Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1792 - Upgrading a Magic Weapon

Chapter 1792: Upgrading a Magic Weapon

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“We’re targeting Zero Wing?” Lonely Lamp could not help his surprise when he heard the Tier 2 Berserker’s words. “Could it be Star-Moon Kingdom’s Zero Wing?”

“That’s right!” Looking at Lonely Lamp curiously, the Tier 2 Berserker asked, “Is there a problem?”

“N-no.” Lonely Lamp shook his head, his complexion darkening slightly.

He had never thought that the various adventurer teams belonging to Dark Soul had actually been gathered this time to deal with Zero Wing.

“This is interesting,” a soldierly man seated before Lonely Lamp said, his lips curling up slightly. “Originally, I was planning to take care of this Zero Wing sometime in the future. Now, it seems that won’t be necessary.”

“Commander Shark, does Dark Hunters have some kind of grudge against Zero Wing?” a beautiful, womanly lady wearing dark-blue robes asked, a faint smile on her face.

“Mhm. We crossed paths when carrying out a client’s commission. Although we managed to complete the commission, our side suffered quite a loss as well,” the soldierly man named Black Shark replied, a cold glint flashing in his eyes.

“To be able to make your Dark Hunters eat a loss, Zero Wing must be quite capable. It’s no wonder the Alliance Master has gathered us here today,” the beautiful lady said. “When the time comes, if Commander Shark needs any help in the battle, do make sure to ask Dark Claw.”

“Then, I’ll have to thank you in advance for the help, Commander Spirit,” Black Shark replied.

Lonely Lamp could not help but grow excited upon overhearing the conversation between Black Shark and Veiled Spirit.

Even now, he still remembered with hate the time Shi Feng had killed him. Although his commander had also stated previously that they would make Zero Wing pay, he was painfully aware of just how powerful Zero Wing was. Even if the entire Dark Hunters adventurer team mobilized, they wouldn’t be a match for Zero Wing.

However, it was a different story now. Dark Soul was a Dark Alliance of over ten dark adventurer teams. If these adventurer teams mobilized simultaneously, the alliance would have no problem throwing the entire Star-Moon Kingdom into chaos. After all, the dark adventurer teams capable of joining Dark Soul were all frighteningly powerful.

Just as everyone inside the meeting room was discussing this matter, three players suddenly entered the room. At the lead was a Level 50 male Guardian Knight wearing pitch-black armor. The beast-like young man carried on his back a crystalline shield that released crimson flames. Following this Guardian Knight was a Level 55 female Ranger and a Level 55 male Elementalist.

The equipment these three players wore elicited a little envy in the adventurer team commanders present. These three players had a minimum of three pieces of Epic Equipment each. The Guardian Knight in the lead, in particular, had four pieces of Epic Equipment plus a weapon and shield of indiscernible rank. However, although the weapon’s and shield’s ranks were not distinguishable, the density of the Mana circulating around them indicated that they were definitely extraordinary items.

Meanwhile, this young man was none other than Tiger Breaker, the Alliance Master of Dark Soul.

Although Tiger Breaker looked very young, nobody present dared underestimate him because he had risen to fame much sooner than anyone else here had. He was actually already over 45 and had once inspired fear and helplessness even in super-first-rate Guilds.

This man was also why the various dark adventurer teams present were willing to join an alliance like Dark Soul.

“I assume you all have been notified of the reason you are gathered here?” Tiger Breaker said after taking his seat. “The Starline Corporation’s intent is to have us annihilate Zero Wing as soon as possible. Rest assured, the remuneration provided is very bountiful. Like usual, whoever contributes more will get more. According to the data we collected, Zero Wing has the strength of a first-rate Guild. As for our plan of annihilation, we’ll go about it like always and target Zero Wing’s core combatants and upper echelon first Whatever loot you get from your kills will belong to you. If there are no problems, we’ll move out now.”

Tiger Breaker’s words immediately filled everyone present with enthusiasm.

They had been eagerly awaiting such a large-scale campaign for a long time now. This was their motivation for joining Dark Soul, to begin with. While their respective adventurer teams might have great difficulty annihilating a large Guild all by themselves, doing so would be a walk in the park if over a dozen of them worked together.

