their ranks?”

“Our Guild has recruited a lot of new members recently. As a result, the requirements to become a core member have become stricter. In other Guilds, you can become a core member as long as you reach the Trial Tower’s fifth floor and have enough GCPs. In Zero Wing, however, I’ve heard that you need to reach the Trial Tower’s sixth floor at minimum.”

“I’ve heard the same, but even if you become a core member, it’s very difficult to get recruited for the Guild’s main force.

Right now, even the main force’s weakest member can reach the sixth floor’s late stage and has a grasp of at least two Basic Combat Techniques. If you want to become a party leader, you’ll need to reach the seventh floor’s middle stage or higher and grasp at least three Basic Combat Techniques and one Advanced Combat Technique.”

The Guild members inside the Guild Hall were ecstatic when they saw Fire Dance and the others. This was especially true for the new recruits. Many of Zero Wing’s new recruits had only decided to join Zero Wing because of experts like Fire Dance and her companions.

Suddenly, shrieks echoed throughout the hall. A man in his thirties had entered the hall, carrying two longswords at his waist. Arcs of blue electricity danced around one of the weapons, while a gray mist surrounded the other. Ambient Mana collected around the man passively, and he radiated an aura so powerful that those around him unconsciously stepped aside.

This middle-aged man was none other than Shi Feng’s Black Flame persona.

“Guild Leader! The Guild Leader has arrived!”

“It’s really the Guild Leader! His aura is so powerful! He is so much stronger than the battle videos make him out to be!”

When the Guild members saw Shi Feng, excitement and reverence filled their eyes. Black Flame was a living legend in Star- Moon Kingdom and was responsible for many miracles, never suffering defeat.

Just the name ‘Black Flame’ made expert players in Star-Moon Kingdom shudder.

In response to the exclamations, Shi Feng could only offer a troubled smile as he approached Fire Dance and her team.

“Guild Leader, all 85 Tier 2 players we have right now are present. We can set out right away,” Aqua Rose said as Shi Feng walked over to the group.

Shi Feng examined the main force members that had stood to greet him. The group included the experts from the Black Dragon Empire Branch that Gentle Snow managed. Even Youlan, who managed Zero Wing City’s daily affairs, was here. Silent Blade, You Ziping, who had recently been promoted to Tier 2, was also present.

Some of these players had been incredibly famous during his previous life. In this life, however, these people had gathered in the Guild he had created.

Not even a first-rate Guild could field 85 Tier 2 players at this stage of the game. Zero Wing had only nurtured so many thanks to the Primordial Soul Shi Feng had acquired from Primordial City.

“Good! Let’s move out!” Shi Feng said, nodding. He then led the group toward the agreed meeting point in White River City. Shi Feng and the 85 Tier 2 players left Zero Wing’s Residence on their Mounts.

The players on the street gasped when they saw Shi Feng’s group. These Zero Wing players were, after all, quite eyecatching. Their Mounts alone were terrifying, with the weakest at Mysterious-Iron rank. Meanwhile, the players’ statistics were simply horrific.

When Shi Feng’s group had taken to the street, the various powers in White River City began to panic. They all feared that Zero Wing had targeted them.

White River City, airport:

Due to the appearance of the Eclipse Gate, the airport had become one of the most popular hubs in White River City, especially for the city’s various Guilds and adventurer teams.

Not only was the Eclipse Gate a high-resource map, but the map also produced plenty of rare herbs and ores. There was also the precious Energy Essence, which could be used to nurture Guild Mounts. The Eclipse Gate was undoubtedly the best option to grind and earn money for players who didn’t want to travel to the distant Ore Empire.

Currently, the players from the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion and Unyielding Soul had gathered in the airport’s rest area. These two Guilds’ presence made the other players in the rest area nervous, feeling a great pressure weigh on them. The teams were frightening, with each made up of around 60 Tier 2 players.

Players recognized these Guild members as Tier 2 players due to the Tier 2 Class Insignias that only Tier 2 classes received. This insignia could only be acquired by completing a very difficult quest, and not only was it proof of one’s strength, but it also increased Skill and Spell effects by 10%.

“Big Sis Rain, Zero Wing is amazing! They actually borrowed so many experts from Unyielding Soul. Even Unyielding Soul’s First Vice Guild Leader, Unyielding Heart has made an appearance!” Blue Phoenix exclaimed, looking at the middle-aged man some distance away. The man was slim and wore a set of dark-blue sacred armor with a pure-white cloak thrown over his shoulders.

Unyielding Heart had been well-known in the virtual gaming world for many years now. He had been responsible for various miracles in previous virtual reality games. His performance had been just as frightening after he had joined God’s Domain.

He had single-handedly slain two of Crimson Emperor’s Domain Realm experts when he had led Unyielding Soul’s trump card legion to capture the Dark Night Empire’s Serene Town. His success had allowed Unyielding Soul to gain an upper hand, surpassing Crimson Emperor’s development in the Dark Night Empire.

Blue Phoenix found it truly hard to imagine that an important figure like Unyielding Heart would actually help Zero Wing.

“Unyielding Soul should have some internal arrangement with Zero Wing,” Phoenix Rain said as she glanced at Unyielding Heart. Honestly, his arrival had surprised her, as well.

Even if Unyielding Soul had some kind of business with Zero Wing, it shouldn’t have been easy for Zero Wing to acquire Unyielding Heart’s assistance. After all, the position of First Vice Guild Leader came with a lot of responsibilities, and Unyielding Soul’s situation in the Dark Night Empire wasn’t looking good. Logically, Unyielding Heart should not have the leisure to work for another Guild.

On the other side, Unyielding Soul’s members were just as surprised to see the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s members in the airport.

“Vice Guild Leader, that woman over there seems to be Pavilion Master Phoenix Rain from the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion!” a Level 54, Tier 2 male Cleric whispered to Unyielding Heart. “Moreover, the genius Blue Phoenix is here. It seems Zero Wing isn’t as simple as we thought.”

“Indeed. Although rumors have mentioned that the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion has a good relationship with Zero Wing, I didn’t expect the Pavilion to dispatch one of its Pavilion Masters for a request for help. It seems their relationship runs much deeper than the rumors make it out,” Unyielding Heart said, frowning slightly as he considered the matter.

He had come here with very little expectations of Zero Wing. He had only joined the expedition due to Mu Lingsha’s request, but he had never dreamed that Zero Wing could even acquire the assistance of God’s Domain’s famous Demon Queen, Phoenix Rain. Currently, Phoenix Rain held the most sway among the two Pavilion Masters in the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. She also had the strongest chance of becoming the next Great Pavilion Master.

Phoenix Rain’s presence in a foreign area alone was enough to cause a commotion nowadays. If the public realized that she was here to help Zero Wing, it would cause a sensation that would sweep across God’s Domain.

While the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion and Unyielding Soul discussed each other, excited cries reached them from outside of the airport. Many players in the lobby ran over immediately to take a look.

A short moment later, a group of players entered the airport’s main lobby. All of these players were at least Level 54, with some at Level 56. Their equipment was just as impressive. At this stage of the game, Level 50 Fine-Gold Equipment was even extremely rare in the various superpowers, yet such equipment was the weakest that could be found on these 80-plus players…