Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1793 - Black Dragon Appears

Chapter 1793: Black Dragon Appears

Translator: Hellscythe_ Editor: Lucky Old Cat

Inside the blazing hot Special Forging Room…

After Shi Feng chose to upgrade the Abyssal Blade, he felt space inside the room freeze.

Pitch-black divine runes lit up the silver sword before him, and the Black Dragon coiled around the hilt opened its eyes abruptly. As if the ornament had gained life, the Black Dragon let loose a deafening roar.


The Dragon’s roar made the room tremble so violently that Shi Feng even thought it might collapse. Following which, a terrifying aura saturated that was so powerful that Shi Feng felt his body grow multitudes heavier. He couldn’t move an inch.

How is it so powerful?

Shi Feng stared at the hovering Abyssal Blade, afraid. The weapon’s current aura was many times stronger than it had been during the previous upgrades. If not for the magic arrays that reinforced the Special Forging Room, he had no doubt that the roar would’ve crumbled the room.

The Dragon’s roar hadn’t only affected the Special Forging Room Shi Feng occupied. Candlelight’s Lifestyle players, who practiced forging techniques in their own rooms, heard the deafening announcement and felt the world quake. They all felt a horrific pressure weigh on them the moment after the roar, preventing them from moving.

“What’s going on? Why can’t I move?”

Everyone was afraid of the sudden pressure. They could all sense death linger as if they stood before the opened mouth of some ferocious beast.

When the Abyssal Blade’s aura reached its peak, even the Forging Association’s Tier 2 NPCs dropped to the ground. Only the patrolling Tier 3 NPCs remained standing, but when these NPCs turned to the Forging Association, they did so with grim expressions. They felt as if they were staring at a live Dragon, not a building.

After another ten seconds, the aura disappeared, and everything returned to normal.

However, Shi Feng, who stood before this phenomenon’s cause, looked decidedly less than pleased.

He no longer stood in the Special Forging Room. In fact, it seemed as if he had been transported to some kind of dusky world. Only he and the gigantic magic array he stood on seemed to occupy this world.

So, this is a Magic Weapon’s Backlash? Shi Feng thought as he looked at the pitch-black Dragon, that stood over ten meters tall, before him. The Black Dragon quietly observed him in return. Although it didn’t move, it radiated a horrific aura that even made Katie Green, a Tier 5 Sacred Magic Knight, look like a joke.

A Dragon!

Shi Feng was absolutely certain that the Black Dragon before him was a bona fide Dragon, although it was much smaller than ordinary Dragons. However, its aura was several times stronger than an ordinary Dragon’s…

“Human…give me…your body!” the Black Dragon uttered in the human language as it watched Shi Feng with crimson eyes.

Saying so, the Black Dragon widened its mouth and bit down on Shi Feng with lightning speed. Its had only needed an instant to reach the Swordsman, and the attack caught Shi Feng off guard.

Is this it for me? Shi Feng panicked.

But when the Black Dragon’s maw was only ten centimeters away from Shi Feng, it suddenly stopped.

Before Shi Feng knew it, silver chains had appeared around the Black Dragon’s body, binding the creature.

“Damnable magic array!”

The Black Dragon roared and struggled fiercely against the chains. Regardless, the chains refused to budge. On the contrary, they steadily sapped away the Black Dragon’s power, shrinking its body.

The chains only disappeared after they had reduced the Black Dragon to six meters in height. Meanwhile, Shi Feng had noticed the Dragon’s Attributes.

[Black Dragon King] (Dragon, Lord) Level 50

HP 32,000,000/32,000,000

What a high HP! Shi Feng could not help but gasp when he saw the Black Dragon King’s statistics.

An ordinary Level 50 Lord would only have around 10,000,000 HP, with the high-HP ones having around 15,000,000, yet the Black Dragon King had 32,000,000 HP.

Before Shi Feng could say anything, the Black Dragon King charged at him, one of its scaly claws transforming into a streak of light as it swiped at him. The Black Dragon King was only slightly slower than a Tier 3 Great Lord of the same level.


With each step, the ground below the Dragon’s feet sank. Its immense Strength could even put Great Lords of the same level to shame.

The Dragon race was an apex race in God’s Domain. They were even capable of slaughtering Gods. Their superior Life Ratings allowed them to challenge opponents above their own tiers.

Although the Black Dragon King was only a Tier 2 Lord, a Tier 2 Dragon was much stronger than an ordinary Great Lord. If it came down to a fight, the Black Dragon King could easily kill a Tier 3 Great Lord.