Every time their alliance received a mission to annihilate a Guild, they made a fortune for themselves. The profits they gained from annihilating first-rate Guilds, in particular, were astronomical.

“Alliance Master, what happened with the Starline Corporation that it’s in such a rush to annihilate Zero Wing?” the Level 55 male Elementalist standing beside Tiger Breaker asked curiously after seeing that the representatives of the various dark adventurer teams had left. “In the past, they always gave us a few days to prepare. Now, they’re not even giving us a day.”

“I’m not sure about this,” Tiger Breaker replied, shaking his head. “However, it doesn’t matter. The target has the strength of just a first-rate Guild. It’s not the first time they’re doing such a task.”

“Indeed. With the current strength of the various adventurer teams, every one of them can easily mess up a first-rate Guild all by themselves. If they work together, even the top-ranking first-rate Guilds will suffer,” the male Elementalist said, chuckling.

“Right, after they’re done with this mission, our next target will most likely be Unyielding Soul. Make sure you get the necessary preparations done. Even though Unyielding Soul has fallen behind the times, it is still a super-first-rate Guild. It won’t be an easy opponent,” Tiger Breaker said.

“Alliance Master, rest assured, as long as that batch of resources arrives, we’ll be able to nurture a large group of experts very quickly,” the Elementalist said confidently.

Star-Moon Kingdom, White River City:

After the Secret Pavilion’s auction, Shi Feng immediately returned to the Greenwater Villa and logged back into God’s Domain. The first thing he did after getting online was contact Phoenix Rain and have her send every Tier 2 expert she had to White River City.

After making the necessary arrangements, he handed 30,000 Gold to Aqua Rose and had her continue fortifying Silverwing Town. He then took out another 30,000 Gold and secretly fortified the Lost Town. Next, he gathered the rare materials he brought over from the Ice Crystal World and nineteen Lifestyle Players at the Candlelight Trading Firm. Finally, he used the Holy City’s Emblem and brought the nineteen Lifestyle players to the Holy City of Titan.

At this point, the Abyssal Blade was still just a Level 45 Magic Weapon. Although the Abyssal Blade remained very powerful, it was severely mismatched for his current level. Compared to Killing Ray, the Abyssal Blade was no different from baggage to him.

Meanwhile, the Eclipse Throne was a Level 50 super-large-scale Team Dungeon in the Eclipse Gate, a neutral map. Its difficulty was much greater than even that of the Level 50 super-large-scale Team Dungeons in kingdoms and empires, not to mention the special environment inside the Eclipse Throne. He would have to increase his combat power further if he wanted to improve his chances of successfully raiding the Dungeon.

Hence, Shi Feng planned on forging Level 50 weapons in Titan City in order to upgrade the Abyssal Blade.

In the outside world, Level 50 Fine-Gold and Dark-Gold Weapon designs were very rare. In Titan City, however, so long as one had sufficient status, one could use Magic Crystals to exchange for all kinds of weapon production designs. However, only the player that exchanged for these designs could learn them. At the same time, the weapons produced using the designs obtained in Titan City were slightly weaker than average weapons of the same rank.

To Shi Feng, however, this weakness did not matter at all. After all, the weapons he produced would be sacrificed to the Abyssal Blade. What kind of Attributes those weapons possessed was not important.

After arriving at Titan City’s Forging Association, he spent 3,000 and 6,000 Magic Crystals to purchase Level 50 Fine-Gold and Dark-Gold Weapon Forging Designs, respectively. He then rented a Special Forging Room and set to work.

In order to increase his production success rate, Shi Feng even utilized the Philosopher’s Hand’s power.

After working away for over half a day, he finally ended up with 100 Level 50 Fine-Gold Weapons and 30 Level 50 Dark-Gold Weapons. He had used nearly 80% of the materials he had prepared for this occasion.

“I can finally upgrade it.” After taking a good look at the pile of weapons stacked on the table before him, Shi Feng unsheathed the Abyssal Blade. “Devour!”