As a mountain-like claw descended on Shi Feng, explosions rang out as it tore apart space itself.

A Lord ranked Dragon? Shi Feng smiled as he watched the Black Dragon King. He then swung Killing Ray to block the Dragon’s claw.


When the pitch-claw claw collided with Killing Ray, sparks scattered, and the earth beneath the collision sunk slightly, yet despite the impact, Shi Feng hadn’t moved. He didn’t even receive a single point of damage.

“Human…” The Black Dragon King was momentarily stunned to find Shi Feng unharmed.

Although Shi Feng was over ten levels higher, the difference in Life Ratings could easily make up for the gap and more. Normally, it should be able to send Shi Feng flying with a single slap.

However, the human had stopped the Dragon’s attack with relative ease, taking no damage…

It’s no wonder why so many experts were devoured by their Magic Weapons. The Backlash is actually so powerful. Shi Feng smiled at the stunned Black Dragon King. It’s a pity that I have the Heavenly Dragon’s Breath. Although I haven’t fully repaired the ring yet, it still gives me an advantage against dragons.

Following which, Shi Feng activated Shadow Blade, sending one sword light and nine shadows at the Black Dragon King. Responding quickly, the Black Dragon King swiped its claws and blocked three attacks, but the remaining seven struck the monster, each dealing over -20,000 damage, over -40,000 with critical hits.

Not giving the Black Dragon King an opportunity to react, Shi Feng followed up with Chop, forcing the Black Dragon King to take a step back. He then used Thundering Flash, and damages exceeding -30,000 appeared above the Black Dragon King’s head, one after another.

A Dragon might be a troublesome foe for others, but it was no problem for Shi Feng. Shi Feng already had frightening Basic Attributes. In addition, he had the Heavenly Dragon’s Breath’s Passive Skill, Dragon’s Domination, which decreased enemy Dragons’ Basic Attributes by 20% and increased his own by 500 points each.

Right now, the Level 50 Black Dragon King was weaker than Shi Feng when it came to Basic Attributes.

However, inside this special space, Shi Feng couldn’t use the items and tools he carried in his bag, so facing a Dragon with 32,000,000 HP was still a considerable challenge-

wasting no time, Shi Feng activated Power of Darkness, increasing his Basic Attributes by another 120%. Now, his normal attacks dealt over -40,000 damage, and his Skills could deal over -100,000. This put the Black Dragon King at a disadvantage, and its HP fell at an unprecedented rate.

“Despicable human!” When the Black Dragon King’s HP fell to 50%, it expressed its anger with a deafening roar. Pitch-black flames then appeared around it, transforming into flaming swords that surrounded Shi Feng.

The Black Dragon King had summoned 30 of these fiery weapons, each sword carrying the Black Dragon King’s power. Despite Shi Feng’s superior Basic Attributes, he had no choice but to dodge or block the burning swords. If any of these summoned weapons struck him, he’d lose over 26,000 HP in an instant. Meanwhile, under the effects of Power of Darkness, Shi Feng only had a measly 180,000 HP. If he were struck seven or eight times, he’d be dead.

Hence, Shi Feng had no choice but to defend himself while fighting. Whenever his HP fell below 30%, he would activate Life Domain and heal himself.

However, once Shi Feng’s Berserk Skill ended, the two combatants entered a stalemate.

Time continued to pass.

Ten minutes… Twenty minutes… Thirty minutes…

Finally, after 40 minutes, the Black Dragon King’s HP fell to 10%, and Shi Feng activated Heavenly Dragon’s Power, increasing his Strength, Defense, and HP significantly. With Heavenly Dragon’s Power, Shi Feng could completely suppress the Dragon. He turned some of his focus away from defense, enduring the flaming swords’ attacks to strike the Black Dragon King’s chest The hit was a critical, dealing more than -100,000 damage to the Lord.

Following which, the Black Dragon King’s HP began to decrease much faster than before.

8%… 6%… 3%…

Shi Feng also steadily lost HP. Despite Heavenly Dragon’s Power’s buffs, each flaming sword shaved off over 10,000 HP. Against the 30 flaming swords’ relentless attacks, it was inevitable that he’d lose HP rapidly.

90%… 70%… 50%…

“Die!” Once the Black Dragon King had very little HP remaining, Shi Feng used Lightning Slash.

Suddenly, a damage of over -400,000 appeared above the Black Dragon King’s head and devoured of the Lord’s last strand of HP. By the time the Black Dragon King’s body disappeared, Shi Feng had less than one-third of his HP remaining.